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posted by pmjlover1997
Michael Wanted LISA BACK after she Divorced Nicholas Cage. TROUBLED star, sterne Michael Jackson wants to remarry his ex-wife Lisa Marie presley it was Claimed Yesterday Jacko,44, decided to try wooing Elvis's daughter again after her three-month marriage to actor Nicholas Cage,38, collapsed last week. A Quelle said: ''she is available and Michael wants her back. he's in a lot of trouble and he needs her.'' The Quelle sagte Lisa Marie,34: ''She was the only calming influence in his life'' The couple wed in 1994 while Jacko battled allegations he abused a 13-year-old boy. The marriage lasted two Years
Source: The Sun
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posted by bigmanguy
My phone rang and I answered it. It was my manager Frank and he sagte "I have some bad news Michael; I can't get Du on a flight back to California until two days after your concert." I sagte "that's fine Frank; I don't mind. It'll give me some time to visit some of the orphanages here in London!" Frank sagte "I hope you're excited to have two months off Michael! I know how much Du hate touring; but eight Mehr shows after your break until it's over." I sagte "I know; I'm just looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to getting settled back in at Neverland! Alright; I've got to get some sleep." Frank sagte "sorry for keeping...
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yes elizabeth did care very much for michael and she did help him she helped him through rehab and through the child molestion trial Von being a true friend to him and Von being on his side and defending him through the way she knew good and well that michael would never do that to a child in his life she knew that michael was a sweet and innocent person that wouldnt harm a person oder a child she knew that michael was a good person she identified with michael because she was in the buisness as a young actor she knew what it felt like to not have a childhood as well she knew what the buisness was like she knew that they were bullies and she helped michael as best as she could she was Von his side since they met she was there when the first allegation was brought up in 1993 with jordie chandler she was Von his side she wanted to help michael the best way she could she was the first one that wanted to help michael in the case Von being the closet friend that he could count on
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posted by mjfanforever22
michael grew up not having a childhood from a young age of five michael michael wanted to sing in the local talent Zeigen at his school while Singen climb every mountain he blew the audience away Von his awesome performance soon he became a memeber of his family band with his 4 older brohters the jackson 5 he became the lead singer little did michael know that he was going to be Singen for the rest of his life and not have a childhood from then on michael and his brothers sung at various Clubs and talent shows trying to built there way to the oben, nach oben reality finally hit them when they were signed with steeltown records michael and his brothers signed the contract without Lesen little did they know they had to produce hit records back to back but it didnt go so well planned as they expeded it would go so the label dropped them but they had to pay them back for recording sessions that they did with them back to sqaure one end of part one
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