Pokemon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Yeah that XP)
"I know right?" Piper said and put it on Blaze. "Surprising works though."
"Testing, testing," Blaze said and the collar translated it in French.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Well do something with Harley and Walt and Selina will appear XP)
"Wow it does work!"Heather gasped, "Oh, hello Blaze!" she said in French
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Well alright XP)
"Come again?" Blaze blinked.
"Okay, which one of you changed the language?" Piper asked her Pokemon and they shrugged.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Go for it XP)
"How do you change it ?"Heather asked
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Oops, got distracted XP)
"Good question," Piper admitted taking it off and examining it.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Again XP)
"Any dial ?"Heather asked
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Oh come on XP)
"Think this could be it?" Piper asked showing her a little screen with buttons next to it.

"Screaming, crying, perfect storms, you can make all the tables turn!" Harley was singing as she and Walt were walking through the streets.
"Really?" Walt asked. "That song's like ancient,"
"I can't help it, it's stuck!" Harley held her head.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Keep going XP)
"Try it"Heather replied
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Alright XP)
"Okay..." Piper said and typed 'English.' "Let's see now." she put it on Blaze again.
"Does it work now?" Blaze asked and the collar translated it into English.

"Then we have to find you another song to sing," Walt decided.
"I doubt you can get it out of my head," Harley said.
"Testing, testing, I'm just suggesting," Walt started singing. "You and I might not be the best thing!"
"Exit, exit, somehow I guessed it right- right~!" Harley started singing along. (This song's been stuck in my head all week XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(I need a cd repair kit XP)
"Yes it does"Heather replied (Kinda takes away the running gag but okay XP)

"Karma karma chameleon you come and gooo, you come and gooo-oooh"Fiona sang walking in the same direction
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Why? XP)
"Oh sweet!" Blaze grinned. "Can I help you battle the challengers?" (It's something XP)

"But I still want ya, want ya, don't mean to taunt ya!" Walt sang.
"If you leave now I'll come back and... hm?" Harley stopped and noticed Fiona. "Oh!"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Some of my games have bad scratches XP)
"Why ?"Heather asked (Takes away XP)

"Hm ?"Fiona stopped and noticed them, "Oh hey guys"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Ouch XP)
"Because I wanna!" Blaze replied eagerly. (Eh well XP)

"Fiona!" Harley grinned running over to her and tackle-hugging her. "Hi!"
"Hey Fiona," Walt walked up to her as well.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Yeah XP Wanna fix em up XP)
"Well you're not pokemon"Heather said (Ruined forever XP)

"Enough with the tackle hugs"Fiona said, "They hurt"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(You should XP)
(What? XP)

"Oops, sorry," Harley giggled nervously and let go.
"You should try normal hugs," Walt suggested. "Tackle hugs do hurt."
"So I should stop tackle-hugging everyone?" Halrey asked thoughtfully.
"Well uh, I guess," Walt shrugged slightly.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(I should XP)
(Not her pokemon XP)

"Just walk up to them and hug them"Fiona said, "Go ahead, try it on Walt"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Yeah XP)
(Oh okay XP)
"I can pretend to be one!" Blaze said and looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Nah, he's had his share of hugs for today," Harley said.
"Apparently I have a hug allowance," Walt explained.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Yes it is XP)
"But I've never battled with you"Heather said

"Just try it out"Fiona said, "Here I'll demonstrate" she walked up to Harley and hugged her, "Now try it on Walt"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Oh good XP)
"You'll do fine!" Blaze assured. "Please let me battle!"

"Eh, fine," Harley shrugged and hugged Walt.
"Why are we doing this again?" Walt asked with a slightly nervous smile.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Were you hoping for something else ? XP)
"You're a champion's pokemon though"Heather said

"Training her"Fiona replied with a wink
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(No I don't think so XP)
"Meaning that you'll surely win!" Blaze said eagerly.

"Although I know how to hug," Harley said letting go.
"She does," Walt agreed giving Fiona a confused look. (Doe she ship them? XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Well this works out XP)
"That'll make it unfair for the trainers"Heather said

"Well you need to know how to not tackle hug"Fiona said (I don't know XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Yup XP)
"What if I don't go all-out?" Blaze offered.

"Oh don't worry, I can totally not tackle hug!" Harley assured. (How? XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Swimmingly XP)
"Then it won't be fun"Heather replied

"No you can't"Fiona said (I do know XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(No thank you XP)
"Can I at least battle with the Gym trainers?" Blaze begged.

"I totally can." Harley replied. (Then tell me XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(I didn't say swim XP)
"I don't know"Heather replied

"Nope"Fiona replied (Meaning XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Yes you did XP)
"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase?" Blaze begged with huge puppy eyes.

"I can!" Harley pouted stubbornly. (Huh? XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(I said swimmingly XP)
"Sorry Blaze"Heater said (And now to destroy that collar XP)
"What's with all the yelling ?"Tom asked coming in and noticed the collar, "Blaze, I'll save you!" he ripped it off of Blaze and burnt it

"Can not"Fiona said (Yes XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Whatsthat? XP)
"Noooooo!" Blaze exclaimed dramatically.
"Aw come on!" Piper complained. "I spent money for that thing," (Dang it! >XP)

"I can and I can prove it!" Harley said.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(It means well XP)
"I'll pay you back for it"Heather said and scolded Tom
"You're safe now"Tom said going back inside (That thing almost ruined the rp XP)

"Well prove it"Fiona said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Oh okay XP)
"Our only way to communicate with humans is gone," Blaze sighed sadly. (How did it ruin it? XP)

"Okay!" Harley paused and thought about it. "...How?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Not swim XP)
"Eh, it's no big deal"Rich said (Ruined! XP)

"I don't know, you want to prove it"Fiona replied
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Okay XP)
"No big deal?" Blaze demanded. "It's gone!"

"Um, how about I won't tackle hug the next familiar person we meet?" Harley offered.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(It's too late to swim XP)
"No big deal"Rich shrugged

"That works"Fiona said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Much too late XP)
"And I won't get to battle either," Blaze sighed sadly.

"Good!" Harley grinned.
"So uh," Walt spoke up. "Where were you going, Fiona?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Yep XP)
"Eh"Rich said

"Oh I was just wandering around"Fiona replied
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(And I have to go soon XP)
"What are you doing here, anyway?" Blaze askedsitting down.

"Oh, we too!" Harley gasped. "Wanna come with us?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(I know XP)
"This is my trainer's gym"Rich replied "What are you doing here ?"

"Sure"Fiona shrugged
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(It sucks XP)
"I think we're here for a visit," Blaze replied. (Rich is Heather's Pokemon? XP)

"Yay!" Harley cheered happily.
"Just promise you won't drag me to the shops," Walt pleaded.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(It really does XP)
"And you wanted to battle"Jim said (Ugh! XP Why didn't you tell me sooner ? XP)

"No promises"Fiona replied dragging Walt to a shop
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Yeah XP)
"Yeah," Blaze sighed sadly. (Sorry XP)

"Noo!" Walt complained.
"You shouldn't have said anything," Harley giggled dragging him as well.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Tomorrow I need to write scripts XP)
"No you can't"Jim said (Please remind me next time I do something stupid XP)

"Ah, perfect"Fiona said, "A candy shop"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(I wish you the best of patience XP)
"It's a shame though," Blaze pouted. (I'll try XP)

"Candy!" Harley squealed letting go and running in.
"Huh, that's not that bad," Walt said.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(I'm also heading to town to look for a job and studying for my license XP)
"So sad"Jim said (Thank you XP)

"And next we're looking at clothes"Fiona said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(That's better in my opinion XP)
"Can I battle with Heather?" Blaze asked.

"You're looking at clothes," Walt corrected. "I am not going to the girls' section again."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Plan to buy a lot of games this year XP)
"Maybe"Jim replied

"Fine fine"Fiona snickered, "By the way, how does my hand feel ?" (I want her to be the teasing type XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(How many games? XP)
"Please?" Blaze begged.

"Uh... normal?" Walt blinked confused. (Walt's been hanging out with Harley for too long XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(6 XP All of the pokemon games XP)
"Maybes"Jim replied

"So better or worse than Harley's ?"Fiona asked (She'll get through to him XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Oh my goodness XP)
"Dang it," Blaze pouted again.

"Wait, can some hands better than others?" Walt asked confused. (Patient girl XP)

(Goodnight :3)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Yes XP)
"You've been pouting a lot today"Jim said

"Nevermind"Fiona giggled (Oh it'll be quick XP)

(Night :3)