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How do i begin?
With something this big of a feeling?

Let me take a breath
And search, in my thoughts depths...

Where did it begin?
When a sisterhood, first begin?

Mybe i should just speek my mind
This might make things clear and defined

Du are a friend
Du are a best friend
Du are a sister
Who will stay in in my herz till forever meets no end

My mind is fuzzy, and unclear
But im sure Du understand this mushup, even though its foggy...oh dear

Du can count on me like...
And i will be there

We will always be Friends ...forever and beyond
Definetaly never apart
Friends till forever, sisters at heart
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Please ignore chapter 5. I'll write a fanfiction called: 'The Blending of Worlds... REAL chapter 5 (please ignore the other one...)',when I have time. That'll be the real chapter 5 (obviously XD). I'd rather introduce Chloe in a different fanfiction, like the one I started Schreiben about Venom and Nebular. Also, sorry if I miss out any finger spaces in my fanfiction. My spacebar key is sticky. -.-

This article, according to Fanpop, isn't long enough, so I will make it longer Von saying how OBSESSED I am with The Penguins of Madagascar! 8D

- Easel.
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The penguins and their strange new acquaintance headed back to the pinguin H.Q, where Kowalski took the creature into his lab. Kowalski did several tests on the creature, which included the reflex test and the saliva analysis. Then he typed something into a machine. A big Frage mark came into view on the screen of the machine. Kowalski's frustration seemed to be building as he did Mehr tests, and used some other machines, which had similar results. Then he began taking notes. When he put his notepad down and turned around to do something with a strange liquid, the creature's curiosity got...
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"Mort! Maurice! How long must Du be taking before my mouth can taste the yumminess of my extra special mango and zitrone smoothy?"
"We're coming, your majesty!" sagte Maurice. He and Mort were carrying a huge glass between them, with an orange smoothy inside. Then they saw the creature. It was perched on the back of King Julien's throne.
"AAAHHHHH!!!" They dropped the smoothy. It spilled everywhere (of course).
"My smoothy! This is meaning harsh punishment! But for now... what excuse are Du to be having for dropping my special mango and zitrone smoothy!?" The two lemurs just stared in horror and...
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There was a sound like something hitting the wall, then an "Oof!" and then a thud, like something hitting the ground.
When all the white light was gone, the sphere was still there and it was quivering slightly. It had stopped changing colour, too. It was mother of pearl (For those of Du who don't know, mother of pearl is white, but it reflects the colours of the regenbogen when it is exposed to the light).
There was also what appeared to be a small, furry, black dragon Von the wall. It had large, bright purple eyes that glittered with intelligence and it had claws and tiny horns that were mother...
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When Skipper woke up at 0500, he noticed something very odd. A small sphere, no bigger than one of his eyes, was hovering in mid air. The sphere was perfectly still and perfectly round and it was rapidly changing from colour to colour. Skipper woke up his team Von shouting,
"Men! We have an unauthorized U.F.O in our H.Q!"
The others were all startled and fell out of their beds.
"Kowalski! Options!" commanded Skipper. Kowalski immediately got out his pencil and notepad out and began scribbling. After a few Sekunden he said
"Well... We could try poking it?" Skipper thought.
"Interesting idea Kowalski... but I'd rather not risk any of us losing half of one of our flippers."
"How about my six foot whacking stick?" suggested Kowalski. Skipper nodded. Rico puked up the long stick and prodded the sphere.
There was a blinding flash. No noise... Just a lot of white light.
I know this is short, but I didn't have much time.
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