Molly Weasley vs Esme Cullen 500 Reasons why Molly is better than Esme

harrypotterbest posted on Sep 19, 2010 at 03:48PM
I think we can manage...

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr MaximumRide12 said…
She killed Bellatrix to keep Ginny safe
Vor mehr als einem Jahr missceleb86 said…
she is more concerened about her children's future than Esme and the reason why she always scolds ron fred and george is because she wants to protect them and because she loves tham
Vor mehr als einem Jahr pokerface22 said…
3. Molly is shown as motherly; she doesn't need to tell Harry that she is, Harry knows because of how nice she is.

4. Molly actually talks! Esme will say 3-4 words then she is pretty much done for the book.

5. Molly stays at home and doesn't have a job because she has seven kids. Esme stays at home for no other reason but to be an anti-feminist housewife. Esme's "kids" can take care of themselves!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr akakyoak said…
1.Molly is smart, loyal, devouted, motherly, and not in Twilight (no offence, Twilight fans, I just don't like it)
2. Molly is in the Order of the Phoniex
3.She Cursed the shit out of Bellatrix.
4.Molly is just plain amazing.
5.Molly is Molly. That should be explaination enough.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Potterrocks112 said…
11. Molly is already burdened with 7 children and she still finds time in her heart to take in Harry who as no parents at all.

12. She is very fierce to Death Eaters and loyal to her friends and family.

13. She worries about others when she should worry about herself. That's selfless.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mrstomlinson91 said…
14. She's a better mother than Esme
15. She killed Bellatrix to protect Ginny
16. She was in the Order of the Phoenix
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