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Source: Sylvie
posted by Insight357
I hate you

But I just can’t seem to break you

Do I want Du here?

Do I want Du gone?

Everyone says your such a tease

But not to me

Are Du real?

Are Du fake?

Do I need to be

With this drama queen

Du spout lies

No truth to be found

Why am I still

Trying to see the good in you?

Is it worth it?

Should I listen to them?

They tell me to go

Before I’m a victim

Of Du mighty undoing

I won’t fall

I’ve made a promise

Can I keep it?

Will I leave?

Will I remain?



They all appear

The same



Preach the


I’m listening to you

I can’t break you

I’m falling now

No one to catch me

Do I leave now

That I’ve fallen

Are Du worth my time?

Am I worth this pain?

God, help me choose

For this is not my decision

Any longer

I’ve put my faith in my despair

Now Zeigen me the answer

Tell me what to do

Do I stay

oder do I leave you?
posted by sawfan13
Like how the story's told
This girl can never be too bold
Scared and afraid she froze
Seized in terror was Morgana Rose

Takes your young sister
Can make your herz ache, oh so sinister
Protect her and don't let her see what horror shows
The evil look of the angry Morgana Rose

Young little girl so young and free
Her sister doesn't know that the children treat her like a pathetic flee
Once she runs away, as the story goes
She will belong to Morgana Rose

She will tell Du that she is just imaginary
But it's all a lie, as Du feel contrary
You ignore it, but as everyone knows
Her spirit will be stolen Von Morgana...
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posted by sawfan13
Nothing but anger
I should have listened to Mama
She knew best
I didn't listen to her
Yes Mama, they all laughed at me.
The blood.
Everyone jeering and cheering
Just like in the locker room
The pig's blood on the dress I made.
The laughter.
Their ear splitting and cruel laughter.
I start to cry
Tommy yells at them, telling them to stop.
The bucket falls down and he lays there unconsious.
The lights turn red.
Still laughter.
They tried going out the door
I trapped them all inside with only my mind.
The hose unwrapped from the emergency glass.
I turn up the water pressure.
They all scream.
Electrical wiring
The fires
I did it
The town I grew up in
Damaged and destroyed.
All from my mind.
I go home
I go inside.
And I wake up
In a pile of stones from the sky.
All from my mind.
This destruction I caused.
They laugh at me no more.
posted by sawfan13
Young beautiful gypsy
Free and sweet
Never Zeigen negativity towards her
Or you'll have her curse
Falling in Liebe with her is okay
Only if Du never break her heart
Lovers have left her for dead
But now our little schmetterling has returned again
Spreading sickness and foulness in the air
Only to give the other gypsies fear of her
No longer branded a gypsy
She is now branded as an evil sorceress
Abandoned Von her only family
Anger grows within her
Her happiness and freedom now faded
Has left our little schmetterling mean and jaded
No longer does she see beautiful colors
Her whole world is now all black
She still lives...
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posted by noni4u2004
Clouds of happiness have covered my sky,i was thinking its a gift of god,i wish i could fly.Rain of Liebe showered all the night,i found each Tag so bright, i felt kind a sweet touch of flowers, i plucked each bud in the garden of wishes,i filled my bucket and sang the happy song ,i was walking,thinking about my Liebe and life.on my way i met a single flower,i glanced at it,and i thought to pluck this one.but it looked so sad!i asked ,why are u so sad?he answered me i was just like you,i had wishes just like Du have,i was in Liebe with rain,clouds and garden of wishes.clouds have gone,rain of Liebe never came again to my garden,and my wishes left me alone!,now i admit that i have nothing to love,i smiled and take him in my hands and sagte dont cry !every thing will be fine, why do not Du Liebe your self,it will give Du life,love your sky,spread your fragrance, make your own garden of wishes,clouds of happiness will soon come to Du and bring your rain of love......................
keep the true Liebe that she comes once in life ... Liebe is the sea, everyone can sink but he (she) who does not know swimming can also wreck oder sink ... Liebe is a matter of sentiment and not the desires.
without Liebe there is life and life without Liebe can never have .Love is not water that evaporate on and on, but it is a feuer to burn, wherever Du are ... When a man loves he dont know fear..

Liebe is important for ppl becoze u can Liebe someone and u will marred wit her(him) and will have a good famaly . will be a gr8 couple and will have kids its so beautifull to have a chilld they can make...
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posted by CMJCMJLG
Why should I wonder?
Why should I feel pain?
Why should I think about this?
Until I go insane.
Do Du understand?
Do Du get it?
Do Du even care?
Do Du understand bit Von bit?
Why should I wonder?
Why should I feel pain?
Why should I think about this?
Until I go insane.
Well I'm asking,
I'm pleading on my knees,
I'm begging to you,
Why should I believin' thee?
Why should I wonder?
Why should I feel pain?
Why should I think about this?
Until I go insane.
Ya, some friend I have,
Some Friends I got,
Some Friends care,
And Du were the friend, I never thought,
Why should I wonder?
why should I feel pain?
Why should I think about this?
Until I go insane.
posted by HouseMindFreak
Death of Liebe arrives...

The Earth shakes
Lightning strikes
The living cry
Lands break open
Flames of the forsaken arise
All life will die

Will Du be there?
Would death be too much to bare?

Shadows creep closer
As the sun runs away
Demons come alive
The weak and lonely are not spared

Will Du be there?
Would death be too much to bare?

Loyalty will be tested
The failed will be condemned
As loveless souls are thrown into a pit
In darkness of eternity

Will Du be there?
Would death be too much to bare?

Death will come to all
Pure hearts, pure souls
Followers of the Goddess of Love
Will see a peaceful end

But will Du be there for me?
Would our death be too much to bare?
Our Liebe shall be tested
But I'll be there...
posted by moodystuff449
“Unheeded warnings pushed me to the ground,

They pushed harder and harder till they knocked me down.

Only left with the desire to rise,

Into those lovely empyreal skies.

My wrongdoings, my feelings of hate,

Caused me to carry this troublesome weight.

To make things right is not always the goal,

I will be free when I earn someone’s soul.

I must win one heart,

Somehow, someway,

oder after ten years I won’t live one Mehr day.

My dire situation, with my trust and my fear,

I must find just one person, one person to hold dear.

The skies are calling,

I’m wanting to fly.

My wings are broken, Frozen stiff and bare.

But I must find someone,

Somehow, somewhere,

To help with the search, to help with my goal,

I must capture,

An untainted new soul.”

(c) Waverly L. Harris
posted by irena83
It was strange
how we met each other.
I knew from the first contact
that we are different from the others.

You, so unusual and sweet,
with magic in words,
Du left me dreams.

But dreams are afraid of
Afraid of the storm
and restlessness.

The reasons are always
different, and yet the same.

Everyone wants to dream,
fearing that reality may
destroy that moment of peace,
bringing pain and empty memories,
words that have gone with breeze.

Although Du make your peace
with reality,
Du still dream the same dream,
while the pain smolder in you.

Everything changes,
everything fades away with time,
but Du still dream the same dream.

The reasons are always
different, and yet the same.

In the end, Du realize
that everything is just a dream,
everything has its end.

And while the pain smolder in you
and everything fades slowly,
Du still dream the same dream,
Du still dream.
posted by irena83
The chosen ones!
Chosen to be in
their own hell
of loneliness,

I haven't chosen it,
i wanted to be happy
and still want that.

I wanted to be loved
and still dream about it.
Dreams full of tender,
pure love
make me feel happy
only in them,
otherwise emptiness
is everywhere.

I wanted to be calm,
but this restlessness
that stays in my herz
for a long time
won't go away,
it wants to remain.

I wanted to fight
and still want it,
the days of peace
are so distant to me,
dreams of happiness
keep my mind open
to the bright side,
the side i lost
a long time ago.

Sometimes everything
seems lost
in the sea of memories,...
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As we grow up we leave behind the simple things... what would the world be if we just stayed in our lala land of childhood?

When do wobbley steps turn in to fearless sprints? How is it that our mothers kisses lose their powers when Du need them most? When does a modest squart turn in to a slutty skirt? At what point does sparkely eyeshadow fill in for water colours? And eye liner replaces markers? When did unterwäsche turn in to lacey panties? Why must holding hand with a friend mean something more? At what age are we when rain boots get tossed aside for hooker boots? When did "I Liebe Du mommy" turn in to screams of hatred for the woman who raised you? Why must our evil story book witches come alive as mean, self-centered bitches? How is it possible that some were in our lives we stopped drawing and making herz and started to break and mend others hearts? Why must songs of joy and fun turn in to to raps of hate and pain?
posted by juicyjossy9
There is certain bliss about the darkness; that light only brings to clarify things we would have preferred not to see, forever engulfed in the darkness of our own ignorance. It’s a spark once ignited, it never completely loses its heat and fades away into the air. Dime as it may glow, how short of a distance its light travels, nonetheless, it shines. Such is the heat of curiosity. It’s the tide that carries us away from the land of the self onto the uncharted world beyond the boundary of reason. Du can never go back to the land Du left behind oder else Du will return a stranger in...
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posted by irena83
I can't smile,
i can't think,
my mind is poisoned,
my mind is trapped...

So many thoughts,
the fear is coming,
it's waiting.

How strong are Du to
how weak are Du to

Don't find me,
i'd rather stay here,
so far away from
your ruthlessness.

Tears of despair
are calling your name,
and Du want to drag
me there...

The way Du possess me
is so cruel,
why don't Du leave me alone?

I'm not like the others,
they might be stronger
oder weaker,
it depends how Du
see it.

The darkness is all over,
poisoning my mind,
the fear is itching,
it's everywhere,
won't go away!

It stains my soul,
i'm shaking,
despair won't let me.

So many thoughts,
but nothing's resolved
it's just fear
holding me,
hauling me deeper
into its ruthlessness.

I don't want this,
so be gone,
Du live inside me,
but Du don't know.

Tears of despair
are calling your name,
they want to drive Du away,
so i could feel safe,
so i could be far away,
so far of your ruthlessness.
posted by juicyjossy9
Wait on the sunset
Bewegen through your day
This quiet Weltraum that Du fill

Here Von a dark moon
Filled up from the rain in my eyes
My fingers are cold on your skin

Dream me away
Before the night becomes day
You'll see it all come true

This water is deep
Du go to sleep
And silently
Dream me away

I have a picture
It rests in my hand
I opened my window tonight

I have a feeling
It will be okay
My senses will guide me through

I'll dream us away
Before the night becomes day
I'll see it all come true

This water is deep
We’ll go to sleep
And silently dream us away

And silently dream
And silently
posted by HouseMindFreak
A cold fog floats among the meadow
The moon above, full and bright, casts an eerie glow among the mist.

A gentle midnight breeze whistles through the winter trees
Waving ridgedly to the winter rhythm
The ground is hard from the freeze, the dirt cruches under your feet

In the distance a wolf howls, its haunting voice pierces your soul
The ghosts of the forest creep from the trees
Their cold embrace freezes Du to your core

Desperate to escape Du look into the shadows of the forest
A light in the distance softly shines, beckoning Du to Mitmachen it.

Du run, ignoring the distorted screaming faces from the trees, desperate to reach the comforting light.

Du finally come to it, the light is bright, warm and welcoming
As Du get closer it engulfs you, sucking Du into its protective glow

Soon Du emerge into a different world but it is the same from where Du came

A mirror world...
Darkness to Light...
posted by HouseMindFreak
Once again, another one of my short yet dark poems...
I hope I don't cause any depression to anyone!
*NOTE* I am planning on Schreiben a Mehr spiritual poem


My life is controlled and I'll never know what its like to be free

I will never get out of this hole of sorrow and I will become burdened with a lifeless soul

I dont believe anything will change as I stay captive like an animal in its cage

The rage of my misery will never see the Tag of freedom even though I long to fly above the trees to get away

But how can I if I am a prisoner?
posted by HouseMindFreak
I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this poem because it is quite personal but I figured why not...


Are Du my brother oder are Du a vicious stranger?
How could Du stand there and look at my innocent young face with such disgrace and treat me as if I was just trash to be thrown away?

Du wear a mask of sweetness but I know what lies behind that fake gentle face Du portray nothing but lies and hate...

Tag after Tag Du throw your hand at me and then return for my forgiveness but now I am through with you...

No longer will I take your wrath of cruelty and Du will see what a better person I have become after living in your world of misery

While Du will sink further into your wretched world I will rise higher...away from you
posted by irena83
Nameless fear
At the core
Of my wounded heart,
These tears
Of my bitter decline.
I reach to touch
Your atrocity
Once again,
Feeding this nameless fear
That pervade my weakened body;
Elaborating agitation
As intense as
Masochistic orgasm;
Pulling me down
Into my deepest despair,
With those eyes of pure lust
Du make me kneel
Before ominous desires of thine,
Lurking this prey
Before your very eyes,
As gentle as
Incoming dawn;
Burning at my torrid skin,
Du would Liebe to
Tear me open,
Leaving me down
With my bleeding heart,
Du walk away
For aye vile.
posted by BlackPetals
(I'm just gonna put this here...)

The schmetterling on my wrist
Gave me a goodbye kiss.
I broke my promises
And now look at this.

Tonight I'll stay up late.
Four AM, still awake.
With my smiles so fake,
This will make her herz break.

I know that I'm loved.
I always return your hugs,
But my thoughts are like thugs,
And the razor my drug.

This isn't the last time,
And I will pay for my crimes,
I'll pay for each self-made line,
But keep saying that I'm fine.

So tonight I'll sit and think.
From bitterness I will drink.
With the fading wounds pink,
And stains filling the sink.

If Du promise to stay,
Don't leave me oder push me away,
Then I promise to try.
I promise to not die.

I'll slow down just for you.
Because of all the things that Du do.
I will try to stop bleeding
If Du say "I Liebe you" like Du mean it.