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And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Edvine: OK, guys, we're here.
Tolee and Hoho, in unison: Du guys go on ahead. We need to get our sense of direction back.
Rintoo: Wow. I can handle going 205MPH in your car, but 90MPH on a normal highway for those two? Forget about it.
Kai-Lan: Excuse me for a moment... *quickly finds a trash can and pukes in it*
Rintoo: Holy shit. Make that just us two.
Edvine: And when all of Du were at that carnival, Du guys went on that rollercoaster ride?
Rintoo: That didn't even go 50MPH. 40, tops.
Edvine: I've been on ones that go, like, 80MPH at times....
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 8

[The episode begins with Hoho and Rintoo in the backyard, playing a game of catch.]

Rintoo: Hey Hoho, try to catch this. [throws the ball]
Hoho: Oh, I got it [starts running after it] I think I'm gonna get it. Almost, almost...and [catches it] Got it.
Rintoo: Whoa. That was an awesome catch, Hoho.
Hoho: Xie xie. Now let's see if Du can catch it.
Rintoo: [laughs] Okay, but I'll have to warn you. The way I might catch this ball might be silly.
Hoho: Just get ready to catch the ball.
Rintoo: Zeigen me what Du got.

[Hoho throws the ball. Rintoo runs...
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It's Weihnachten time in the village and everybody's excited. Here's where the story begins. Kai-Lan and her Friends are putting up decorations, while Ye Ye is putting out snacks besides them.

Ye Ye: How are the decorations coming along?
Kai-Lan: They're going great.
Ye Ye: [laughs] I'm glad to hear that. Here are some snacks for Du guys.
All: Xie Xie!
Ye Ye: Bié kèqì. I know Du guys must be getting hungry after all that hard work. Huítóu jiàn!
All: Huítóu jiàn!
Hoho: Kai-Lan, do Du think there will be a lot of presents under the baum this year?
Kai-Lan: I hope so, Hoho. It's gonna be very...
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