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I need a name for my fanfiction

Here is a piece of it:

I had a really weird day. I mean as weird as it can get with me. It all started with waking up to my room being all packed up. My dad walked into my room. “Dad, why is all my stuff packed up?” I asked. “Get in the car; you’re going to Crest Water boarding school.” I walked into the foyer. Standing in it I saw my brother, Matthew, with red puffy eyes and Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt hair. Obviously, he’d been crying. I went back to my room and grabbed my bags. We all trudged out to the car. The car was silent the whole Stunde drive to Crest Water. It broke when we pulled into the carpool lanes. “We’re here.” Dad stated quietly.
We started up the sidewalk and then up the stairs. “Wait!” Dad called after us. Matthew kept going, an angry glint in his eyes. I stopped and dropped my bags to the ground. I walked back to my father. “I did this… I did this because a voice in my head told me to. It felt right.” He choked out. I just couldn’t resist hugging him. “Go catch up with your brother. And Katelyn… I Liebe you.” He told me. I forced myself to turn around and walk back to my bags. Besides, we were holding up the other people in carpool. I lugged my rosa and purple suitcase up the stairs to find my brother. When I finally found him looking for the principal’s office to sign us in, he said, “Don’t believe anything he tells Du K. He doesn’t Liebe us; he just wants to get rid of us because we always bring trouble. In fact, I think he’s bringing us here so that he isn’t responsible for us when we do one of the following to the school; blow it up, set it on fire, oder somehow make a huge hole in it. That’s how it always works out. I’ll tell Du a secret. Once when I was your age, someone I knew once tried to take me somewhere. He told me it was a place where I would be protected and understood. He sagte I was special. I didn’t fall for it. Du shouldn’t either.” I stayed silent.
Sooner oder later we found the office
 Draculaura10 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction Antwort

cupcakeninja654 said:
Maybe Du should call it "Confused Hero"
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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