Navy CIS Couples Relationship Elimination

Beckymarie posted on Aug 06, 2009 at 09:07AM
I have seen this done on other spots so I thought I would try it here. The point is to eliminate the relationships until only one is left. Each start with 20 points each time you post copy the list and add one point to a relationship and subtract one from another.
The list

Tony/Abby 20
Tony/Jeanne 20
Tony/Jenny 20
Tony/Kate 20
Tony/Ziva 20
Gibbs/Abby 20
Gibbs/Jenny 20
Gibbs/Kate 20
Gibbs/Ziva 20
Gibbs/Mann 20
McGee/Abby 20
McGee/Kate 20
McGee/Ziva 20
Ari/Kate 20

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