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Recap:soon after the drama and briana datum with roc.

It’s 12:00pm and everyone is waking up. Prince:baby baby girl wake up it’s your birthday today wake up he shakes her gently Mya:hmmmmmmm baby I am sleep wake me later it’s too earlie to be up. Prince:baby no it’s not it’s 12:00. Mya:oh nawwwwww Du is lien. Prince:nope. Mya and Princeton get up and get dress he takes her lunch. Mya wears this link. And Princeton wears this link. They hop into the car and drove into the city to eat. Brianna cell phone rings. It’s prodigy. Bri: hello. Prodigy: Hey girl. Bri: was good buddy. Prodigy: have Du seen Mya lately. Bri: yeah she just left with princeton to go to her birthday lunch. Prod: crap…. Bri: why whatz wrong? Prodigy: it’s important tell her to call me when she gets back okay. Bri: okay bye. Prodigy: bye. * They both hang up* With mya and princeton. Princeton: So baby i really am glad we bump into each other. Mya: I am too baby…. why Du look sad? Prince: no reason im just scared that after the tour we will break up and i will never be able to find my mrs.right again. Mya: baby i will nevver break up with Du i will always be here for you. i Liebe Du jacobe. Princeton: I Liebe Du too Mya. Soon after jazmine and princeton birthday luch they went back to the hotel to get dress for Mya surprise birthday party. stay tuned to the Weiter chapter to see what the boys and girls will have on for mya birthday party…. Leave Kommentare
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O....k...... Here goes

I get Home but da door is wide open.......
???:i told u I was Cummin
Me:ray strahl, ray get out of my damn house
Ray:hell no u gone gimme some
Me:ova my dead arsch body
Ray:yea the fuck u r

He starts running towards me I tried to get out da door but strahl, ray strahl, ray hit me n I fell.......

Ray:*drags me upstairs*
Ray:no I Liebe you

I tried to grab my phone n call roc it was on speaker in it called roc he answered I screamed help..........

Roc:Oh no strahl, ray strahl, ray there we gotta go
Roc:uhh hello lets go
Guys:oh yeah

Ray strahl, ray starts to take...
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I hope Du Liebe this video & please put Kommentare & please no bad Kommentare & thank Du & have a nice day!!!!!!
Mindless Behavior
just dance
may 27 2013
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I hope Du Liebe this video & please put Kommentare & please no bad Kommentare & thank Du & have a nice day!!!!!!
Mindless Behavior
nyc photoshoot
mindless takeover
mar 28 2013
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" what do u mean??? u dont have to go u can ditch that afro puffed idiot prrrrinceton" he said
" what!!!?? he is no afro puffed idiot!!!! he is the bestest man in the whole world i am not gonna let u talk about my man like dat so u need to get urself together!!! jerk!!!" i explained
" chill out jenny" he said
" dont call me that!!!!! my name aint jenny its jenet!!!stupid head!!!" i said
" well i am gonna call u jenny and ur gonna call me big papa" sagte diggy
" no i am gonna call u bye cause i'm leaven" i said
i got up from the bench but then i felt a
tight grip on my arm . i was pulled back...
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hiii guys long time since i made story but im bored as fuck nd i have been REALLY busy but here u gooooooooooooooooo

yn pov
sooooo im yn i am 15 nd i live in new jersey yea hündin ima wide girl i do wat i want when i want anywhore my mom is getting married nd guess wat??? where moving to L.A yay!!! -_______- no i dont want to go i want to stay wit my niggas but my mom is making me go nd now i have a new step bro thats like 16 ughhhh grate another dick head to leave with but ohhh well time to get ready to go i take a dusche nd all that bullshit nd put this on link nd walk down stairs
end of pov

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