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This Michael Jackson foto contains konzert.

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At the house
Michael woke up an Stunde after Aislinn left and didn't see her. 'Where is she? Wait, what's this?' He thought picking up a note. He read it aloud. "Dearest Michael, I left with Kelly and Cory to get some things done before the wedding tomorrow. I hope Du like what I did once Du see it. I'll also be staying over at Cory's house for it is tradition that it's bad luck for the groom to see his bride the Tag of the wedding. Main reason why I'm staying at Cory's tonight, my dress is there. I hope Du like the dress, too. It's modest, so you'll like it. Liebe Du lots, my almost husband....
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The Weiter Tag Michael was still pissed off from lastnight what happen with Tatiana but he couldn't be Mehr pissed then ever. Michael Liebe Tatiana soo much but she was a hündin for cheating on him. But Michael just put that aside for now he had to go to work so he put his clothes on for today. Michael went to work late it was 7:00 so he walk in and he sagte " sorry guys that I was late the bus was late" (everyone look at him crazy) Michael sagte " what get the hell to work" (everyone just did what he said) then they took a 5 mins break and went to work and then everybody left exself for Michael he just wanted to know why would Tatiana cheat on him like that??? What did he do to her? then Michael put that aside 2 and left and went home. Michael start to cry and fellsleep. Thinking about Taitana. To be Contuine.. Hope u like it!!! :) sorry if its short again :( but still hope u like it :)
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