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Miyako Gotokuji Do Du think Miyako is a crybaby?

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 3ASV89 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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LunaLayosa picked Yes:
I'm Fan # 200!!!! That's awesome but I forget why did Miyako get all teary(shiny) eyed in that van again?
(in pic 1 yes)
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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3ASV89 picked Yes:
She doesn't want Blossom, Buttercup and Sedusa to break the dresses and skirts. If you don't understand, episode 8 part 2 will tell you the answer. LunaLayosa

Let's turn back to the question, I think Miyako is like a crybaby but she isn't as cry more than the original Bubbles in PPG. In EP04, Ken make Miyako cry because he doesn't want to wear the clothes Miyako has brought. In EP08, Miyako almost cry because she thought the dresses will tear apart if Momoko, Kaoru and fight with Sedusa. In EP12 and EP48 she shed her tears because of Taka-chan. In EP24, she cries again because Ken has told something that she doesn't want to hear. In EP36, she cries because she wants her precious doll Octi to return to a normal octopus doll.
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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