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Taken from messageboards.

Thank Du to SomeRandomPerson for coming up with this!!

As always, read at your own risk…. schlucken your Essen and/or drinks before going any further, oder Du will choke with laughter!

Warning: A Non-Muser will not get any of the inside jokes below… so don’t even bother!

MUSE Matt Bellamy and Co.

1. Abso-kecking-lutely: muse-keck-teers word for absolutely using Asbsolution / keck / lutely.

2. Acromusm: (noun) shortening of Muse song and album titles used Von musers (i.e. OoS, TIRO, FAWY…)

3. Amusement: (noun) Way for musers to pass the time Von creating...
continue reading...
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oben, nach oben of the pops
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These are Foto shoots from about 10 years ago.....

Zufällig Quotes----
(After this Artikel is a continued)

(I Liebe these)

after a party one night I went back to the dressing room and it was all dark. I heard some strange squelching noises in the corner, so I went out and got a video camera with night vision on it. I went back and got the last 10 Sekunden just as he went...."There are some things in life I never thought I'd see: the fall of the Berlin Wall, a cessation of violence in Northern Ireland oder a British Deputy Prime Minister punching a man with a mullet, for instance. And right up there on the sliding scale is the vision of Matt Bellamy enthusiastically miming cumming on a girl's back. "I got the money shot on tape," he spluners.
Interviewer: Your huge in America now, how exactly do Du make it there?
John Lennon: Turn left at Greenland

This one is good---

Chris: "Who's the biggest bitch?"
Dom: "Matt's the biggest and we're his bitches."
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dom howard
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matt bellamy
chris wolstenholme
Amy Lee
brian molko
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The Musik video to 'Bliss' from their 2nd studio album 'origin of symmetry'
origin of symmetry
Musik video
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