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Master Sword: Hello everypony
Satan Twist: Everybody
Master Sword: Whatever. Du know, we make lots of people laugh
Satan Twist: I just threaten them till they do laugh
Master Sword: that works too, but Du know what isn't funny. Mocking others for their appearances. Sure, it is usually seen every Tag in comedy, but that doesn't make it funny
Satan Twist: Yeah, it never is funny to mock someone for their looks. Take me for example. People used to call me stupid due to my appearance. And Du know what happened to them
Master Sword: What
Satan Twist: Their dead
Master Sword: ...............What?
Satan Twist: Yeah, they died. I fucking killed them
Master Sword: What the fuck
Satan Twist: Yeah, I murdered them slowly, and I can assure you, due to how loud they were screaming, it must have been very painful. And I enjoyed every last Sekunde of their screams of agony. I even recorded it so I can play it in my sleep every night
Master Sword: No, seriously, what the fuck
Satan Twist: So, remember everyone. Don't mock people for their appearances, because if Du do, they will rise up against Du and fucking kill Du in the most painful way, and I assure you, they will enjoy it. Take care, everyone
Master Sword: (Backs away from Satan Twist)
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Dan and Shadow house in Ponyville
Dan : YES... yes shut up... I need to think... *grab book* this book say that in our familly was pony named "Jack the Puppet master"
Shadow : and Du want to heal yourself with puppets?
Dan : pfff no... that guy had strange power of controlling puppets without strings...
Shadow : laaame... NEXT!
Dan : Is just gonna be my "help in battle" with my inside me...
Shadow : your evil you?
Dan : yep... one pony from our familly had same situation but he beat his bad side and it was end... we need to go to the Canterlot Garden...
Canterlot Garden...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Cadence was still disguised as Celestia when this happened

Colonel Kramer: *raises glass* To health gentlemen. *drinks*
Others: *drink*
Cadence: *does not drink*
Colonel Kramer: You're not drinking Princess Celestia.
Cadence: I shouldn't. I've got to remain sober for when I return to Canterlot.
Colonel Kramer: If Du return to Canterlot.
General Rosemeyer: It all depends on whether she talks oder not.
Colonel Kramer: You're right. It also depends on two other things.
Cadence: What do Du mean?
Nazi: *brings Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon to them*
Colonel Kramer: These two are a part of our army....
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posted by karinabrony
Hey, everypony! Today I will be talking about the app and telling Du about it.

How to level up: Von leveling up, Du have to buy some shops. Du can put ponies to work on there, for example, if Du make Twilight Sparkle work there, and the flour is finished, Du click on it to collect, and then Du collect some experience points and bits. The Mehr shops Du have, the Mehr experience and bits Du will get.

How to send presents: Du tap on your menu, and it says friends. Du have about 8 oder so. Tap them and press the present. That means you're giving them a gift, and they will give Du one back...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Gordon was in the Cheyenne Jailhouse.

Cellmate: Hey.
Gordon: Hi.
Cellmate: Hey.
Gordon: Hello!
Cellmate: Hey.
Gordon: Do Du always say the same thing to a pony 75 times in a row?
Police officer: Hey, shut the fuck up in there.
Gordon: What did I do?! I start a club, then get arrested for having things for the club, and now I'm getting in trouble for being bothered Von another pony?!!?!?!?!?
Police: Du were talking.
Gordon: He was talking too!!
Cellmate: Hey.
Police: Hello Bob.
Gordon: What the fuck?
Police: Watch your language loser!
Gordon: Du just told me to shut the fuck up!
Police: No I didn't...
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Hello. I have been hearing from a lot of bronies that Princess Celestia is a troll. There are a lot of reasons to mark that, so I will Zeigen Du them.

Reason one: In The Ticket Master, she gave Twilight Sparkle only two tickets when she already knew that she has 5 friends. Twilight Sparkle was stressing out for nothing in the end.

Reason two: When Twilight Sparkle was talking to Princess Celestia about when she banished Luna to the moon, Celestia tried to change the subject, saying, ''Go make some friends!''. This redirected her attention.

Reason three: In the episode Bird In A Hoof, Mrs. Cake...
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posted by applejackrocks1
Rarity: But we don't have any instruments.
Pinkie: We'll just use our voices.
Fluttershy: Who will sing to her first?
RD: Not me.
AJ: Not me.
Pinkie: Not me.
Rarity: Not me.
Fluttershy: *gulps* I-I'll do it.
RD: That's my winged friend!
Rarity: *rubs horn* (teleports her the others in the street)
AJ: Now we just wait for her to come.
Pinkie: Yep.

20 Minuten later...

Rarity: UGH! Where is she?!
RD: Ehem. SHADE SHADOW!!!!!!
AJ: -.-
RD: *smirks*
Fluttershy: There she is! *
SS: *flies to RD* YOU?! W-WHAT?!? I KILLED YOU!!!!
RD: Yeah. I don't think so. *laughs*
RD: Potion book.
SS: P-Potion...
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posted by NocturnalMirage
The last solstice

Chapter 3: Solitude

Luna was right.

I was right too! Mirage thinks.

The Moon goddess sagte that her sister will probably greet her new guard in the form of a letter. And Mirage suspected that the alicorn of the Sun was listening. The cobalt stallion smirked. He imagined the picture. The all mighty Celestia, the ruler of Equestria nestles up to the door very closely. Probably with an anxious look on her face, for she worries because her calm loneliness is disturbed.

“Ha!” Mirage exclaims loudly, as the picture he imagined fills up his soul with luscious pleasure for a moment....
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 Sean's new Canterlot Firebolt
Sean's new Canterlot Firebolt
It was a busy time on the highway from Ponyville to Fillydelphia. Another truck carrying drugs was in a hurry. It had to go to Filly as fast as possible, 100 miles an hour.

Sean: *driving Firebolt*
Nikki: *driving Wrestler*
Daredevil: *driving Supra*
Rainbow Dash: *driving Pegasus*

All four upgraded their cars, and Sean's Firebolt was new. Courtesy of the Canterlot car company.

Sean: Alright. Let's see what this baby can do! *goes 110*
Nikki: I can go faster then you! *Goes 120*
Daredevil: I'll go faster then both of you! *goes 130*
Rainbow Dash: Du forgot about me *goes 140*
Sean: Ok. There's the...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con, and his Friends found out that Mr. Sanchez smuggled drugs out of Svoboda into other places in the world, and the way he did it, was illegal.

Sanchez: *drives past S*
S: Rain, do Du copy?
Rain: I copy. What's the skinny?
S: Sanchez is in a convoy with two sedans, and a bus.
Rain: An actual bus?!
S: No, just a Vriendscoupe bus.
Rain: Oh, thank god.
Con: She's not used to cars. Just flying.
S: I'll keep that in mind.
Rain: *flies above cars*
Con: Why are Du carrying me again?
Rain: So we can go over the plan. We'll be disguised as tourists, and then we infiltrate Sanchez's plan.
Con: Great.
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Location - Near Equestria Moutains
Time - 5:50
Alpha Team - Bravo we near location...
Dan - Roger that Alpha... Delta Du near
FireDash - ye- HOLY CRAP RPG *silent*
Alpha Team - WE NEED BA- *silent*
NightFire - RPG!
Dan - feuer feuer *fire*
Dan - WELL FIRE! *fire*
RPG hit Dan and NightFire
Dan - *lieing on ground* crap... NightFire... Du ok
NightFire - yeah *wstand up*
There was feuer everywhere... they was knocked on 5 Minuten and nuclear bomb exploted in air...
Dan - what the hell...
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posted by applejackrocks1
 Chrysalis teleports back Home
Chrysalis teleports back home
Cadence: Does it hurt? *sarcastic* I'm sorry. *horn stops glowing*
Chrysalis: *gasps* W-What did u do to me?!
Cadence: *smirks* Go take a look. *runs off*
Chrysalis: *confused, and pops outta bushes*
Discord: Ch- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!! *runs off*
Chrysalis: Discord?! What's wrong?!
Chrysalis: W-What?! *Runs to Celestia* Celestia?!
Celestia: yes? *turns around* GAh! I-I Umm.. Perhaps..*gulps* y-your new?
Chrysalis: No! Celestia its me Chrysalis!
Celestia: LUNA!!!!
Luna: (flies Weiter to Celestia) Yea Tia?
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After returning from St. Foalis we discovered that regenbogen Dash was no where to be seen.

Sean: Where'd she go?
Pinkie Pie: She went to be with Scootaloo.

The two pegasi were at Cloudsdale celebrating for Scootaloo. She just passed flight school, and the two were having lunch together.

Scootaloo: Everypony thought I was amazing.
Rainbow Dash: They sure did. What kind of pizza do Du want?
Scootaloo: One with sausage, and onions.
Rainbow Dash: Good choices. And to drink?
Scootaloo: I guess I'll have a Dr. Whoover.

Rainbow Dash went to order the pizza, and drinks when she noticed a alicorn fly by....
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 Mike the pegasus
Mike the pegasus
regenbogen Dash was talking to the leaders of the other mafias.

Rainbow Dash: I called Du all here to stop this.
Fuku: Why?
Rainbow Dash: We're killing ourselves instead of Manehattan, oder others that don't live the way we do.
Nickel: Maybe we like it that way.
Boris: Da. Why should we set up a truce?
Rainbow Dash: Because I want to. All of your members killed Applejack, and I don't want anymore of my Friends being killed.
greaser leader: We supplied the guns, but none of us killed your friend.
Rainbow Dash: Your group counts, because Pistolen kill ponies.
John: It's not the gun that kills ponies, it's...
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