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Uh oh, she's just your type right
Trying to figure out how Du could
play a major part in her life, right?
Cuz shorty got her mind tight
And every time Du see her walk Von
you start thinking bout your night life
She all that's in your eyesight
And ever since the first Tag Du seen her
thinking she the wife type
You figure she'll be perfect loving Du
Fantasize a tingle from her fingers rubbing Du
Trying to analyze the situation
You feeling crazy
Wonderin forever what's so special bout this lady
Feeling like Du wanna pull back
But Du know Du perfect for her Du got
all of what them fools...
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Michael Jackson has a simple instruction for his personal make-up artist Karen Faye when she prepares him for his appearance on stage. ''Hurt me, hurt me.'' he tells her.
For Jackson, whose latest album BAD has sold millions worldwide, wants to look so good for his Fans that his image in a mirror must be so fantastic that is almost hurts.
Karen said: ''It's one of his Favorit phrases - he says it all the time. When he wants something to be brilliant, he says, 'HURT ME'.
''Whenever it is a new dance routine, a photographic session oder other people's make-up he says,
'Make it look great, Hurt...
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