One baum hügel Award for: Best Declaration of Liebe (not best scene, but the words used)...

Pick one:
223: Iwannabe withyouBrooke...IfIeverhad anotherchance, I'd neverletugo again.
113: " What makes Du think we would work" - P.S; "Cause I feel it in my heart."
301: "It's always gonna be there isn't it; Us" - Luke
301: "Always and Forever; that's what sucks; I still do Liebe you; Always will"
119: "I can't help that helpthatIfellinlove withyou; Itscares me, butthere itis."
3.21: "Hey, I Liebe you. Du know that?" "I Liebe Du too"
"You need to know. I Liebe you. I'm in Liebe with you." - Peyton
"You know I Liebe Du right?No matter what happens,you will alwaysbe in my Heart."
313: If Du need to know why I Liebe you, I can go on all night - Lucas
I am, and would always be, in Liebe with Peyton Sawyer" - Luke
"I am so in Liebe with you" - P.S. "I Liebe Du too Peyton" - Luke
317: "It is not possible to be this in love" - Haley
318 - I wouldn't takebackthe badthathappenedbtwus;it broughtushere&that's4ever
320: "My herz stopped hurting when Du came home" - Nate
3.22: "You made me brave; and I will Liebe u until the end of time" - Haley
3.22 "My Liebe 4u only grows;it's stronger; our Liebe will never waver" - Nate
3.16: "If I say...I Liebe you, would Du hold it against me?" - Peyton
I luvULuke...Ihave sincewe first lockedeyes;bHappy;I wantthat w/allmyheart
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