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Master Sword: Hello everypony
Satan Twist: Everybody
Master Sword: Whatever. Du know, we make lots of people laugh
Satan Twist: I just threaten them till they do laugh
Master Sword: that works too, but Du know what isn't funny. Mocking others for their appearances. Sure, it is usually seen every Tag in comedy, but that doesn't make it funny
Satan Twist: Yeah, it never is funny to mock someone for their looks. Take me for example. People used to call me stupid due to my appearance. And Du know what happened to them
Master Sword: What
Satan Twist: Their dead
Master Sword: ...............What?
Satan Twist: Yeah, they died. I fucking killed them
Master Sword: What the fuck
Satan Twist: Yeah, I murdered them slowly, and I can assure you, due to how loud they were screaming, it must have been very painful. And I enjoyed every last Sekunde of their screams of agony. I even recorded it so I can play it in my sleep every night
Master Sword: No, seriously, what the fuck
Satan Twist: So, remember everyone. Don't mock people for their appearances, because if Du do, they will rise up against Du and fucking kill Du in the most painful way, and I assure you, they will enjoy it. Take care, everyone
Master Sword: (Backs away from Satan Twist)
We drove to Canterlot schloss where we were told to meet up with Celestia. The front of the schloss was gaurded Von jeeps with machine Pistolen on them. Soon we went in the castle, and saw Celestia standing with Twilight, and other ponies. "Hi guys." Twilight sagte when she saw us, "Hey." I sagte simoultaneously with regenbogen Dash. Celestia then begun to speak, "As you're all aware, griffons have bombed Ponyville, and other places in Equestria. We need your help to stop them. I sent my army into Baltimare to defend it from the griffons, and that's where they'll be waiting for you, the inglourious hedgehog."...
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 Nikki as a dog
Nikki as a dog
So lets continue.........

Cotton Swirls: Girls.....I'm scared...
Nikki: Sugarcube, we're all scared..
Score: I'm not!
Nikki: *glares at score*
Score: What?
Nikki: well, most of us are scared...
Stormy: okay, guys I-

Suddenly the 5 ponies heard a deep evil voice laughing, not any kind of deep voice, a deep voice that made the whole ground shake.....


A black big black shadow, suddenly appear.....

Stormy: What is that?!
Azura: I think it's a dinosaur
Score: No way! It's a duck!
Nikki: Maybe it's a Dragon!
CottonSwirls: Your all wrong. It's Discord....
All: DISCORD!?!?!?!?!?!
The shadow...
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posted by ILOVEMLPs
Hello pony fans!With help from my dad, I am planning to create an ULTIMATE pony CREATOR!!!!!
This pony creator will be nothing like anything that Du have ever seen before!It may take a few months to make, but I am working on it a quickly as possible.This pony creator will have EVERYTHING!!
You will be able to turn the pony in a different direction. Du will be able to get different outfits and hats and stuff. Du will also be able to do the following things: Design your own clothes,
choose objects from the real movie, Choose from the provided cutie marks oder make one yourself,have Mehr than 2...
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I shut the doors and windows to my baum bibliothek and home.

"No distractions," I say as I head towards my special concentration book.

I lay down with my legs below me.


I stare daggers at my baby dragon and loyal assistant, Spike.

"Spike, I Liebe Du and all but please go away."

This was a time that I don't need Spike around.

"Sorry. I know you're busy with you're magic and..."

Spike looks around. Then he sees my angry expression. He giggles nervously.

"I... I should, like, get going."

"Yeah Du should. Like, NOW!"

Spike looks at me with guilt in his eyes. Tears swell up and he leaves with his...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
apfel, apple Jack arrives at the successful apfel, apple orchard. She sees Big Macintosh and her best friend, Twilight Sparkle, talking to each other. Apparently, it had seemed that Big Mac had fished up one of his jokes to Twilight which explains her giggling.

"Hey y'all." she greets the two as she approaches them awkwardly.

"Oh. Hey there AJ!" Twilight exclaims.

"Uhh...what's goin' on here?" apfel, apple Jack asks.

"We're just...talking. That's all." Twilight Sparkle gives Big Macintosh a stare.

"Eeeeeeeyup." He says. She chuckles.

"Well that's good to know." AJ says to her brother and best friend.

"Little sis,"...
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 Lyra notices a rather dusty looking Foto in a frame sitting on oben, nach oben of her brother's wardrobe. Why she never saw it before is unknown.
Lyra notices a rather dusty looking photo in a frame sitting on top of her brother's wardrobe. Why she never saw it before is unknown.
This rather funny story of discovery and prevention of pure embarrassment (which results in total failure) begins with Blue waking up and stepping out of bett and tripping on a pair of rosa panties laying on the floor (this is the first story in which the two sibling are wearing clothes. If there already is a Fan fiction I wrote with them wearing clothes, let me know in the comments), belonging to none other that his sister Lyra. Up tripping, he slides across the wooden floor (on his butt) and runs into the bathroom door. And then...

Lyra: HEY! Keep it down, I'm trying to sleep! *Blue stands...
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well,after a lot of practice zitrone finally got the hang of it,but the only problem is that i got too used to it...its okay though,because zitrone and I were the fist ones who can do the martial art at a great pace without even making mistakes,we were like pros!

"hey Aura!"

"good morning to Du too,Lemon" i sagte as she put down her bag and got her arnis

"how about we do one Mehr round?"


"yo,are Du guys gonna practice?" Blue sagte as he approached us,along with the other present members of our group "we'll Mitmachen you! okay guys! go to your practice partners! were gonna practice!" he sagte as they,indeed,got...
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Derpy is a human! :D
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