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Master Sword: Hello everypony
Satan Twist: Everybody
Master Sword: Whatever. Du know, we make lots of people laugh
Satan Twist: I just threaten them till they do laugh
Master Sword: that works too, but Du know what isn't funny. Mocking others for their appearances. Sure, it is usually seen every Tag in comedy, but that doesn't make it funny
Satan Twist: Yeah, it never is funny to mock someone for their looks. Take me for example. People used to call me stupid due to my appearance. And Du know what happened to them
Master Sword: What
Satan Twist: Their dead
Master Sword: ...............What?
Satan Twist: Yeah, they died. I fucking killed them
Master Sword: What the fuck
Satan Twist: Yeah, I murdered them slowly, and I can assure you, due to how loud they were screaming, it must have been very painful. And I enjoyed every last Sekunde of their screams of agony. I even recorded it so I can play it in my sleep every night
Master Sword: No, seriously, what the fuck
Satan Twist: So, remember everyone. Don't mock people for their appearances, because if Du do, they will rise up against Du and fucking kill Du in the most painful way, and I assure you, they will enjoy it. Take care, everyone
Master Sword: (Backs away from Satan Twist)
Mehr bronies when it ended than it started with.
My Little Pony - Freundschaft ist Magie
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Cupcakes 2, Friendship is Slaughter
Written Von Bitcloud
Edited Von the super awesome Satanisthesavior

Applebloom wiped the sweat from her brow with a long sigh. Her task had taken a lot longer than Pinkie sagte it would. She felt sick from the scene before her: Silver Spoon’s empty body hung on the rack before her.
Pinkie got out of her chair hidden in the darkness of a nearby corner of the gruesome dungeon. As Pinkie stepped into the light, Applebloom could see an ecstatic smile on her face. Pinkies hooves made a slight sucking sound as she walked across the congealing blood on the floor. “You’re...
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There's a lot of apples.
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My Little Pony - Freundschaft ist Magie
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My Little Pony - Freundschaft ist Magie
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