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posted by mehakxangel
dedicated to special people in our life called "FRIENDS"

When my world seems to whorl,troll, curl
I don't have to worry,
because my Friends put in it pearls.

Whenever I get whirl,nerve ,curve
Those silly buddies, simply smirk
and all my problems get diverged.

What should I say about Du guys?
Du all rock my life.
Yes,of course, I was in a right path already,
But Du all came and made me steady.

I swear , no need of tears
Let's be clear,
Du all are My Dear.
Du never let me go speechless,breathless,hopeless
No and never, we would never be apart
as something fascinating , would eventually start.

When the light goes down,
Du all come and shout.
I Liebe the way Du are,
Du are the ones i once loved,
and I will Liebe u till
the stars are still
no matter its light oder dark
Because I know, Du would be there for spark!!

Mehakdeep Kaur
Days go Von Du
like a shadow,
Du don’t live this life,
you’re becoming a shadow
of your destiny.

This cruel fate hates
your laughter,
loving your pain
that sleeps inside
your broken heart.

Broken and tired
of all these Lost fights,
your life becomes
and Du don’t care
but Du do,
Du still do.

You’re trying to see
through this fog,
you’re still fighting
for that day,
the Tag of your peace.

Your path is full
of thorns that
are stabbing Du
directly into your hope,
tearing your soul apart,
you’re on the wings of powerlessness.
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posted by Hi-Lo
Help Me Please for i am on my knees begging beyond a beggar praying beyond a saint lying Mehr than a sinner i need someone to set me free from my chains of life, time and time again the same old routine i dont need the same thing over and over again please before my eyes become raw sore for i fear i can see no Mehr sore for every Tag that leads to night i fear for Du and me the temptation to leave them behind everything and everyone, all i know is that i need someone braver and stronger than me mentally, save me for i can not save myself help me for my future health
posted by juicyjossy9

do Du breathe the name
of your saviour in your Stunde of need
and taste the blame
if the flavour should remind Du of greed
of implication, insinuation and ill will
till' Du cannot lie still
in all this turmoil
before red cape and foil
come closing in for a kill

come feed the rain
’cause i'm thirsty for your Liebe
dancing underneath the skies of lust
yeah, feed the rain
’cause without your Liebe my life
ain't nothing but this carnival of rust

it's all a game, avoiding failure
when true Farben will bleed
all in the name of misbehaviour
and the things we don't need
i lust for after no disaster can touch
touch us anymore
and Mehr than ever
i hope to never fall, where enough
is not the same it was before

don't walk away, don't walk away
when the world is burning
don't walk away, don't walk away
when my herz is yearning
posted by ShiningsTar542
Have Du ever approached Von a broken-hearted friend?
Homeless, miserable, can't ever feel the happiness?

Whenever they're in pain, they speak up, they don't mute, don't hide.

They felt the safety and the warmth with your hand touch.
They loved it, they keep it, they ride.

You could heal their wounds Von your words, Du gave them your eyes, your feelings, they liked.

You made them know how easy it was, how easy to mind.

You brought back their hopes, their tears in your hands were wiped.

But, they left Du lonely sadly, haven't Du ever tried?
They don't even feel your pain.

Haven't Du called for their...
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posted by Lovetreehill
Votive Offering in the Spanish Style

I want to build for you, Madonna, my mistress,
An underground altar in the depths of my grief
And carve out in the darkest corner of my heart,
Far from worldly desires and mocking looks,
A niche, all enameled with azure and with gold,
Where Du shall stand, amazed Statue,
With my polished Verses as a trellis of pure metal
Studded cunningly with rhymes of crystal,
I shall make for your head an immense Crown,
And from my Jealousy, O mortal Madonna,
I shall know how to cut a mantel in a fashion,
Barbaric, heavy, and stiff, lined with suspicion,
Which, like a sentry-box,...
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posted by juicyjossy9
Brian Doerksen


I have felt the wind blow
Whispering Your name
I have seen Your tears fall
When I watch the rain

How could I say there is no God
When all around creation calls
A Singen bird, a mighty tree
The vast expanse of open sea

Gazing at a bird in flight
Soaring through the air
Lying down beneath the stars
I feel Your presence there

I Liebe to stand at ocean’s shore
And feel the thundering breakers roar
To walk through golden fields of grain
Neath endless blue, horizon’s frame

Listening to a river run
Watering the earth
Fragrance of a rose in bloom
A newborn’s cry at birth

I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe

Just like a child


If Du wish to watch a magnificent video:

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added by irena83
A poetic soliloquy from my friend Dustin. He wanted me to film it so I did - Dumping here so that Du guys can check it out.
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posted by MCF2000
I sat alone.

No one came up to me, none asked if anything was wrong.

I sat alone.

In the corner, where everyone saw but no one noticed.

I sat alone.

I had no friends, I was not ‘cool’ enough for them.

I sat alone.

No one knew my mother had just died from cancer, no one cared.

I sat alone.

Surrounded Von my thoughts, but no people. Von my words, but no friends.

I sat alone.

Until a girl came and sat Von me.

I sat with a girl.

She turned to me and smiled warmly, “Hello.”

I sat with a friend.

(I wrote this because I see some many people sitting all alone everyday, and all it takes is a simple "hello" to brighten their spirits)
posted by irena83
Throughout misty forest
Du seek for spark of hope.
Your life held by
darkness thoughts,
anchor is
some place else.

Bad luck follows Du
like a hook,
won't let Du go,
won't leave Du alone.

Du smile today,
and cry whole eternity,
like that's your fate,
disturbing thoughts
to lie inside of you,
to take away everything
that Du hope for.

Devil is calling your name,
leaves Du not,
Du don't see the Angel – Jäger der Finsternis on
your shoulder,
trying to give Du a strength.

Du long for life
that Du don't know of,
Du seek for peace,
trying to get away
from misty forest
that stains your heart
into black.
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posted by England6331
I'm trying to Bewegen on but I don't know how oder where to start my herz is falling apart every where I look I have to put my head in a book oder the memorys of Du and me will come back and I want be able to hold the tears back when I look at Du I wonder if your suffering to I wonder if Du ever looked my way with tears in your eye's I would Liebe if we could stand side Von side one Mehr time before I lose my life because the thing is I wanted to stay with Du but I guess Du didn't feel the same so Du though Du could just walk away and leave me behind Du should know better I don't give up so watch your back but I don't need anyone to watch mine !