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Once Upon a Time 6x01 "The Savior" Sneak Peek - Just as things get passionate, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) & Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) realize that they are not alone.
Once Upon a Time - Es war einmal...
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Like all other OUAT fans, I have recently been binge-watching the fourth and fifth seasons on Netflix. Season 6 can't come soon enough! As I was watching one of the later episodes of Season 4, "Heart of Gold", Regina sagte a line to Rumple that I could not stand:

"You made me a monster! But I won't let Du do the same to Emma."

She has also sagte this line a couple of other times throughout the series.

I do admire Regina's character development. I really do. Having Friends who cared about her and Henry made her her best self. She has changed for the better, although maintaining her sass. ;)

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