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Part 2: Liebe is not a game.

Hannah’s POV:

I was in headresser’s then. Mrs Kate was dyeing my hair to turn it into brunette. If Liam liked seven-colored hair, I also could do that to attract him. I could do everything to make him my boyfriend. I was so crazy about him. Life was suck a joke. Everyboy fell for me but I didn’t even look at them, whereas the only boy that I fell for turned out to consider me as a bitch. And then I was behaving as a crazy stalker. Sometimes I asked myself the reason why I cared too much about him. Maybe that was because of the Liebe at first sight. He stahl, stola my heart. First I just thought that Liebe was a game for me to play with. But then I realized that I was not controlling the game. He controlled my heart. However I still needed to win, win the game and win his heart. Because I really loved him.

All of a sudden, I heard a voice:
“It’s done, Hannah”
I answered:
“Okey, Mrs Kate. Let me see it.”

“Oh my god!” I had to cover my mouth with my hand to prevent me from yelling. I looked totally different. My lovely blonde hair was turned into brunette and it looked like a shit. I was not a queen-bee anymore with this crazy hair. Oh my sexy blonde hair! I almost burst into tears when I saw it.
“No matter, it’s okey. Liam will Liebe it so much and fall for me immediately.” I consoled myself.

I took out my Iphone and called Bella:
“Hey sister, please come with me to One direction’s house. They are arranging to dealt with your scandal. Yeah, okey, bye, Bella.”
                *    *    *
Bella’s POV:

In just 5 Minuten standing in front of my school, there were over 20 people that came to see me and asked me to give them my signature. Some even asked such impolite Fragen like “ Did Du sleep with Niall Horan?”. It was like a nightmare with me. Luckily, finally Niall came to bring me home. He had to wear a big hat with black mask to avoid being recognized. However, everyone still saw him and almost all the girls shouted out loud:
“Oh my god, Niall, Niall, My Niall.”

He hurriedly grabbed my arm and got into the car. The girls still tried to run after the car, shouting desperately:
“Niall, Niall, I Liebe you!”
Niall took off his hat and mask to see me. He sagte tiredly:
“Shit! All this Tag I have to answer million interviews of our relationship.”
I grumbled:
“Yeah, I know. Today when I went to school everybody gazed at me and my best friend called me bitch. It was suck! What did Du tell the interviewers, Nialler?”

He put his head on my shoulder and smiled:
“Of course I sagte that we are dating.”
I was surprised:
“Really? Du might lose a lot of fans!”
He held my hands and stroked them:
“But it’s the truth. I can’t conceal my Liebe for Du from my fans. They should know their idol’s lover.”

Oh, my Niall! I felt really guilty that I didn’t Liebe him as much as he loved me. I should have cared Mehr about him – my present boyfriend. I should have told him the truth. He was woth knowing it. I sagte shyly:
“Niall, are Du serious with me?”
He held my head with both his hands, looking into my eyes and said:
“I never lie Du and my Liebe for Du is real. I can give up al the life as a star, sterne to be with you.”

I pulled his hands down, looking at them in order not to look at his truthful eyes. I told him:
“But Niall, I think Du should know that I am still so obsessed Von the memories I had with my ex-boyfriend. I’m sorry.”
“Bella, I know.” His voice was so sad.
“Really? How?” I asked him with my widened eyes.
He sagte sadly:
“Last night, your dad called me after Du fell asleep. He told me everything and asked me to help Du solve your feelings. I just wanna ask Du one thing. Please be honest. Do Du really Liebe me?”

I told him truthly:
“ Yeah of course, Niall. I really Liebe you.”
He smiled:
“ Yup that’s enough. As long as Du still have the smallest feelings for me, I will never give up. I promise I’ll help Du forget that guy till your head is all covered with my name.”

I felt as if I was walking on air when I heard him saying that. And I believed in Niall. He soothingly hugged me and whispered into my ears:
“You don’t need to thing about all the bad things. Let me solve them. Just chill, love.!”
                *    *    *
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I could hear her talking to somebody on the phone.
I pressed my ear against her bedroom door.
"I seriously think Jess and Louis are telling the truth Niall". she said."Yes but we need to let them tell us what is really going on". she said."You WHAT! Du AND TRACY WHAT!!!" she shouted. "Ok Niall Du dont even no if Du and Jess are still together!".

After hearing that, Maryanne pushed open the door and i fell straight onto Eloise's bedroom floor, frightened of what Eloise ment by: Du and Tracy did what.

"Uhh i'll call Du back Niall" she said, putting the phone straight down.

"Hi as Du know im...
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