OhioHeart_Graphics Art Suggestions.

xoheartinohioxo posted on Nov 05, 2009 at 08:32PM
Hey guys =] Just to make some things clear:

1.) This is not a request thread! I make no guarantees as to whether or not i will make everything that is suggested.

2.) Please do not try to be sneaky and request something in a loose way! Example: "You should make an Edward/Bella banner from the vanity fair pictures with the text 'Edward & Bella <3 A love that will last forever.' "

LOL not that i think any of you guys would do that, but I've seen people try that kind of thing.

3.) I WILL accept picture suggestions. If you see some really great quality pictures and you just want to say "Hey Holly, thought you might like to see these." that is totally cool!

4.) You can suggest any actor/actress, tv show, movie, etc. It doesn't have to be something I'm familiar with/have already made art for. **If that's the case though, i would love if you gave me a link to an image gallery/pictures so that i don't have to go crazy searching for one!

I guess that's it for now. Suggest away!

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