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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Once Sam, Gordon, Case Cracker, and kettenrad entered Oatland, they saw a Fillydelphia pony walking down a sidewalk, passing several sedans.

Sam: *sees fillydelphia pony* Let's stop the car, and follow him on hoof.
Case Cracker: Yeah, see what he's up to.
Sam: *Stops car*
Gordon: Better idea. Du three wait here. If he runs, Du can follow him in the car. *Gets out*
Case Cracker: Okay, we'll be near. *Gets into the front seat*
Sprocket: What am I? Chopped liver?
Case Cracker: No. I hate sitting in the back, no matter who sits Weiter to me.
Fillydelphia Pony: *Turns right*
Gordon: *Gets behind the Fillydelphia Pony, and kicks him onto the ground*
Fillydelphia Pony: Agh! *Lands on ground*
Gordon: *Drags pony to car* I got him.
Case Cracker: K put em in the back.
Gordon: *Sits in back with Fillydelphia pony, and Sprocket*
Sam: *Drives*
Gordon: What can Du tell us about Jim Braddock?
Fillydelphia Pony: He's dead.
Gordon: Don't give us that bullshit. You're holding him somewhere. Where is he?
Fillydelphia pony: In hell. Du just go to the abandoned warehouse, and I'll prove it.
Sam: If Du insist. *Goes to abandoned warehouse*
Case Cracker: *Waits*
Sam: *Gets to abandoned warehouse*
Case Cracker: No one knows we're here. Let's keep it that way.
Sprocket: What do we do with this guy?
Fillydelphia Pony: *Nervous*
Case Cracker: Keep an eye on him. If he tries anything on you, shoot him.
Sprocket: With pleasure.

The three stallions continue on toward the warehouse, leaving kettenrad with the Fillydelphia pony in the car.

Sam: *Sneaks in, and holds door for Case Cracker*
Case Cracker: *Enters and hides behind a post on the inside checking for Fillydelphia ponies*
Sam: All clear. *Goes towards room*
Case Cracker: *Follows with Gordon*
Sam: *Opens door*
Jim: *On ground*
Gordon: There he is.
Sam: Jim, wake up.
Jim: *Doesn't hear Sam*
Gordon: Jim!!! *Shoots the ground near him*
Jim: *Wakes up* What the fuck is happening?!
Case Cracker: Fillydelphia Ponies nabbed you. *looks at Jim for any major injuries*
Jim: I'm fine. They may have taken me, but I'm not seriously injured oder anything.
Sam: Good.
Case Cracker: Du know how Du got knocked out?
Jim: *Being sarcastic* Well I don't know, how would Du get knocked out?
Sam: That doesn't matter, we have to get out of here.
Case Cracker: Fine d'ya see anypony else in here?
Jim: No.
Sam: Let's go Du guys.
Case Cracker: *Hears two gunshots* Shit!

The four stallions run back to Sam's car. They saw kettenrad looking at the Fillydelphia pony. She shot him to death.

Gordon: Glad you're still in one piece.
Jim: So am I. Who are Du anyway?
Case Cracker: My girlfriend.
Sprocket: kettenrad is my name. It's nice to meet Du Jim.
Jim: Has she joined us?
Gordon: Yes.
Sam: She joined half an Stunde ago.
Gordon: Right. So are we fighting those Fillydelphian assholes?
Jim: Yup.
Case Cracker: When?
Jim: Tomorrow.
Case Cracker: Good,they'll be less suspecting then.

They all get back in the car, and return to San Franciscolt.

2 B Continued
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posted by Canada24

Rainbow dash was still sleeping peacefully when suddenly she was gently woken up.

"Dashie, wake up, we're here" Twilight sagte quitely.

"Huh? What?" the colorful Pegasus groaned, barelly awake.

"We arrived at UK" Twilight said, still speaking softly to her sleepy friend.

"Oh.. Right" regenbogen said, remembering why he and Twilight were in the hot air balloon, and so the cyan Pegasus stretched as she began getting up from her lovely nap.

"Come on now, regenbogen Dash, let's hurry" Twilight said, jumping out of the large rosa balloon basket.


"Coming, coming" the Pegasus groaned. But unfortantly...
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