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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Once Sam, Gordon, Case Cracker, and kettenrad entered Oatland, they saw a Fillydelphia pony walking down a sidewalk, passing several sedans.

Sam: *sees fillydelphia pony* Let's stop the car, and follow him on hoof.
Case Cracker: Yeah, see what he's up to.
Sam: *Stops car*
Gordon: Better idea. Du three wait here. If he runs, Du can follow him in the car. *Gets out*
Case Cracker: Okay, we'll be near. *Gets into the front seat*
Sprocket: What am I? Chopped liver?
Case Cracker: No. I hate sitting in the back, no matter who sits Weiter to me.
Fillydelphia Pony: *Turns right*
Gordon: *Gets behind the Fillydelphia Pony, and kicks him onto the ground*
Fillydelphia Pony: Agh! *Lands on ground*
Gordon: *Drags pony to car* I got him.
Case Cracker: K put em in the back.
Gordon: *Sits in back with Fillydelphia pony, and Sprocket*
Sam: *Drives*
Gordon: What can Du tell us about Jim Braddock?
Fillydelphia Pony: He's dead.
Gordon: Don't give us that bullshit. You're holding him somewhere. Where is he?
Fillydelphia pony: In hell. Du just go to the abandoned warehouse, and I'll prove it.
Sam: If Du insist. *Goes to abandoned warehouse*
Case Cracker: *Waits*
Sam: *Gets to abandoned warehouse*
Case Cracker: No one knows we're here. Let's keep it that way.
Sprocket: What do we do with this guy?
Fillydelphia Pony: *Nervous*
Case Cracker: Keep an eye on him. If he tries anything on you, shoot him.
Sprocket: With pleasure.

The three stallions continue on toward the warehouse, leaving kettenrad with the Fillydelphia pony in the car.

Sam: *Sneaks in, and holds door for Case Cracker*
Case Cracker: *Enters and hides behind a post on the inside checking for Fillydelphia ponies*
Sam: All clear. *Goes towards room*
Case Cracker: *Follows with Gordon*
Sam: *Opens door*
Jim: *On ground*
Gordon: There he is.
Sam: Jim, wake up.
Jim: *Doesn't hear Sam*
Gordon: Jim!!! *Shoots the ground near him*
Jim: *Wakes up* What the fuck is happening?!
Case Cracker: Fillydelphia Ponies nabbed you. *looks at Jim for any major injuries*
Jim: I'm fine. They may have taken me, but I'm not seriously injured oder anything.
Sam: Good.
Case Cracker: Du know how Du got knocked out?
Jim: *Being sarcastic* Well I don't know, how would Du get knocked out?
Sam: That doesn't matter, we have to get out of here.
Case Cracker: Fine d'ya see anypony else in here?
Jim: No.
Sam: Let's go Du guys.
Case Cracker: *Hears two gunshots* Shit!

The four stallions run back to Sam's car. They saw kettenrad looking at the Fillydelphia pony. She shot him to death.

Gordon: Glad you're still in one piece.
Jim: So am I. Who are Du anyway?
Case Cracker: My girlfriend.
Sprocket: kettenrad is my name. It's nice to meet Du Jim.
Jim: Has she joined us?
Gordon: Yes.
Sam: She joined half an Stunde ago.
Gordon: Right. So are we fighting those Fillydelphian assholes?
Jim: Yup.
Case Cracker: When?
Jim: Tomorrow.
Case Cracker: Good,they'll be less suspecting then.

They all get back in the car, and return to San Franciscolt.

2 B Continued
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