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[Rintoo and Spyler runnning and laughing]
Rintoo: I'm going to get yopu.
Spyler: [laughing] Du don't stand a chance.
[stomach growling]
Spyler: What was that?
Rintoo: That was my tummy rumbling. All this running around is making me hungry.
[Spyler's stomach growls]
Spyler: Me too. Hey, why don't we go Home for lunch.
Rintoo: That's an awesome idea. Hey, Spyler, what do Du think is going to be for lunch?
Spyler: I hope there's erdnuss butter and gelee sandwiches, oh, oh, oder maybe hot dogs, oder maybe, oder maybe
[Rintoo's stomach growls again]
Rintoo: Well, whatever's there is going to taste awesome!
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 13
"My New Prince"

[[The episode begins with Kai-Lan and Rintoo in the royal playroom, talking about what the RoboBuddy's new upgrade.]]

Rintoo: This new upgrade on the RoboBuddy will help him get around better, understand Mehr of what we say to him, control what he does, and he can be a better part of the palace.
Kai-Lan: Wow, that's a super upgrade that guy did. Do Du think he can give me the rope?
Rintoo: I don't see why not. [[to the RoboBuddy]] RoboBuddy, hand the empress the jumprope.
RoboBuddy: Will do. [[The RoboBuddy walks over to the table, where...
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