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Private screamed as the rock zoomed towards him.
There was a loud explosion right behind the huge man's feet. Private and Kowalski flew over the rock and onto the hard, damp ground from the force of the explosion.
The huge man had been blown up.
Kowalski grimaced as bit's of charred flesh and splinters of bone rained down on him. He looked up to see who had blown up the man.
Rico was coming out of the trees.
Kowalski yelled in joy and was running over to him when he heard Private scream again. He turned to see Hans standing over Private, about to stab a messer into his throat.
Kowalski bent...
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Staring blankly at the phone, Skipper slapped me back into reality, "Private, Private, snap out of it, are Du alright?" he asked, concerned for his youngest soldier. "Oh sorry Skipper, I just fell into a trance, it's because there's a file here that I don't remember seeing before" I replied. But before Skipper told me to play the ring tone, he called for Kowalski and Rico who were eager to hear it too. "Hey Kowalski, Rico come over here for a second, I want Du guys to listen to this. Alright Private, cue the ring tone" sagte Skipper, pointing his flipper to my phone.

I pressed the play button...
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“I just wish I knew why they couldn’t schedule this meeting until after Christmas,” Marlene sagte with a heavy herz as she and Skipper walked through the airport.

“Don’t worry, Marlene. I’ll be back for Christmas. This whole thing was situational. It isn’t something that can wait,” Skipper replied.

Marlene hugged herself. “I hope so. Weihnachten wouldn’t be the same without Du guys,” she said.

Skipper smiled and came to a stop, sitting his suitcase on the ground Weiter to him. “Come here,” he sagte taking her Von the waist. He looked into her chocolate-brown eyes. “I promise...
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posted by legendary7
Skipper and Marlene entered the room. Marlene sat down and crossed her arms. She glared out the window. "Marlene, Du have to listen to me!" Skipper pleaded. "I'm sorry, but I hate you. I don't see how you're going to change my opinion in a minute." Marlene sagte gazing at her polished nails. "I don't know, but I need all the time I've got. Which is only a matter of seconds." Skipper said. "What I don't know is how Hans would just give me away like that!" Marlene cried and began to sob. Skipper wrapped his flipper around her. He wiped her eyes. "Now, don't cry. He's not worth it." Skipper said....
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 The doctor treats him...
The doctor treats him...
It was night in New York. In the HQ, Kowalski just finished building his new Training Robot, which the Penguins will be testing their Fighting Skills on…

Skipper: "Excellent one, Kowalski!"
Private: "How do Du turn it on?"
Kowalski: "It doesn’t need a Remote control, Private. It automatically turns on when it’s time for training, and turns off when it’s been defeated!"
Skipper: [Doubts the Robot and warns Kowalski] "Make sure it doesn’t slip out of your hands, Kowalski!"
Kowalski: "No, problem! We won’t be easily defeated, Skipper!"

One Von one, each pinguin demonstrated their Fighting...
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posted by Sandrei
 The Fizzy Dizzy Drink
The Fizzy Dizzy Drink
It was a warm, sunny day. Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private had spent two hours in the Central Park, fishing, training and playing volleyball. They were now heading towards their HQ. Skipper and Private where carrying a wooden basket with some rests of their Essen supply, while Rico was holding a yellow blanket wrapped over his shoulder. Kowalski was stamping quietly Von and scribbling something passionately on his notepad without even paying attention to where was he going.
"Kowalskiiii!" remarked Skipper without turning his head. "What exactly did I tell Du about minding your steps? Du should...
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posted by knocktimerico
Private stirred quietly on the tabelle he was lying on, his eyes lids slowly lifting, allowing light to pour into his pupils. He searched around the HQ for a moment and saw Kowalski sitting down Lesen the newest edition of Science Magazine, Schreiben furiously as he read.

Rico and Skipper were no where to be found.

Finally the pain from his wounds hit him like a ton of bricks.

His head began to throb. He placed his good flipper on his head and let out a soft moan, “Oww…my head.”

Kowalski quickly snapped his attention to the young penguin. “Private? You’re awake! Don’t try and Bewegen much,...
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This was based of a dream I had inside a dream with the penguins of madagascar mixed with an old western movie I hope Du like it:)
The pinguin West Von pinguin Girl
It was a usual Tag for the penguins. Skipper and the rest of the penguins were at a confrence with the lemurs, chimps, and Marlean at the gift shop.
It was all going well until......boom!!!!!
"What in the world was that?!" yelled Marlean looking at the penguins in shock.
"I don't have the faintst says Skipper looking toward Kowalski in curiosity.
"I must have left my latest invention on at the HQ it probly over loaded its system." Then...
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In fact, that night, Private had much difficulty in falling asleep. Simply the thought of a friend who was in need prevented the pinguin from sleeping. He wondered if Rico was awake, too. He certainly hoped not. Private only wished the best for the regurgitating penguin.

Suddenly, a noise from below grasped Private’s full attention. On first inspection, it was difficult to determine what the sound was. Luckily, Private merely turned his head to the side and caught the perfect glimpse of Rico’s back. The heavyset pinguin was slowly heading towards the television. This baffled Private, for...
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posted by knocktimerico
Unknown Confession

Skipper stood in the doorway, shocked at what he had just seen.

Was…was that a painting of…of ME?! He thought to himself, still not believing his own two eyes.

“Nah that wasn’t me, it was probably just a pinguin from her old aquarium.” He sagte to himself as he waddled out of Marlene’s habitat.

“Yea that’s what it was, just an old friend of hers that just happens to look like me.” Skipper continued, smiling as he tried desperately to convince himself that he had not just seen a painting of himself in Marlene’s habitat.

He taube to the ground and slid on his belly...
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posted by midnightangel88
rarity: well darling whats your name (levitates a cup of tea)
private: my names private i'm british from the London zoo
applejack: well nice to meet Du private my name's applejack
twilight: my names princess twilight sparkle
rarity: i am rarity (sips tea)
rainbow dash: i'm regenbogen dash (fly's fast towards him)
private: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
rainbow: (stops) oh sorry i guess Du don't like scary things
private: (nods) what about the yellow pony over there
fluttershy: i am fluttershy
private: (sighs) i miss skippah
rainbow: i am pretty sure they will find Du
private: thanks for...
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The four of them went deep in thought, wondering how they were going to get out of this. After several minutes, Skipper heard something…it was Rico’s stomach growling. That gave him an idea. He whispered to Rico. “Hey Rico…”


“Are Du hungry?” Rico nodded, confused. “You know Rico…those fisch look very tasty…” Rico looked over to the bucket of fisch that a hummer left Weiter to the door, causing his stomach to growl even more. “You want those fisch Rico?”

“Uh-huh…” Rico sagte sadly. “Then what are Du waiting for? All Du gotta do is break out of those restraints…”...
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User: Uh... Hello.

Cleverbot: How are you?

User: Why do Du need to know, robot?

Cleverbot: Because I'm curious.

User: I don't trust any man-made stück, hunk of metal.

Cleverbot: When did Du trust me before?

User: What's your game robot?

Cleverbot: I don't know.

User: Don't know? A little suspicious. Don't Du think?

Cleverbot: No, I am a green bunny named Pablo!!!!!!!!!!!

User: Cheese and crackers man! Get a grip on yourself!

Cleverbot: I hear that a lot about myself to.

User: *fish slaps your metal face*.

Cleverbot: Sorry?

User: Du didn't see anything.

Cleverbot: Yes I did.

User: *face-flipper*.

Cleverbot: Hardly :).

User: Would Du like me to get Rico?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Ugh you're worse than Ringtail.

Cleverbot: I have no tail... 

User: *bangs head on wall* 

Cleverbot: Would Du like a marshmallow? 
posted by peacebaby7
Congaga: Take 1

Julien: "I am the conga king! Doing the conga thing! Tail up then tail down! Hold my bottom & sing!"

Julien/Maurice/Mort: "Escongo! Congaga!--"

Julien: "Stay on key, Mort!"

Director: "Julien, that was you..."

Congaga: Take 2

Julien: "I am the conga king! Doing the conga thing! Tail up then tail down! Hold my bottom & sing!"

Julien/Maurice/Mort: "Escongo! Congaga! Walk on in! Congaga! Du can't stop! Congaga! Jump in line & sing! Congaga!"

Julien: "Please don't be tardy! Be on time to this dance party! Please come to this con--Con--CON! Congagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!...
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posted by EppofangirlXD
I sighed in the darkness of the small, wooden crate. A sudden jerk from the truck made me bang my head on the side of the crate. I groaned in annoyance, but remembered my promise and sighed again. Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea, but I knew I had to, and I wasn't backing out now.

It had been 'The Day'. My goodbye party had looked Mehr like a funeral in my old home, the otter habitat in the California Aquarium. My wooden kiste had been waiting for me at the side of the habitat, and I had been staring into it.

"Are Du sure?" My mother, Helen, who was standing right beside me, had sniffed....
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posted by Marlenelover101
"And then, well let's not say anything about Jonstion." Skipper just finshed telling Marlene that Private was his son. "Wow. Is that why Du personly slap Private?" asked Marlene. "That's clasified, Marlene." anwsered Skipper. "Whats no longer clasifed is my fealings tords you. I Liebe Marlene. Do Du Liebe me?" he asked. "I thought you'd never ask. Let's take this to the Weiter level. Shut-up and KISS me." sagte Marlene. Little
did they know, Skipper's doctor and and assistent
were watching. "I think fate wanted us to see this. Right, Chase?" Chase replied, "Right Amber." The couples embrased, but...
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(this Artikel is rated PG13 same contents in this paraghraph my be disterbing to others parent guidents and feawer discoution is advised thank Du and injoy)
Mfa: Skipper were are you! I need help over here!
S: Well I need help over here to but Du dont see me coplaning manfradia!
Mfa: Yay! but your not going up ageinst theirten thousend of these stuped mutans are you!
S: Well no, but these ones are much Mehr toupher then the ones your fitting!
Mfa: Haha! Yay right!
S: What Du think Du could do better!
Mfa: Well yay I can! Skipper Du fit like a sissy!
S: Huuu!!! Wate untill i get over there you...
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Advertisement 07.12.15

Note: This takes place during Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, after Chantal DuBois shoots Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and Julien with the tranquilizers.

— § —

“Sonya! I miss you, baby! I miss my stinky bear!” Julien called aimlessly as he stumbled about like a drunk. “Babe, your fishy kisses! Sonya, where are you? Sonya!”

He stumbled on his way through Central Park, calling for his love. A few children saw him and laughed as their mothers directed them away from the crazy animal.

“Sonya! Come here, Du fat, hairy beast!” he called at the oben, nach oben of his...
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Kowalski had just made it to Coney Island. He was now standing right outside Blowhole and Doris's stage. He couldn't help but think:

Should I really be doing this? What if it doesn't work? What if she chooses Blowhole? What if I'm making the biggest mistake of my life?......

What he heard Weiter made his mind up for him. They were laughing and splashing around. Kowalski hopped up onto the Wand surrounding the stage and Doris and Blowhole looked up at him. Doris sighed. "What are Du doing here Kowalski?" Blowhole had a look on his face...a look of recognition... "Don't I know you?" Kowalski didn't...
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Penguins of Madagascar

“So this is Sunlight Metropolis …” Kowalski looks at the brochure in front of him and see’s a bright happy city. The city didn’t live up to its expectations.

The city was very gloomy. All of its tall buildings were dark and mysterious; it gave off this eerie vibe. The absolute silence didn't help either. The plaza, were the penguins stood, was void of all life. The only thing there was an inn, an item shop, and large bronze doors leading to different districts to the town. The lights of the buildings were off. In the middle of the plaza, a large brunnen stood...
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