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posted by bookworm103
THe world is cruel,

when we are young we ride above the clouds in the bubble of innocence
but as we age we begin to sense the pain behind our parents faces
we see then that really, not everyone is nice.

we begin to understand that "your not invited to my birthday party" is the deadliest threat we can make

and that one Tag someone will hate me for who I am and someone will hate Du for who Du are,

because your not a cheerleader
because I am a cheerleader

because I have brown eyes
because Du have white skin

because I have two dads
because Du have one mom and no dad

because your grandparents were Chinese
because I'm Jewish

And why will people do this?

Because the world is a cruel place.

None of these things are true about me, they are simply examples of the stupid things people will judge Du by.
posted by ThornedRose
I Bewegen a hundred steps
to fix my pace
but all your love
inflicts my grace
trying to get clean
but the confort
your love
it captures me

I Bewegen behind the lines
to hide from the new
to hide from from addiction
to hide from you
trying to hide
but the meledy
the sound
it drags me back

I Bewegen between the beats
to cover my sins
but everytime your near me
The bottle of gin slowly didapears
sweeter than life
your Liebe is a drug
your Liebe is my high
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posted by showbarniga
what am i to you? what am i to you? i gave my precious herz to you. so what am i to you?
who am i to Du ? who am i to you? i gave my life time to you.. so who am i to you? what Du think about me? what Du think about me? i am always thinking about you..so what Du think about me?
what do Du do for me ? what do Du do for me? i will do anything for Du .. so what do Du do for me?
do Du ever loved me? do Du ever loved me?
i am always loving you.. so do Du ever loved me?
do Du ever ask Frage about me? do Du ever ask Frage about me? i am always asking about you..so do Du ever ask Frage about me?
please answer my question.. please answer my Frage ...i am always answering your Frage even for your herz beat.. so please answer my Frage my love..
posted by slink365
A peaceful world would be nothing like the world I see in front of me
There would be no worry about what’s going to happen to me
By doing things as a community we make things available to the
Community. Graffiti washes, car washes, etc.
That’s what I could do as part of the community.

As an individual in this world I see in front of me
There I stand and see chaos right in front of me I stop it, it’s like the whole world froze
And it’s nothing but me stopping what I see right in front of me
I close my eyes
The vision I see is nothing like what is in front of me
There are people laughing, having...
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Rosen are red.
Violets are blue.
Creative juices aren't flowing into my brain.
To create that electrical spark.
That makes the light bulb go blink.

Should the verses rhythm.
This poem is not sublime.
What the heck am I doing?
All I know is that Rosen are red.
And violets are indeed blue.
Just a poem I wrote for a school project that I thought was good and funny enough to share with the rest of Du guys. I hope Du somewhat enjoyed it. Thanks for Lesen regardless, and have a delightful, magical day. Cheers yo.

 Rosen and red and violets are blue.
Roses and red and violets are blue.
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posted by Attirox2
As Du go turn out your light
The shadows come out into your eyesight
Lurking around in each corner waiting to be found
Waiting quietly trying not to make a sound
They appear in every form
The scariest ones are in a lightning storm
Some look like witches some look like goblins
They scare Du Von coming into your dreams
As light tries hard to come into the seams
To help Du out with no prevail
Their tries are effortless like a ship without a sail
As the shadows lurk in and the light tiptoes out
Du twist and turn making want to shout
So if you're weak and not strong at all
And these unreal ghouls make your skin crawl
Try getting a night light
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posted by bloomprinceton
This valentine ill try something new,
a very SPECIAL recipe invented just for you,

a touch of pain in a little glass flask,
with a little bit of hatred if Du might ask,

shake the mixture with a bit of your krokodil tears,
and dont forget your fake smiles tht fooled me for years,

CHOP my letters and burn my picture,
now heat this at about 30 degree celceius

now add the grief the Tag u left me in tears,
then heat in that lonely bitter mixture with how i barely slept tht day,

now let's get to the topping that's my Favorit part,
ADD what's left from my stabbed,crushed heart....
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