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No matter how small, always give your all. ~Princess SelfRespectra

Gender: Male, 22 years old
Country: United States of America
Websites: Don't have any.
Favorite TV Show: Lunacorns, Shirtless Ninja Action Theater
Favorite Movie: Who needs Filme when Du have the power of imagination?
Favorite Musician: The Lunacorns!
Favorite Book oder Author: Anything with cute pictures!

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 This is a picture from the Musik video for "second chance"
This is a picture from the music video for "second chance"
Monique was tossing and turning in her bed. Kowalski once again came close to getting the boot because of his trusting her. Oh how she hated being rough under pressure. It came to the point where she couldn't sleep anymore and went to her open window to see the nightly sites.
Something seemed to shine in the night sky. It looked like a star, but it was moving. She didn't hear of any shooting star, sterne trackings, but then she remembered that she heard on the news that Halley's Comet was supposed to swing, schaukel by.
As Monique felt the breeze from sticking her head out the window and watching the comet fly...
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posted by peacebaby7

Private: "Skipper...Don't Du think we should tell them the boat's out of gas?"

Skipper: "Nah...Just smile & wave boys. Smile & wave."

*penguins smile & wave to the foursome on the boat*

On The Boat...

Alex: *walking into the bridge* "OK, chimpos! Ready to set sail?"

Mason: "Oh, blast it all! We can't seem to get the boot started."

Alex: "Can't get the boot started? Why?"

Mason: "Phil?"

Phil: *sign language*

Mason: "Oh, dear. Phil says we appear to be out of gas."

Alex: "Out of gas?! The penguins didn't tell us that!"

Gloria: *walks in* "What is goin' on here? Shouldn't we be headed...
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posted by LtKowalski

    If there is one creature that could truly break my control and infuriate me, that's Fred the Squirrel. Do I need to explain why? As Skipper said, "As dumb as a sack of hammers." But he is very vital to my plan now. He's easier to fool and convince because of his own stubborn judgement. And he could just jump from baum to tree, unlike Skipper who'll be waddling.
    I stood on the zoo walls that faced central park. I scanned the area for Skipper. He just entered the park himself, and he is not in ahurry. He is muttering to himself,...
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posted by CoolNala
Part 1 - The Lost Otter
Setting: A schloss near the ocean on the Western U.S. Coast.
A King otter continues to Suchen for his wife, who suddenly disappeared years Vor one night.
Unbeknownst to him, she would later bore a pup.
So, our story begins with him talking with his squire.
King Otter: "Oh squire, I have searched for years now, but still my wife... She is yet to be found."
Squire: "Don't give up your highness. There's still hope."
Before the King could answer, a messenger appeared.
Messenger: "Your majesty. I just received some wonderful news."
King Otter: "What is it, Leah (messenger's name)?"...
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posted by theWOLFPACK15
i do not own the PoM character's they belong to Dreamworks.
i do own the fuchs character.

Chapter 1: The discovory

It was a normal, winter, Saturday morning in the central park zoo. today the zoo was closed which meant an early wake up call in the penguins habitat for some drills. all four penguins stood on the little island that floated in the middle of the habitat. Skipper, the leader of the group, was addressing orders on what the drills will be.

"All right men," Skipper called, as he faced his three commrades that were standing in front of him. " today we are going to do some combat drills-"...
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This was based of a dream I had inside a dream with the penguins of madagascar mixed with an old western movie I hope Du like it:)
The pinguin West Von pinguin Girl
It was a usual Tag for the penguins. Skipper and the rest of the penguins were at a confrence with the lemurs, chimps, and Marlean at the gift shop.
It was all going well until......boom!!!!!
"What in the world was that?!" yelled Marlean looking at the penguins in shock.
"I don't have the faintst says Skipper looking toward Kowalski in curiosity.
"I must have left my latest invention on at the HQ it probly over loaded its system." Then...
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Chapter 4-Assualt

    Skipper and Kowalski were very tired after training together. They went to bett early, before the sun even set. Since the others were gone, Skipper got a bunk this time. They plopped down in their beds like cold turkeys and curled up under their covers.
    “I have never been so overworked in my whole life,” Skipper moaned.
    “Eh, Du will get used to it,” Kowalski assured him. “It is normal training for me.”
    “Does Mr. Halloweentown train Du all the time?” he wondered. “And...
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The penguins are starving and decide to find a place to take a load off and eat some lunch. The only problem is where to go. They Debatte amongst themselves for disagreement is commo when it comes to lunch.
Private: We should go to IHop. They have the best pfannkuchen with strawberries on top!
Kowalski: That is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard. The fat levels in the pancake batter does ot compute with the syrup mixture-
Rico: nuh uh. Fish?
Skipper: Bobkis! What is the matter with Du men? Arguing over something as simple as filling your gut. Now we are all going to Dairy Queen. The kids meals...
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“The Penguins of Madagascar”
Season 4, Episode 2 (4X02)
Production Code: 402
Air date: ?
Previous: “Cat Burglar” Next: “Seeing Red”

I Spy/ Transcript

“I Spy”, “The Penguins of Madagascar”

Scene I
: pinguin HQ
(Penguins are enjoying their hobby night.)
Skipper: (Using tweezers to attach a sail to its mast in his ship in a bottle) Gotta Liebe hobby night, boys! So relaxing after a long week of stressful missions.
Kowalski: (Walks out of his lab) Indeed, sir. It’s been proven that it’s healthy to have a night off.
Skipper: (picks up the glue bottle) Yes, but that’s also why we...
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“Nothing to be Afraid of”
November 1, 2014

“Come on, Skipper!” Marlene urged, pulling him toward the Halloween Haunted House in Central Park. “It’ll be awesome!”

“It’ll be pointless! Haunted Houses are so overrated!” Skipper sagte as he tried to resist Marlene pulling on his flipper.

Marlene stopped and turned toward him. “What, are Du afraid?” she challenged.

“No, I just don’t want to waste my time wandering through a supposedly ‘scary’ house,” Skipper answered.

“Come on, I’ve been anticipating this ever since they started advertising it. I’ve never been in...
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“I Remember”
January 3, 2014

Note: I’ve typically been Schreiben notes at the end, but for this case, I must make an exception as to be clear to you, oder at least the ones who haven’t read my Zurück works. I have been thinking about doing a sequel to one of my stories, but never did because I didn’t think I could make anything long and commendable out of it. But with this project, I received some inspiration and motivation to do so in a short story. So, this short is a little sequel to “Skipper’s Curse.” If Du haven’t read it before and plan to, be aware that this will contain...
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posted by Mother-of-PoM
Private stood up straight, "I'll Liebe my big brothah no mattah what happens."

He sneaked carefully, so the zombies wouldn't see him and went down the stairs that led to the basement. There was a fireplace where a feuer burnt fiercely, a picture of the family hanging on the wall, though it was near the ground for some reason. Private started walking over to the dresser in the room when he heard faint crying.

He squeaked, "W..What..Was that?"

The sound faded away as fast as it had appeared. He shrugged then opened one of the drawers to pull out a knife. The one Blue had used to make the blume crown....
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Skipper checked the time on his phone again. It was nearly twenty till four o’clock. They should be calling for the plane to board any minute. He looked at the flight board, which still indicated that it’d be on time. He was grateful for the Dibbles that were in his pocket and he anxiously munched on them.

“Now boarding the four-twenty to Bloomington, Illinois at Gate 4,” sagte a voice over the intercom. Skipper didn’t even let her finish before gathering his things and making his way to the gate.

He gave his pass to a woman at the gate (which he’d accidentally gotten Cheezy Dibble...
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posted by peacebaby7
Author’s Note: This is my fifth installment of POM skits. My first was regular link, Sekunde was link skits, third were link skits, and the fourth showcased link in various antics. For this installment, they will all be humanized scenarios. Any Titel with a Roman Numeral Weiter to it has a skit note associated with it at the end. I hope Du enjoy!

41) The King of Rock and Roll [XXI]

Julien strutted down Park Avenue with his manager, Maurice, at his side. He wore a two hundred dollar pair of jeans, a leather jacke over a purple slim-fit silk polo shirt, and a pair of black Maui Jim sunglasses....
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Author's Note: And here's the Weiter chapter. I also want to thank SaturdaySurpris for reviewing. Enjoy!

Private and I walked back to the zoo. “So,” asked Private, “how was it?”

I grinned at him. “Amazingly delicious.”

He beamed. “See, everybody likes snow cones.”

I laughed. “You were right, Private. Race Du back to the zoo.”

I took off sliding. He ran a little before launching himself. “Not fair!” yelled Private. “You got a head start!”

We arrived, laughing, at the pinguin habitat. “Uh oh,” sagte Private, sliding to a stop.

I followed his glance to see a very...
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posted by Aquade
Author's Note: For the people, fanguins, cookies, and others who wanted this story to continue. Once again, this has absolutely nothing to do with the holiday season but enjoy!

The first realization I had that I wasn’t dead was voices –familiar, annoying voices. I had never been so glad to hear anyone in my life. “When is he going to wake up, Skipper?”

I knew that voice. I frantically searched in my mind for the name of the speaker. Private. That was his name. Skipper replied. “I don’t know, Private. I don’t know.”

I heard a barely contained sob, and the sounds of another comforting...
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Transmission #44-21-2. Designate : IPI
Penguin Habitat,Central Park Zoo
1832 hours, July 13, 2009. New York City
Maj. Skipper

It had been few years (yea… 10 years???), we started to remember what we should forget... and we started to forget... what we should remember. Aagghh, Master Bean… who’s cares about the past? I had found my Liebe with an… super-duper amazing super woman ... her shiny wings just like an bright fokker plane... her beak just like Spanish Tercio Halberd... her feather was as soft as Gloomy Sunday music...
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Julien sat there on the ground screaming and crying....staring at Maurice's lifeless corpse...he was all alone...he didn't know what to do...the loud cracks is all he heard besides his screaming...why he thought...why did Maurice kill himself!!

Suddenly...a fuchs with glasses came in the bathroom...she was wearing glasses as it seemed...and she had these fisch eyes that startled julien when he saw her...

Julien:w-what do u want?!

???: your friend is dead it seems...

Julien:a-are u trapped in this school like me...?

???: yes...but I'm already dead...I died a while ago...


???:my names naho...and...
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There once was a school that used to be here called heavenly host elementary school...it was a wonderful school with good teachers, especially the school nurse. She was nice, kind person that everyone loved, until one night, she missed a step while walking down the stairs, and fell and broke her neck on impact, and died....the school was devastated of what happened, including the principal, who went into a severe depression, and went to the roof one Tag and killed himself. The school was to be torn down soon after because if what had happened, and it was...

Lighting had struck at that moment...
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