Princess gänseblümchen, daisy We want Princess gänseblümchen, daisy in Mehr games and Super Mario games with her Amiibo (Petition)

Mariofan345 posted on Apr 01, 2016 at 06:56PM
Hello Daisy fans and good day and I hope your reading this because this could change alot things at Nintendo. Do you feel that the lovely Princess herself deserves more than just appearing in Spin-offs and should have her own game and maybe appear in mainstream Mario or Luigi games? Do you feel like Nintendo isn't really using the character to its fullest petition? Well, then this petition is for you. We are just a group comprised of Daisy fans that feels that she deserves better and those that aren't really fans of her. If you feel the same please shoe your support and this potentially revolutionary petition. We already have 200 supporters already and this petition has the potential to become something big and even if you don't like the character this potential will help change that and open doorways for other forgotten characters to get their own games and appear in more major titles than just spin-offs. Daisy as a character has potential to be a good character if Nintendo used her properly and can potentially get really good character development. She deserves better treatment than she's currently getting and we as fans are getting sick of it. We're also getting tired that other forgotten characters are just stuck in "Spin-off hell" and never really given the chance to become something more.

How will Daisy ever get a chance to shine if she and other forgotten characters aren't given the chance. If Waluigi had his own game it will sale like hot cakes. Not only will fans like the game but it will draw interest and people will most likely buy because it's something different and based on another Nintendo character that alot never really expected to see get their own game.

Nintendo needs to take more chances that's one of the reasons I love the Luigi's Mansion games, Super Princess Peach, and Captain Toad because they were different and and not just your typical Mario because you didn't play as he and those games wasn't really involved around him.

If Daisy had her own game it will sale like I said with the Waluigi situation and if the game took place in her own Kingdom it will draw interest because it's something new and different and people have always wanted to see more games based in her Kingdom.


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