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Central Commandment Center
Dan - I see...
Void - That's all what happend. Du didn't called me because of that tho... Right.
Dan - Du know me too well Captain Void. Du see RMP have us closed down now. With help of KGB and German Special Forces (GSF) were pretty much closed down as military.
Void - I knew that Rose is a rat.
Dan - And you're at fault.
Void - What? She obviously is a dog of RMP!
Dan - The Hunde are in your Squadron. krähe and Sunshine.
Void - What... No... Their my friends...
Dan - *gives him files* and were Commanders in RMP. Listien RMP with Kürzlich activities of army can call government take over. With that they will execute Twilight Sparkle to take full control. After that they will Liebe happy in recreated Empire
Void - How Du know Rose is not a dog of RMP.
Dan - She got arrested this morning Von RMP and handed over to KGB for "treason". Twilight can't take pressure.
Void - So what now.
Dan - They still don't have enough power to strike. We called off Germans from operation Shadow Raid and make them oppose GSF. For KGB, they already have alot of power in Russia. For us, RMP is easy to break because of power struggle between Socialistic Party and Republicans. Leaving Imperialistic Party and Capitalistic Equestrian Concuil behind with lacking resources to change Equestria. If Socialists win the power struggle nothing changes if Republicans win Imperialists gain enough power to convince KGB to enter the civil war. There is Equestrian pony Military wich is us.
Void - Simply EPM, were under VSS - Valkyries Special Squadrons.
Dan - Apparently there is convinced Ponies to belive into General brombeere, blackberry Imperialistic documents.
Void - So only way is to eliminate those documents and Ponies that got convinced, help Socialists with gaining over power In RMP and finding rats inside VSS and EPM.
Dan - I exactly know who is the EPM.


Dan - *reads documents*
Jake - *puts gun to his head* Too bad.
Dan - I knew Du would come.
Jake - Why so brave.
Dan - Because without me your plan is down the drain.
Jake - Tch.
Dan - Du work not only with RMP but with Nyx.
Jake - RMP is a joke. Nyx have good thought process.
Dan - We will see when rats inside VSS will be killed soon, Imperialists won't have alot of power.
-Jake gets shot from nowhere-

Darkness - Mission Complete. The VSS ratte - General Hotshot was eliminated.
Dan - Well... Rest in peace RMP plan. Time to eliminate Nyx.

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