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XD-- a bunch of celebs that went down the wrong road.
there are so many, here are some of the worst. (exept the last two, they left me sorely disapointed.)
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funny mistakes.... wtf? who would be stupid enough to... o well....
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If you're like me Du Liebe your Photoshop. But, now my family can Bearbeiten their own images, too. Article: basic overview signing up, trial run.
In this video, we will use Adobe Photoshop to leave one color while converting the rest of the picture in to greyscale.
This video tutorial will Zeigen Du an easy approach to clearing up and completely removing unwanted wrinkles from a Foto
How to cover your text in snow. Great for x-mas cards etc.
This site has so many great photoshop tutorials.
An online Fernsehen Zeigen for Adobe Photoshop tutorials and tips.
Not very active nowadays, but a decent searchable resource