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posted by princetonwife50
 4 cutest boyz alive
4 cutest boyz alive
im getting sick and tired of people going around saying mindless behavior is gay. well guess what THEYRE NOT. i bet if i asked u to give me one reason why u think that u would proabaly say oh cause they sing but i bet u go and listen to justin bieber sing all day. well heres a newz flash JUSTIN BIEBER ISNT THAT BIG ANYMORE. mindless behavior put him on the bottom like #15 on the best male singer. alright i know some of yall may feel offended but im getting tired of yall calling my boyz gay cause they 100% straight and they alwayz have been so get yo factz straight. so the Weiter time u wanna call my boyz gay u might wanna go to Youtube and type in MINDLESS BEHAVIOR TAKEOVER oder MB TAKEOVER AND SEE WHOS GAY NOW!!!
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I hope Du Liebe this video & please put Kommentare & please no bad Kommentare & thank Du & have a nice day!!!!!!
Mindless Behavior
jun 13 2012
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Mindless Behavior
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prince look soo cute
Mindless Behavior
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posted by avanzant12
Last we left off princeton was getting bck frm rehersal and i was happy to see hym.skip tyme now i am 7 months and the bck pain is kill me !!!!!

Mhe baby my bck hurt and i wants sme ice creams and pickels and mms

Jacob that nasty combonation Du wanna do that 2 ur inside baby
Mhe just go get it for i slap ur balls and shove them in the dirty okay .:-)love Du babe.
Jacob okay baby dnt kill me blew me a kiss
Mhe lawd this baby off my is really giving me the blues
Jacob looking for the pickles and mms and ice cream then he found my favor ice cream cook in cream and got me...
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posted by awesomegirl101
Two months later Diggy's funeral had gone by.
Silver had rode with will and nia to school.
" I have a job" announced nia
" where???" Asked silver
" at the mall. I work at Clair's. as a cashier...." She sagte
" Du might run into Kadeem. That boy works everywhere!!! Yesterday I saw him at the circus!!! He was selling cotton candy!!!" She joked
" really???" Asked silver and nia
" seriously"

Prince slammed his locker door.
He axidentally ran into a girl.
She fell on the ground.
" oh my gosh I'm so sorry." He said
He helped her up.
" omg Princeton!!!" She squealed
He nodded shyly.
" I'm Marlee" she said...
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posted by Missprinceton1
well prince cheeted on me with alli my best friend she was allready with strahl, ray ray....... but i didn't no that he cheeted on me.
prince; baby
me; yeah (yawning)
prince; lets go for a night walk
me; its 1;30
prince; come on baby
me;(sigh) OK
we went out the door and walked around
we got back Home and then sat on the couach and watched a movie
prince; im gonna go to the toilet k
me; but
prince; dont worry the story aint true
he kisses my head and goes to the toilet he creeps up on me and scared the crap out of me
prince(loud); RAAAAAA
me; u...
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posted by avanzant12
Last we left off Du heard bout soft cat lets see what's going. Own now. I could the schmetterling rush through my stomach . Then he stop. I sagte " baby why u stop" . He sagte Du might get pregnant because we ain't use no condom." I sagte " it be okay baby ain't that's wat Du want ". He sagte "sure baby" . The we stared back up. The went to sleep . I woke up with a smile own my face. I sagte " good moring baby ." he said" Hey beatiuful ." I sagte " last night was amazing baby." he sagte "I know boo" . Then we went down to Mitmachen the others. Everybody did y all good night rest we said"yea then we stared...
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posted by avanzant12
Each of them gave a little smurk . Then me and the girls went up stair chang into our sleep clothes . I had rosa and purple short set .The other had shorts tees .so we cam back dwn stair and sat between the legs that we sat Von in the moves. We was watch Liebe and basket ball. I told Princeton I was get hungry so cme in the kicth with me. He sagte " okay " .( so we got up went into the kicth) . He sagte " wat Du want ". I sagte "you ,he sagte me " I sagte yea." Du baby." we'll he sagte what Du want me two do ?. I sagte hold me in your arm and KISS me own my neck and go own down.". So he grab me by...
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