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Source: The House MD Spot
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 *image credit goes to Housecuddy4ever*
*image credit goes to Housecuddy4ever*
Dedicated to House_Whatelse

Hw wow, first of all I think I can speak for everyone who talked to Du from Fanpop that Du are going to be throughly missed here. I mean, who else is going to make us all stay up till 5 am to talk to Du lol? No-one else could make us do that.
From me personally though, this is just unbelievably depressing. I mean my conversations with Du are some of the funniest, sadest and interesting conversations I've had with anybody. Who are BB and me going to pester with are insatiable talk about Huddy 24/7? Who am I going to talk about softball with? oder for that...
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Greetings, this is Norman. Whom has the pleasure of withholding me today Du ask? Well, he is a very respected doctor. Which I don't understand cause he thinks like an antisocial person who is mean to everyone. I think I've made about 5 Kommentare already about this one nice lady about her behind, her breasts, oder someother part of her sexually. I think he loves her, why else would he Kommentar on her and he always wants to impress her even if it is Von tricking her. She wants him, I know it even if she says she doesn't, Everybody Lies and she loved him before and people don't change. Oh I feel so...
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Hello again, guess who? Yes this is Norman, your brain. Seeing as Du don't care about me I have decided to contact you.
So Brian is seeing a psychiatrist he is a very nice man. Always wants to talk about Brian.I suggest Du get one too, you'll have great fun.
Remember that one time we went to the petting zoo. Ah one of the best days of my life. We got to feed the animals, I liked the donkey, sometimes Du remind me of the donkey at the petting zoo. Oh and the goat, I loved the goat, it was trying to eat our ear, and half of it was gone when the goat was finished.
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Hello again. It's Norman,who else? I went mini golfing today, very interesting. 4 holes in one... four, not three not two... Four just four. I found another head cleaner and softer. Haven't done much lately. Every little thing was just mediocure and blah. I'm glad I'm back and a nice clean place to write it all just sorta works. I know I haven't sagte this but I Liebe Du and miss Du and yeah we were Mehr Friends we were lovers... HA just kidding but still that whole Mehr than Friends part Du got me right here in the herz well my adventures are just starting so be ready cause while I don't have many times to say things but much to say.

Hey remember that time that we all were standing Von the campfire and Du FELL IN. Oh the burn oh the awesomeness. Heat rushihng everywhere and then water over the body shocking every neuron in our body. Oh the good old times.
Hi, its me, Norman. I'm still in Brian's brain. And guess what. We're going to the Bahamas. Yay! I don't know why though, he sagte something about going to break out some serial killer, we'll see.
Remember the time when we went to that baseball game with Brian. Ha, and he got hit in the head with a foul ball. I hope that isn't happening to you! I talked to his brain once, her name is Celvia not the brightest brain of the bunch.
Oh and remember that guy we met on the way home. He was really nice, in that alley it was fun, I'm glad we could help him Von giving him our money. Oh and his hands they felt so cold on our warm skin. I had fun that day.
I got out, me, Norman, got out of a dead's man's head. All this head thinks about is survival. Ooo a berry, ugh! Okay it's on my back, God it's heavy! Take it back to the hügel now, the colony will Liebe it! Then she'll reward me, thank God! Everything is so big compared to normal, this person is a midget, actually a midget compared to a midget.
Remember the time when we saw that beautiful small hole in the Wand with the three holes. And then we put the schraubendreher in it, it fit perfectly. Then the sparks flyed and we felt the sensation go through us. The best part is we were inresponsive for about 1.43 minutes. Then we got the electric shock from the two paddles and we came back to life and were responsive again. Ah great times, great times.
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Hi Norman as usual, ......... How did I get here?..................... I feel cold and can't move........ anything. Where am I?.............. Oh my God, no wonder I couldn't do anything I'm in a dead guy.......... He's greek........... I think Athenian..................... A great ruler, starts with I think I saw a P............... "Down with Persia!" he keeps thinking. Well I'm here at the moment, in his head in his cascat.
Remember the time when we played that new game, with those nice children. We just stood there and they threw rocks at us, that was great. But then some police came Von and stopped us. Once they left we picked back up, remember? But then they came back and made us go home. Party Poopers!
I don't know how I'm going to get out of here but I will. I'll find a way. I promise. Hope to see Du soon. Bye!
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So, this is Norman, I switched to this head of a man who owns and lives with 3 other people this house-type thing. One of the ladies has a cat, it's an inside cat that needs to go outside and well it came up the stair to my front door. It sat at my front door and disposed its waste right there. Right There! I made her take care of the smell, but she didn't. So I had sent an E-Mail to her explaining my problem, and well she didn't take care of it. So... I sent her another email.
Remember that cement that we laid Von that was just layed down for a new sidewalk in the park in New York? And we put our hand into it and fell asleep. Then the cement dried, making us stuck in the middle of the road. It was great that the biker's didn't notice us, their black tires grazing over our skin. Too bad it only lasted 3 days, someone called about us making the city drill us out. Darn them.
Ahahahaha, I can't make up myself, so I was out in I think LA and I found this guy whose head I'm in now, he's older. I think we were on the strand cause someone mentioned a shore, I couldn't hear a ocean though. Anyway this guy's Friends can't make up their minds either and I find pleasure in it. Millions of people are wanting to know and hundreds to thousands are obsessing over it. I've been ridiculed, mocked, and have recieved death threats but it's all out of love, I know.
I Liebe the time your mother was making maccaroni and the water was boiling and we were draining the pasta, nudeln and the water backlashed out of the sink and all over our body. And then we had to lay in the bathtub full of ice water cooling our skin where we cried ourself to sleep, sinking into the water letting it enter our lungs. I'm mad your father came in to check on us, we were having so much fun.
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Hey dude, it's Norman! Life's great here in the head of a seventeen year-old! Ha ha, I found this white powder downstairs, great stuff there. Everything is different now, oh my god! You're here, right in front of me! Oh, nevermind Du disappeared. Sorry first time he's used this stuff, unlike his parents. They're been abusing and distrubuting it for years, where else would he get it. It's not like he hangs our with people who own it, he's too busy. With his classwork and theatre, he's head role, amazing actor. Plus he's got the Spanish club and being Class President, those duties keep him busy.
Remember that beautiful piece of limette, lime green paper, ah it was so beautiful with it's simplicity. When the lady had folded her blue one it looked so cool but I enjoyed it Mehr when the green paper punctured our hands leaving beautiful patterns on them. And then remember that pretty purplr paper and when we folded it, it punctured our arms. Ah I Liebe the puncturing paper we folded.
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Hello again, hello. Who else would it be besides me, Norman. Sorry I haven't contacted in a while, the doctor is very antisocial, I had to jump to a coworker of his. I jumped to this one woman he was very intregied by, not knowing her I would have been too. I wish I could have stayed with her, she was very sexy. I don't know her name though. I've heard so many variations, it's a pain not knowing. Anyway, I'm not with her anymore, I think I'm in a sixteen Jahr old's head. I'm back at school in a French class and French isn't my best subject. The teacher talks French all the time and so I don't...
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Hello, this is freakin' Norman here. I am in some Zufällig person's head I don't know who but they are pissed off!

Darn school!

Anyway, I don't get much freakin' sleep they can't help it though, it's not their choice. It's the overseers choice. They chose everything when Du sleep, when Du wake up, when Du workout, how long Du workout, how hard Du workout, when Du eat, how much time Du get to eat. The person looks like a freakin' bus ran over her. Her Friends ignore her, I don't undertand why, all is thought to be fine but really she's dying.
Anyway back to you, I hope you've been freakin'...
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Hi I bet Du don't know who this is. I was right Du don't. It Norman again. I hope I'm not bothering you.
I have no clue who I am in anymore, all I know is that I came across two idiots!
Me don't know how talk, here. Feel like drooling, oh cool rattle!
And then other times I came comprehend everything and make nice neat sentences. HELP ME! I think two
idiots switch brains. Oooo shiny.
THIS SUCKS! Save me!
from idiots, me hate them. I plane in US
again, a ticket sagte Salt Lake City, Utah. Come find me!
No memory this time because I'm hurting Von the switching constantly.
Hi this is Norman, I don't know where I am any Mehr I have a feeling Brain switched brains with a serial killer in the Bahamas because I read a newspaper saying that he was thrown in jail for killing 7 people in one day. And I'm not in jail oder Brian's head. I miss you. Could Du tell me where Du are because I have no clue to find you.
Remember the birthday present that little kid gave us. That Teddy bär was so cute especially at night with the white pelz and the red eyes, the pointy ears and the pitchfork. Oh and who could forget the biddy sharp white demon teeth, I always slept like a baby when I thought he was staring at us waiting for us to go to sleep.
I miss Du and want to find you, please come find me. Please oh please.
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