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posted by Bluepenguin
- Knock Knock Jokes -

Private is laying in his bunk like a sack of potatoes, bored and lazily watching the clock.
Private: 1:00 P.M.... still two Mehr hours until they Zeigen the Lunacorns...
Skipper: Private! For one Tag can Du please not watch those ridiculous moonhorns with their hippie caring powers?!
Private: Aww! But why, Skippa?
Skipper angrily gazes at Private.
Skipper: Private...
Private: Ok, ok! (Sigh)....... ooh! I have an idea! Knock, knock!
Skipper: Who's there?
Private: Vampire!
Skipper: Vampire who?
Private: (Giggle) Vampire State Building! Ahahahaha!
Skipper looks at Private with an "I'm...
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Just a video I made a few months ago. I actually have a better version of it that I made after I got better at editing, but sadly I'm not able to update it without losing all the views. But I hope Du guys like it!
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