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This Mindless Behavior foto contains sonnenbrille, dunkle brille, schatten, sonnenbrillen, dunkle brillen, and schattierungen.

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posted by Skittlez143fan
Lmfao I go from a funny and stupid song to a romantic and sad song
Nobody's POV
Ray:Yeah YN?
YN:If Du ever see star, sterne again,what will Du do?
Ray:Yell at her,cuss her out.,flip her off,and let Du beat her ass.
YN:*smiles a little*
Ray:You're shy.
YN:*blushes*No I'm not.
Ray:Aw Du blushed.Why are Du so shy?
YN:I'm not shy.
Ray:Then why are Du blushing?
Yn:*blushes more*
Ray:Aw YN.It's okay to be shy *lifts your chin up*Now,why are Du shy?
Ray:*looks into your eyes*
Yn:*looks away*
Ray:Chillax girl.I don't bite.
Ray:*laughs*what's wrong?
Yn:It's just that....I don't...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Me: aye driver can Du drop me off at Michael house
??: sure
-drops me off-

Me: banging on the door
M: wh-(gco) Hey
Me: -steps into his house-
You know I actually thought about it.. Du are one dirty motherf-king cold-blooded killer... kill my mom .. in the middle of day.. are Du crazy oder insane.. Du don't understand how much pain Du cost me do you.. I can't believe my mom actually dated you..
M: -chuckles- Du think I give two flying f--ks.. I don't
Me: Du BITCH!! -slaps him with all the energy in my body-
M:-looks at me and laughed-
I'm the bitch... no Du are .. Du are my hündin I control you...
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Well , I'm not really liking A Dream Come True . Sorry , but I'm Schreiben a new story . Here's episode 1.

// Nevaeh POV
So I wake up this morning with my mom screaming my name like she crazy oder something . I really wish this Tag didn't come so fast because my parents, me, and my stupid little brother , Adyn , are moving to Los Angeles . My mom thinks it's a good opportunity , but I say it sucks . Whatever !
// End POV //

Adyn: L.A here I come !!! *dances*
Nevaeh: Shut up Du brat .
Mom: Stop sweetie . I am positive that Du are going to Liebe Los Angeles . Lets just enjoy this family time on...
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posted by yahnnadaboss
This is just to see who should i add in my new series love+hate juss inboxx mii yhur name n ill give yhu a part but only three will get in soo ill be sure to choose wisley LOL but this story will be about girls 4 girls who meet mb n they start to datum them n they fall madly in Liebe with them but then the Liebe gets out of hand n then there ove turns into hate n then alot of epic things happen mb turns on each other the 4 girls dumb the boys alot will go on in this new series so remember to inboxx mii yhur name if yhu want the part of
princeton's girl
prodigy's girl
roc royal's girl
i play as strahl, ray strahl, ray girl so this will be based on a mb series tootles n dnt forget to inboxx mii yhur name
sorry havent been posting my mom is all on my arsch about school n shit ugg but shout out time :D shout out to NAS this was her idea to get bak at my dad Liebe u girl

in da hospital n my room
roc-u ok alana
me-yea me leg hurt but im good
nas-but can i plzzz go get my damn shoot gun cuz-*GCO*
nae-ugly ass
me-where is strahl, ray n prince
ray-right here
me-oh hi guys
prince-*runs n hugs me*
me-*screams n pain*
prince-*pulls back*sorry
me-its cool but when can i leave
roc-in 2 days
breezy-oh girl u will live
kay-not who ever dat was
nas-ikr ima...
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me n ray
me-omg its lik 2:00 and we're still doing this!!!
me-and nothng! im just saying!!
ray-lol! *keeps on going in*
*doorbell rings*
ray-*gets off of me n Antwort door*
???-where tha h3ll iz my daughter?!
mom-who iz this boy?!
me-my...uh..a friend
ray-*looks at me lik wth?!*
me-*looks at him lik go with it!!!! oder u dead!*
ray-um yeah i waz helping her study 4 our sat's
mom-mmhhmm sweetheart come here! i missed u so much!!!
me-um...im pretty sure u did!!!
mom-*hugs me n whispers*just w8 until he leaves!!!
me-*whispers*um...heheh...uh...he lives here...
mom-oh...ur dead seetheart *talks...
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Mindless Behavior
strahl, ray strahl, ray
oh my f*cking god have Du guys seen this video these girls have Twerked on strahl, ray ray,roc and prodigy when roc,ray & prod didn't even know that was a Twerked and thank god Princeton wasn't there at the party and i feel sorry for Them :(
strahl, ray strahl, ray
mindless behavior tie me down credit goes to emilie54321 thx
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Recap-Alana&Prince were talking freaky 2 eachother and they finally headed 2 the ca

Still Princeton's P.o.v
i was looking at Alana while she was fixing her bra&shirti was getting so horny right now i tried 2 pay attention 2 the rode but i couldn't so i pulled over 2 an alley

Alana:why did Du do dat
Me:i need Du right now
Me:i'm getting horny so bad and i cannot help it
Alana:can't Du just like play with your balls oder something cause i want 2 wait in duh club
Alana:get in the back
Me:*frowns*fine*sits in back
Alana:*she unbuckles her sitz gürtel and sits on oben, nach oben of him and...
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