Prince Looking 4 new friend from Prince Celebration 2017

princemauilove posted on Jun 01, 2017 at 03:18PM
We a couple from Hawaii meet a wonder guy great Prince Fan like us at celebration 2017. We always sat in the back and held seats for eachother. He dressed very cool and would love to be able,to chat was th him. We did take pictures together and asked if he was coming to the Prince celebration 2018. He let us know he planning a event and was not sure if he would be able to make it. I cant remember his name and what country he was from, "I feel bad" but really really would love to
to be able to find him.

I was the guy with the pasiley purple long sleeve shirt/s

Fyi they announced today that everyone that was at Celebration 2017 can reserve there tickets Now.

Thinking about our friend and fellow Prince fan,
Aloha J & J

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr princemauilove said…
Here is a pic of us with him,

Not sure if he is from the Netherlands or Denmark, or ....

Thank you for any help finding him.

 Here is a pic of us with him, Not sure if he is from the Netherlands oder Denmark, oder .... Thank
Vor mehr als einem Jahr princemauilove said…
If anyone knows him please help us get in touch, he has a heart of gold, my mistake I should have
got a phone number, email....

Any leads ?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr princemauilove said…
Hello Everyone...

With Celebration 2018 at Paisely Park just 78 days away it maybe just wishful thinking,
but we woild love to see our friend again. Even to able to chat with him would be a blessing.

Look forward to seeing all of our firend again, to be able to spend time in the Home of Prince
Is wonderful.

We felt to loved, welcomed and at home there, it truly is Celebration of him.
Thank you to his family.

Listen, Learn, Teach, Repeat...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr princemauilove said…
Almost time for Celebration 2018....10 day till the start
Vor mehr als einem Jahr princemauilove said…
Celebration 2019 tickets are on sale NOW.
Check it out, a must for All who love the music, Prince and Everything He represents.