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posted by irreplaceable
i'm gonna do these scenes one scene per chapter so just know that Du WILL get your scene

aj pov
these nasty azz freaks LOL
me: before yall get it in the pack and i are going into the woods and we're gonna hunt do Du want us to get yall some meat
them: *not paying attention* yea sure whatever

///lexi and prince///
prince and lexi were having a heated makeout session
"papi" lexi moaned as prince was sucking on her nipples. he went lower planting small kisses on body till he reached her clit. he slowly pulled off her panties and started eating her out. he stopped then put in two fingers and pumped...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Justin POV
Me: -walked upstairs-
Hey Leah bab- What happened??
L: -looked up-
Nothing I was just mourning Unique's death
Me: oh okay.. umm Du know Daniel and Frank are staying the night
L: umm... okay I'm going to spend the night at Day's
Me: they are outta town
L: oh well I'll stay at Bre's
Me: um.. -doorbell rings-
Oh that's them ...
L: mkkay -grabs her suitcase-
// Downstairs //
D&F: Hey wassup
Me; nun come on in
D&F: -walk inside-
Me: uhh .. I gotta go to the bathroom .. y'all know where to put your bags right?
D&F: yup -start walking upstairs-
D: okay I'll just go in her room...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Layke POV

I sat there in the corner .. I finally got up and noticed Michael wasn't in the room.. so good news there is a window in his bedroom .. it was about sunset so I ran and grabbed the latches that opens the window...

M: -grabs my waist-
You didn't think Du would be able to get away that easy.. did you?
Me: -kicks him in his stomach-
M: -grabs my leg and slammed his elbow in my leg-
Me: -grabs my leg and fell on the floor-
M: Jason ... ! Come here
J: wassup
M: meet your new trainee
J: alright I got this
M: -leaves-

J: stand up
Me: -still sat on the ground-
J: -puts on a gas mask-
Me: wait .. why.....
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jacob: lets go onn a date
the girlz get dresslink
girlz: letsgo
long story short they was back at Home they all went in there rooms
with lana
lana;kissing prince
prince: took off they clothes and put it in her
lana: sreamed
me and jacob walked in
jacob: kmsl
lana; pulled the cover over them
me: jacob Du look at my sis
jacob: (lost) no
me: o ok
we leftand they countinued
Weiter thing Du know everyone was sreaming
jacob: stop sreaming
me: cant help it
me: not funny
me; sreams
jacob; girl
me: boy kmsl
me and jacob stoped and went to sleep
nex moring me and jacobwoke up everyone

prod: girl what the hell worng with you
me; nothing time to wake up
keke: lets go to the park
jacob:ok and jamie why dont Du talk
jamie: i do
me; lets go
the end
at school Kay's pov
me-hey ray
ray-*mumbles* hey
me-r u really mad at me?
ray-idk. u tell me.
me-i cnt cuz idk!!!!!
ray-YES OKAY I AM!!!!!! U JUST DNT GET IT!!!! *slams locker really hard n walks off with ppl looking in our direction*
me-TF YALL LOOKIN AT?! shoot! act lik yall nvr seen ppl yelling!!! THEY DO IT ALL THE TIME ON TEEN WOLF!!!!!

at Home ray's pov
i waznt mad at her cuz i couldnt do her. i waz mad cuz the mean girl lacey (if i 4get her name later just remind me!!! i got a bad memory!!!!) threatened 2 hurt her if i dnt hit her! IN FRONT OF EVRYBDY!!!!! n one of her Friends was behind kay...
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at the house
Ray Rays P.O.V.
mia: Hey babe what cha doing
me: nothing
mia climbed on my lap and started Küssen me and I rubed her thighs then she reached down and took off my hemd, shirt then I took off hers we kissed a little Mehr then I unhooked her bra she unziped my pants and pulled down my boxers I kissed her neck she took off her short shorts I stuck my little friend inside her and went in and out slowly she groned and I went a little faster
meanwhile at the store
Kate's P.O.V.
me: Hey babe go get some oj
Prince: but that's all the way across the store
me: just go please
Prince: fine
ok that should keep...
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posted by irreplaceable
aj pov
i can't believe i'm telling them this

ray: are Du gonna tell us already?
cece: strahl, ray apparently it's hard for them to tell us *turns to me* go ahead aj take all the time Du need
me: i um we um we're........
diggy: Du want me to tell them
trey: maybe twist oder myles should
me:no i got this
roc: we're waiting
lexi:why don't Du just tell us tomorrow
me: i'm okay with that
myles: no aj tell them now *stern like he's my dad*
me: nigga Du ain't my daddy
trey: aj listen to myles
me: *growls*
prod: did Du just growl?!
me: can i just tell yall already?!
eb: sure
me: so yall promise not to be...
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 Violets underwear
Violets underwear
Y'all no were we left off violett was ridding him link

Violet: forget going easy I wanna go freaky ( hoping up and down on his ....." Friend" )
Roc: ( grunting and holding her hips steady ) dang stop moving
Violet: ( stops completely and lays down Weiter to him)
Roc: what is it
Violet: I'm tired and I need a dusche
Roc: ok
Violet: can I stay the night
Roc: of course babe
Violet: ( kisses him and goes in to the bathroom )
Roc: ( waits for her to get in the dusche , than goes in)

In the bathroom
Violet: ( Singen this and like this link )
Roc: (tiptoeing in the dusche with violet)
Violet:( still singing...
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i uploaded pics of the girls. STOREH!!!!

p.s. u guys, thier in collage now. :D

kay's pov

i woke up the Weiter Tag to my alarm playing diggy's new song Do it Like Du *ik its not new but lets pretend here thanks*

bree-*bust up in my room* STFU!!!
dray-now get yo butt up 4 school.
dray-nigglet intterupt me one mo time!!!
me-idk he left yesterday. *shrugs*
bree-u aint mad??? oder even worried???
me-y should i be??? >.>
dray-um...cuz ur husbandddddd iz out sumwhere!!!! and u dnt know where he iz!!! retard.
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Jacob: the park was fun
Me: ya
Roc: time to play turth of dare
Me: ok me first
Roc: turth oder dare
Me: dare
Roc: I dare to KISS prod
Me: ok *kisses prod*
Jacob: prod imma kill Du when i get home
Prod:haha ok
Keke: ok jacob Du now
Jacob: ok
Keke: i dare to u touch me on my ass
Jacob: k dose it
Me: storms off
Jacob:what up with her
Eb: Du just touch her on her butt
Jacob: so
Alana: Du Better go talk to her
Jacob: 0k
Prince: better
Roc: 0_0
Me:im ok
Eb: good
Me: well guys me and the girlz have a tour cuming up
Boy:i never knew yall arr famous
Us:yup but the only thing is its tomorrow
 Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Character Plot
Craig Crippen Jr.(Prodigy) as himself(18)
Chresanto August(Roc Royal) as himself(18)
Rayan Lopez(Rayx2) as himself(18)
Jacob Emanuel Perez(Priceton) as himself(18)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown) as himself(23)
Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom) as herself(16)
Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi) as herself(8)

Introduction:16 Jahr old Blossom Ariel Brown used to be in Liebe with Mindless Behavior until she began to realize they hid somany secrets from their fans.You might say once Du go Mindless Du may never turn back but Blossom does whatever the h*ll she wants.When Blossom visits Mindless Behavior for her little sister Bambi Ariel Brown will she change he mind oder will she hate Mindless Behavior even more??

Name-Blossom Ariel Brown
Eye Color-Hazel Brown Eyes
Race-African American
Height-5'0 feet tall
Weight-100 pounds
Dislikes-Mindless Behavior
Favorit Websites-Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr and Kik
 Chresanto August(Roc Royal)
Chresanto August(Roc Royal)
 Rayan Lopez(Ray Ray)
Rayan Lopez(Ray Ray)
 Jacob Emanuel Perez(Princeton)
Jacob Emanuel Perez(Princeton)
 Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi)
Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi)
 Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom)
Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom)
 Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown,Father of Blossom Ariel Brown and Bambi Ariel Brown)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown,Father of Blossom Ariel Brown and Bambi Ariel Brown)
posted by geekygirl1999
Hey Hey LOL who is read to be a Freak I am lol

still in my room
roc-pulls his fingers out n starts eating me out*
me-*throws head back n moans loud*uhhh roccccc
roc-*tounge fucks me*(god to many wattpad stories lol)
me-uhhhhhhhhhh roccccc I'm about 2 cum(lol ewes)
roc-*goes faster*
roc-*comes up n goes in*
me-ahhh Roc it hurts
roc-shhhhh ill do it into it does not hurt
me-i swear I'm going to ki-(GCO)ahhhh Roc
roc-*goes faster*
me-*starts to moan*uhh uhh Rocc
roc- yea baby dats wat I like to hear*goes deeper n harder*
me-uhhhhhhhj Roc*throws head back n grab da sheets*
roc-*flips us over*ride me...
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posted by avanzant12
Recap last we left off roc and britt was talking and going two sleep. Nw less cha cha.

So we all over prodigy house. Robert said" when do we do Stunde Weiter tour." britt said" idk less fine out." so Ciara sagte " I think I hear sme one phone going off." it was roc playing leve hit dat. It was text from the manger wich was ambershia. The text said" sorry I hate to mess up ur summer four u guys , but Du guys got go own tour for two weeks." so roc vorwärts-, nach vorn the text two the other guys they sagte "awww men " . Me sagte "wat wrong baby. " Princeton said" we have go own tour four the last two weeks in this...
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posted by irreplaceable
Hey yall! i'm baaaaaaack!!!! and let me just say i missed yall the reason i haven't been on is because my internet would not work for s__t so it's been a painful Monat without internet but here's a story for yall soooooooooooo TURN UP!!!!!!!!

aj pov
so i woke up in the middle of the night cuz.. Du know a niggas gotta pee and i was thirsty.
me:*walks downstairs*
so i went downstairs and and used the bathroom then i went to the küche and turned on the lights..... i'm afraid of the dark....... don't judge me. i got some water then i switched off the light and bolted up the staris.... ha! you...
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Prince: uh... Umm... Look, the reason my halskette has ur name is coz... I need 2 know my patients and in ur case u not 2 4get who ur nurse is *smilez*
Saniya: is it???
Prince: ye...yeah *nervous*
Saniya: why so nervous? It really look lyk ur hidin somethin, wat? U tryna hide the datum 4 me being discharged??
Prince: umm, no *chuckles and looks at her papers* u gettin out of here in... Oh yeah 2morrow
Saniya: YES! Thank u *hugs him* now i get 2 see my fam and bf
Prince: bf? Best friend ryt??
Saniya: psshh no, i mean boyfriend
Prince: BOYFRIEND!?!?
Saniya: yeah, i mean Darell is just the sweetest thing...
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posted by MindlessSwagged
Ayoo' I'm back on hurr I missed y'all Fanpop fam Liebe yall hope y'all enjoy tried picking up tips from TeamOMGgirlz but yeah lemme start writing.

It was like the most boring lamest deadest nights of my life I'm just sitting here single alone and watching movies....

Me:ugh like wtf I'm bored as hell maybe I should have a sleep over with my big kid ass

OK lemme get this straight I'm 21
Shanae oder Nae is 22
Giana oder Gi is 21
And Mercedes oder Cedes is 23

Me:-calls Mercedes-
Cedes:Hello what's good
Me:ghetto fabulous arsch come over here I'm having a sleep over
Cedes:ohh turn tf up
Me:just get yo arsch over here...
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posted by Skittlez143fan
Sorry I haven't been on lately y'all :/
Princeton:So.....what now?
Ray:I dunno.You think of something,afro.
Prince:*gives strahl, ray a look*No,you think of something,two braids!
Ray:*wrinkles nose*Shut the fu-
Yn:GUYS!No fighting,okay?Ray,apologize.
Ray+Princeton:Sorry*rolls eyes*
YN:I'm so bored....
Roc:How about we go get some ice cream,then play laser tag?
Yn:Sure!We'll go to Lazer to play that.Or should we go to Team Beam?
MB:Lazer is Mehr fun
At the ice cream parlor
YN:I'd like Schokolade ice cream with Schokolade sprinkles,gummy bears,whip cream,and...
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Hi my name is Kayla people call me Bree since its short for Breezy anyways im looking for three super mindless Fans to be apart of this story with me also.if Du would like to be apart of this accomplishment please Posteingang your names and who Du would like to be with there are 3 spots remaining ray, prince,and prod thank Du guys for all the support on this story

kayla oder bree

stay mindless forever Liebe roc strahl, ray prod and prince all day

i mean it like foreal i aint got nun else to do but do this lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...
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Recap from last time: Re'nae and Jessica went on a double datum re'nae thinks she might have feelings for Kevin even though he had 10 other girlfriends but Jessica has her doubts about him....

Renae come on let's go !!
Where are we going?
To the mall....??
Oh well come on I'm ready
Okay this is going to be funn!!!

// Mall //
Let's go to Gloria Jeans
Hi how can I help Du today?
Umm. I would like a vanilla karamell chiller please.
Ok that would be $9.35
Okay here Du go
Your order will be right up...

While I'm waiting I see this familiar face
Hey Renae
Ugh!!! Renae I'll be waiting...
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yall r at a party(link)
prod-babe u look so sexy
keke-awww thanks
prod-np babe we should take this party to go if u know what i mean
ke-u a freak
ke-lol lets go
prod-k*says bye to the boys n walks out the door to the car*

at home
prodigy picks ke up n takes her to the room as they walk in its all set up with Rosen n choclate n straberrys prod smiles at u n pushes u on the bett n gets on oben, nach oben of u Küssen u 10 mins later ur both necked he gets lower n lower into he is at ur u know what he starts to eat u out slowly u moan lightly as he starts to go faster ur moans turn into screams he goes for...
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