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10. Pearlshipping
A very good fandom who has quite large fanbase but has less toxic people
9. Orangeshipping
It is just a reply to Geekchikshipping so obviously it is not that toxic.
8. Geekchikshipping
Www. They are so TOXIC. They are the same people who gets angry when we ship their girl with another guy.
7. XYZ fans
They are toxic just because of their hate on SM
6. Genwunners
Nothing to tell. We all know how toxic and dumbass they are.
5. DP fans
They always attack everyone who says XYZ the best. They also get butthurt when someone says Serena best.
4. Amourshipping
Amourshipping has the biggest fanbase...
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Ash, Brock, and Misty were on their way back to Olivine City when they passed a trainer's school and saw a girl with long dark brown hair. They recognized her as Giselle and she was training with her Graveler and Cubone when Ash, Brock, and Misty entered the trainer's school. Are Du going to ask Giselle for a battle, Brock? asked Ash Du bet i am. It's time i tested out my skills in battle against her. I'll use Onix for my battle against her. sagte Brock (Brock and Giselle's battle) Onix! Go! sagte Brock, sending in Onix An Onix, hmm? In that case i'll go with my strongest Pokemon Graveler!...
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Young trainer,Karie,age 12,was finally ready for her Pokemon journey.She decided which Pokemon she was going to get,Pigtric,the Electric pig Pokemon.
Karie brushes her purple hair straight and puts her trainer clothes on.She runs rapidly down the steps.
Karie:Okay mom,I'm off!
Mom:Have fun sweetie!
"I'm Karie,from York City.I just became a trainer a few days Vor because I started trainer school late.I'm so happy that I could explore the world with all new types of Pokemon,epecially those from other regions.My goal is to beat all the gym leaders and the Elite Four of the Ameri region!"

Youg Karie...
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