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Narrator:why what a beiutyfull Tag no a wolke in the sky and three new girls are visiting a new school for awhile let's see what's happening

Mrs.Jean: listen class we have three new students in are class so be on your best behavior
Butch:make us old lady!!!
Mrs.Jean: stop it boys now Du may come in girls introduce yourself ok and tell 2 things about Du okay
Blossom:okay I'm blossom my Favorit Farben us red and rosa and I Liebe sweets
Bubbles:my turn I like dresses and boys also malls
Buttercup:okay I'm buttercup I'm a tomboy and I Liebe schlittschuh, skate boreding and fighting...
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Narrator: The city of New Townsville!
Narrator: Oh no! It's Mojo-Jojo! Where are our 18 Jahr old heroes?
~At school~
Kukai: Yes!
Kiji: Okay!
Maron: Man!
Kukai: Let me Du got an 'F', again?
Maron: Yeah.
Kiji: Du need to start studying.
Maron: Your right.
*their belts start beeping*
Kukai: Come on, guys!
*they run to the roof*
Kukai: *transforms* HARD BRICK!
Kiji: *transforms* ROCKING BOOMER!
Maron: *transforms* PUNCHING BUTCH!
All three: ROWDYRUFF BOYS Z!!!
Kukai: Mojo again.
Kiji: Lets go!
*they fly to where Mojo is*
RRBZ: Stop right there!
Mojo: I don't think Du wanna mess with me right now!
Boomer: Why?
Mojo: Come on out girls.
RRBZ: *gasps*
All three girls: Hello.
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Milysz-sup it's chapter 2 of "what if like them!"
Miyako-how exciting * *
Kaoru-milysz doesn't own us oder anything but the story * *
Momoko-any way to the story
Milysz-its a fanfic!
Kaoru-lets go to the fanfic..plz
...with miyako at spainish class...
'i wish I could see him as his old self this is how he is now and I have to except it' thought miyako "miyako are Du okay?" asked a familiar voice....wait it was taka-chan "what...oh hi taka-chan" sagte as she made her bubbly smile as always (taka-chan became obssesed with baseball after he got cured and miyako is still beliebt but not as before) "hi miyako-chan"...
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Autor note-im Schreiben as Emo-buttercups in fanfiction.net n I'm Schreiben this wit mi fone so PLZ I BEG enjo ^^
Helpful facts-the ppgz and rrbz are still 13 and sokamoto, taka-chan, and mitch are 14
Sokamoto n Taka-chan are from ppgz
Mitch is from ppg
On with the fic
-at momoko's Science class-
'as much as I "love" to learn about chemicals I just can't focuse today. Why?' momoko thought
then noticed -sakamoto waving his hand right in front of her face saying "HELLO EARTH TO MOMOKO!" momoko soon enough smacked his hand down and away from her face "what do Du want Sokamoto?" she sayed. She was pissed...
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Von the way its at the park
BC:So wats up guys
Bubs:no-thin Blossom
Bloss:Well...........Brick won't stop staring at me
BC:Butch wouldn't stop staring at me
Bubs:Same with Bomer I think its cute they have a crush on us -giggles even more-
Bloss:-winks at gurls-
With da boys
Brick:wow that was a surprise
Boomer:Tell me about it
Butch:weird huh complained
Boys:I THINK I SEE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!-shout-
BC:o no
Bubs:hi guys
a group of boys comes by
Ben:Hi buttercup butch
BC n Butch:hi........Ben???????
Ben:o u guys meet Brian-the dark red guy-
Burn-dark blue guy-
BC:meet blossom bubbles
butch:meet Boomer n Brick
Brick:wats up
Von THE WAY THAT'S IT 4 CHAPTER 2 AND Weiter CHAPTER THERE'S Mehr [jealousy crushes]
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Blossom: Why do Du wanna to know?
Brick: I just do.
Blossom: Well, I guess I could tell before I destroy you, and I guess Du know.
Brick: Thanx.
Blossom: It was 10 years ago.
~flashback to ten years ago~
Momoko(7): Wanna hang out after school Kukai?
Kukai(9): Sure! How about at Groove Smoothie?
Momoko: Sure!
Kukai: See ya there!
Momoko: Okay!
Kukai: *runs to Kiji(9) & Maron(9) on playground*
Miyako(7): *runs to Momoko* Du have a crush on him, don't you?
Momoko: Yeah.
Karou(7): *runs to Momoko & Miyako* Why do Du like him?
Momoko: I don't really know, but I hope he likes me back.
~by Kukai, Kiji,...
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Chapter 2
For those who have been waiting, stop. Because that the Boom-er I'm doing the Weiter chapter. Hope Du enjoy. and if wanna see the Weiter chapter. Kommentar quickly! ^^
I don't own PPG, just the story

Blossom grabbed Brick and pinned him, then Brick had kicked Blossom threw the building. When Blossom fell out of the other side, in Butch's clothes.
"What the heck?!" Blossom yelled, loudly.
Butch poked his head out the whole Blossom made and yelled, "HOW THE HECK DID I GET IN YOUR CLOTHES?!"(Hey, I had a bone to pick with Butch and I'm good now, lol) Then Blossom stuck her tongue out at Butch,...
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PPG Age: 18 | RRB Age: 19
The PowerPuffs and Rowdyruffs are still battling, the Professor is dead(from a house fire), along with Mrs. Keane, Mojo died in jail from getting very ill, the Mayor had his great grandson, Jimmy Nickles, be the new Mayor, Mrs. Bellum had Princess Morebucks(she's good now, because the PowerPuffs blasted her with some strahl, ray gun) to take her place when Princess turned 17.
I don't own the characters, I just own the story.
The hotline went off, beeping loudly as usual. Blossom answered it, after hearing what was going on, she went to her closet...
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~at the park wit the bois~
brick-we know da ppgz to well not to tell em
boomer-he's got a point butch
butch-yea. U guys r rite
brick-ill tell blossom
brik-then it's seattled then
butch-today at a 5
brik-sounds good to me
boomer-okay then
~at the girls home~
bloss-bril n the guys wanna see us at 5
Bc-y? Is it even okay if we go Von then
Bubs-probly daddy is working all Tag today
Bc-mm..k tell em we r coming
*texts brik back*
Bloss-okay we r good
Bc-im gonna go to da schlittschuh, skate park
Bloss-im gona ne at the Süßigkeiten store rite Weiter to the schlittschuh, skate park...
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I'll draw Du a PowerPuff, a RowdyRuff, a PowerPunk, oder even a RowdyRunt(my version of the mirror RowdyRuffs). I'll even do it in the Z version. I'll even put all five in one picture, if Du want. Now, if Du want one, do this:

Puff/Ruff/Punk/Runt/Z: (put however many Du want, I'll even do any amounts of teams)
Eye color/s: (put the Farben like; Puff=Pink. As an example, if Du want Mehr then one)
Hair color/s: (same thing as the eye)
Outfit/s: (same thing as the eye)
Accessories: (anyway ones Du want, and do it the same as the eye thing)

Want ANYTHING more, like a background, special features,...
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Hair color;
Hair style;
Eye color;
Clothes(colors and style);
PPG, RRB, oder Both;
Teen, Kid, Baby, oder Adult;
How many(only goes up to 5);
Accessories(if u want any);
Animals(it u want any);

If my drawing looks like TheBlossom1's, it's because I am her. x3 I couldn't get in my old account so I'm using my bf's, he just made the account for me & did a Zufällig Frage on this club before I got the account name and password.



PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x3


I a
I am
I am d
I am do
I am doi
I am doin
I am doing
I am doing t
I am doing th
I am doing thi
I am doing...
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Sorry this is so late! I've been so busy and Brisky's been asking for drawing lessons. But to make up for it, I'll give a sneak Vorschau of the Weiter chapter at the end. Hope it helps.
Brick was staring at Kenta and Blossom, whom was still passed out and turned away from Kenta, scared. Then Kenta open it's mouth and black smoke came out of it, changing into a pure black(Well.. hair & clothes) man, whom was now holding a knife. Brick quickly tried to fly his way out of the hole, but bonked his head on something and couldn't get out.
"Don't try to run, I made sure nothing can escape," The dark...
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*the girls&boys r at the park*
blossom:so what ya guys been up to?
boomer:nothing evil these past years-
butch:yeah, it;s been pretty boring
bubbles: AW~ *^^*
buth: aw bc didnt miss me????
bc: i missed fighting u but, i know this will sound like a white girl Bewegen (no offense to those) but...ew
everyone, yeah, even bc:*lmfao*
bc: hey, i just thought of something...
brick: Du think?
bc:shut up brick
brick: make me
bc: oh-you're on!
brick:on what?
brick:really now
bc: look blossom your rock is getting lifted Von the air!
brick: *heads snaps...
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The redheaded girl: I'm Blossom!
The blond girl: I'm Bubbles!
The raven haired girl: And I'm Buttercup!
All three girls: We're RowdyRuff Girls Z!
Boomer: W-wh-wha?
Butch: I don't believe it.
Brick: How?
Mojo: I'm gonna leave. *leaves*
Blossom: Lets fight!
Buttercup: Yeah!
Bubbles: Okay.
Butch: Bring it on!
Brick: Butch, these girls are probably confused.
Butch: Yeah right.
Brick: *to RRGZ* Excuse me, but I'm not sure Du three get what's going on here. Do Du happen to know that me and my Friends are super heroes, and that Mojo is evil?
Blossom: Yes, we happen to know that, for we were told Von our father. And we do not care if Du are oder not, for Du must be destroyed. Because we happen to be evil. So, toddles.
Brick: Go ahead, boys.
Butch: *fights Buttercup*
Boomer: *fights Bubbles*
Brick: Ready to fight?
Blossom: Of course, but first.
Brick: What are yo-?!
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 Blossom Küssen Brick.
Blossom kissing Brick.
*Blossom had kissed him*
Brick: O////.////O
Blossom: *stopped Küssen Brick*
Brick: Whoa... What was that for?
Blossom: *kick Brick threw Wand & smirks*
Brick: *a little dizzy*
Blossom: *giggles*
Brick: *stands up*
Blossom: Now we fight. *thinks* Man, this guy reminds me of Kukai(Blossom's first love).
Brick: *thinks* Dang, that girl reminds me of Momoko(Brick's 1st love).
~flashback to when Brick had meet Momoko~
Kukai(age 5): *heard crying* Huh? *runs to where he heard the crying*
Momoko(age 3): *crying*
Kukai: *walks to Momoko* Are Du okay?
Momoko: Huh? *looks up at Kukai* Who are you?
Kukai: I'm...
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Teacher:Hello class we have 3 new students today
Butch:yipe -sigh-
Brick:GREAT-drops his head on his desk-
Teacher:girls introduce Ur selves
Blossom:Hi I'm Blossom-smiles-
Bubbles:Hello I'm Bubbles-giggles-
BC:Sup the name is Buttercup
Boys:-wipers how they look-
Teacher:OK Blossom sitz in front of Brick
Brick:[thinking]WOW Blossom likes cute 0\\\\0[end of thought]
Teacher:Okay............. Bubbles sitz in front of Boomer
Bubbles:UM..... sure
Boomer:[Thinking] Bubbles looks pretty 0\\\\\\\\\\0 [end of thought]
Teacher:Buttercup in front of Butch OK ?
Butch:[thinking]UM......... BC LOOKS HOT[END OF THOUGHT]
OK the end of school
Ben:Oft -gets hit Von the door- OW that-
Ben:it's fine
Butch:Excuse me
Ben n BC: SRRY 0\\\\\\\0
Butch:Well um bye i guess
BC n Ben:UM BYE ........