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Well known Beatle of the music industry Sir Paul McCartney has recently unveiled the schedule for his upcoming North American tour. Apart from this he has also finalized and announced the date at the Hollywood Bowl.
In the pop culture Sir Paul McCartney resides with a unique position. His distinct style of singing gave a new track to the pop music which sustained its originality of the pop in a unique way. His efforts made it possible for pop music to achieve all goals that were expected.
In 1970 Fab Four got split and this left Sir Paul McCartney to move forward his expedition with Wings. Turning to be a solo singer this songwriter proved his self as the best one and got a designation of the most admired musicians around the globe.
The schedule for Sir Paul McCartney’s upcoming North American tour has been showed off. In the most recent passed year, he has performed in numerous events at United States. In this chain of his last year performances, a Paul McCartney Concert in new Citi Field was the first ever rock concerts of his career at Citi Field.
Built at Shea Stadium, the New York arena is actually a baseball ground which appears as a huge one in Beatles tradition. This show was recorded for a DVD and this was a great sign which depicted the boosting career of McCartney very clearly.
Recently Sir Paul McCartney has announced a new schedule about his upcoming North American tour plus one of his performances at Hollywood Bowl; a stadium at California which held the honor of hosting a renowned concert by The Beatles.
Apart from all, this legend will also go on tour to Phoenix in the coming month of the year but the dates for this tour are yet unannounced.
Paul McCartney favors Vegetarianism

According to the former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, he has been a vegetarian for last 30 years and according to him he finds vegetables as most enjoyable simple yet tasty food.
He advocated an article titled as “Meat Free Monday”, in the blog of Oscar winner Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. In this article readers are forbade to avoid meat at least once in a week.

Sir Paul states that “There are numerous alternatives available for meat, for example Italian food comprises of so many vegetarian dishes plus certain Thai and Chinese vegetarian cuisine also exist.”
Ex- Vice President of United States, Al Gore is also there in the list of people who support the initiative of “Meat Free Monday. Get your link before they sold out.

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