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 Michael with one of his awards that night
Michael with one of his awards that night
It has been two months since Kate came on to Michael, which he still feels guilty about. Finally the time came for Michael and stechpalme, holly to do the "Thriller" short. They had a blast goofing off with John Landis, kidding around with the cast, and just being together as usual. stechpalme, holly really enjoyed watching all the transformations Michael had to go through, and he liked having her as his leading lady.

Michael and stechpalme, holly go to the 1984 American Musik Awards together. When the two of them walk in hand and hand, the media is buzzing about them being together, since this was their first big function being openly together. Hollys family comes, which stechpalme, holly is suprised at because stechpalme, holly and her mother haven't talked since she moved out. Michael does not like her family being there, because Kate has her eyes on Michael the entire time, which makes him very uncomfoterable. When the two of them walk into the auditorium everyone claps. They sit down. "I can't believe everyone claped at us!" stechpalme, holly says astonished. Michael smiles, "I guess there happy about us, I know I am." He kisses her. Michael and stechpalme, holly win a lot of awards that night, but during the one award Michael recieved, he has a surprise for everyone. He gets up at the podium. "Wow this is such an honor to win another award. I would like to thank Quincy who is a brillant producer, and My mother and my father, and a very special person." He motions for stechpalme, holly to come up. "Holly will Du please come up here." She walks up to him, he puts his arm around her waist. "This beautiful woman right here helped me so much during the album. Some nights I would get so tired and wore out, but she would keep me going. And I Liebe her very much." All of a sudden they passionately KISS each other in front of everyone! The crowd goes nuts. As they walk off the stage, stechpalme, holly is secertly happy that Michael was openly affectionate with her, and to Zeigen everyone that they were together (especially her mother.)

As the night comes to a close Michael drops stechpalme, holly off at her house. He walks her to the door. "Thanks for a great time tonight Michael." "Your welcome, it was fun." "Now Du just got to find a place for all those awards of yours!" stechpalme, holly says. He laughs, "Hey so do you!" They start kissing. stechpalme, holly breaks it, "I am so proud of you." "Thanks, Du know i'm proud of Du to right." "Yea, I know. Well I should get inside." "Wait a Minute I need to tell Du something." "Sure what is it?" "I hope your not upset at me for Küssen Du in front of everyone? Because I didn't do it to Zeigen off, I wanted to Zeigen everyone that I Liebe you." "Michael, i'm not mad." "Your not!" Michael says surprised. "No, in fact i'm glad that Du did it. Because now I know your not embarrsed it be affectionate with me. Believe me i'm not mad." "Good, i'm glad." "Night Michael." "Night 'Holl'." They kiss.

One night Michael and stechpalme, holly go out to dinner. They have their own privte room that Michael reserved. As they sit down stechpalme, holly says, "I can't belive it!" "Can't belive what?" Michael asks puzzled. "That Du wanted to come out to eat, and not order in!" Michael giggles, "Well I thought it would be a nice change." "Well it was very sweet of you." They kiss. "So tell what time Du have to be at the auditorium tomorrow for the commercial?" stechpalme, holly asks. "Uh six-thirty to the end of never." stechpalme, holly laughs, "Now come on it won't be that bad, lets just think positive." "I know it's just I can't belive that I let my family sucker me into doing all this stuff again! Du know, I just want to get pass this stuff!" "Then why did Du say yes?" "Oh I don't know it's that stupid family loyalty I guess. Plus...oh forget it." "What!" stechpalme, holly asks. "I don't know, I just feel like somethings gonna go wrong tomorrow." "Like an omen?" "Yea, like an omen. Oh course if Du came tomorrow, maybe it won't be so terrible." "Oh Michael, Du know I would Liebe to come, but i'm starting the shooting for my video tomorrow." "Yea I know, I just thought I would ask again." "But now I feel worried that Du feel there's an omen." stechpalme, holly says. Michael touches her hand, "'Holl' I'm sure everything will be fine." "But what if it isn't, I just want Du to be careful..." "Shhh, I don't want Du worring okay." "Okay." But stechpalme, holly is still worring in her mind.

The Weiter night, Michael arrives at the auditorium at six-thirty sharp. The brothers and him reharse for an Stunde and a-half. Bob Garaldi (the director) calls out, "Okay lets start rolling!" Everyone gets in their positions. The first take was great! Then they want to do a couple more, which the do perfectly. Everyone is starting to get ready to leave, but Bob Garaldi says, "Lets do one Mehr take." stechpalme, holly who is at her video shoot is siting in her makeup chair. All of a sudden she gets an uneasy feeling. She makeup artist Jessica comes in. "Holly are Du alright?" She asks. "Yea, I just don't feel very good that's all." "Can I get Du something?" She starts touching up her eye shadow. "No, i'm fine." Back with Michael at the auditorium. "Michael I want Du to hold at the stairs a few Sekunden longer this time, okay" Bob says. Michael sighs, "Alright if that's what Du want me to do." They get in their positions again. "Okay action!" Michael holds at the stairs, then he starts to descend down the stairs. As he does he starts to feel this burning sensatinon from his head. Suddenly he knows he's on fire! Michael does a double spin scorching the flames and falls to the ground. stechpalme, holly back in her makeup chair. She gasps. "Holly what's wrong!" Jessica asks. "Something just doesn't feel right!" stechpalme, holly closes her eyes and says, "Please God, don't let it be Michael." Back at the auditorium everyone is screaming! The brothers and the staff rush over to Michael, and make a compack for his head. As he gets up Du see his scalp. They call for 911. As the krankenwagen arrives, Michael weakly says. "Jermaine give me my glove." "What for!" "I need to wave at my fans, and let then now that I will be alright." "Mike that is the last thing Du need to worry about!" "Jermaine put it on me." Jermaine does what he is told. The rescue crew put him on the stretcher. Michael says to bill (his chef security man), "Bill call Holly." They load him up in the ambulence. and take him to the hospital. Bill goes back in and calls. Holly's manager Monica picks up, "Hello." "Hey this is bill, listen I need to talk to Holly." "Sure just hold on. stechpalme, holly it's for you." stechpalme, holly picks up,"Hello." "Holly it's me Bill listen, Michael has been burned really bad." stechpalme, holly puts her hand up to her mouth. "Their taking him to Brotman Memorial Hospital now." "I'll be their soon as I can." She hangs up. "Monica, get my driver to pull the car around! I have to go." She runs out.

Her driver takes her, she runs in the center. Bill is waiting for her. "Where is he?" She asks. "I'll take Du to him." As their walking stechpalme, holly asks, "Did the doctor say anything at all?" Bill sighs, "He has Sekunde and third degree burns on the back of his head." They go in the elevator. "How did it happen?" Bill sighs, "The director told him to wait at the stairs for a few Mehr moments, but little did we all know they were two feet from his head." They reach their floor. Right before they go into the burned unit, they have police and scurity guards around the doors. She goes in the buned unit. Bill points to room 3307, "He's right in there." stechpalme, holly opens the door and sees Michael with a bandage around his head, and his eyes closed. She is trying desprately to hold back tears. stechpalme, holly walks over to Michael, and softly kisses him on the cheek. He opens his eyes. "Hey how Du feeling?" "In pain. But I feel better now knowing your here." "Oh course i'm here. I just can't believe Du have Sekunde and third degree burns on the back of your head." "But my hair." "You'll get your hair back, don't worry about that. It's just truly a miracle that your clothes didn't catch on fire." She can tell he is in a lot of pain. "Did they give Du anything to subside your pain?" "They keep trying to get me to take one, but I don't want too." "But honey it will subside your pain." " 'Holl' I don't want too!" "Alright fine lay there in pain if Du want." She bends down and hugs him, "Oh i'm just glad your alright." Suddenly the door opens, its a nurse. "Excuse Miss Williams but visting hours are over, i'm afraid you'll have to leave." "Okay i'll be out in a minute. Listen Honey i'll be back tomorrow alright." Michael nodds his head, they kiss. "You know the one cool thing out of this is that I got to ride in an ambulance" Michael says. They laugh. "Just like Du always wanted to right." He nodds his head. "I gotta go." She turns around to start walking, but Michael grabs her hand. She turns around he says, "I Liebe you." "I Liebe Du too." She leaves.

About after two days Michael is discharged. Dr. Steve Hoefflin is with Michael who is in a wheelchair, which stechpalme, holly who is going to take him home, and take care of him. "So Michael in about three days, we will do the balloning process to get your scalp back to normal. Now do Du have any questions?" "Yes, just one is this wheelchair absolutely necessary?" "Michael its so Du don't fall" stechpalme, holly says. "It's my head that is injuryed, not my legs!" Dr. Hoefflin laughs, "It's just till your out of the building. Now are there anymore questions?" stechpalme, holly speaks up, "Yes, I do. Now he is supposed to stay on his medicne, for another two weeks?" "Yes, oder until the pain becomes light." Michael chimes in, "'Holl' Du have to stop talking about me like i'm not here!" "Michael!" "Mom!" Dr. Hoefflin laughs again, "Holly I have complete faith that you'll take good care of Michael. Now if Du two have anymore Fragen about anything, Du just call me okay." "Thank Du Dr. Hoefflin" Michael says. "Yes, thank Du so much!" stechpalme, holly says. "It was my pleassure." Dr. Hoefflin walks away. "I wonder if it's chilly out, maybe I should go get Du a jacket?" Michael starts pointing to his throat, "You know i'm starting feel something right here." stechpalme, holly bends down, "What is it? Maybe I should go get the doctor back, I mean were right here." Michael pulls her in and kisses her. "Thank Du for taking care of me these past few days." stechpalme, holly smiles, "Your welcome. But I still think I need to get Du a jacket." "I don't need a jacket." They KISS again. stechpalme, holly gets behind and starts the wheel Michael, "We get to go at my speed." Michael smiles and puts his arm on the arm rest, "Wake me when we get to the door."

Sorry for this part being so long. I hope Du guys enjoy, I will get to part 11 as soon as I can :)
 The tragic night of the pepsi commercial
The tragic night of the pepsi commercial
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Setting: A friend of michael's tells him that he should try the salt and ice challenge because it will keep his skin nice and healthly. Also his friend tells him to video tape himself doing it for his Youtube channel.

Michael sets up video camera
Michael: Hello everyone...today i was asked Von a close friend of mine to do the salt and ice challenge, so im going to do that and i guess video tape my reaction, ok here is goes.
Michael walked over to the counter where he grabs the ice and then the salt and places them in view of the camera, and rolls up his right arm sleeve.
Michael: Okay so Du take...
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 my beautiful Michael
my beautiful Michael
Jennine put on the tight red dress glad she didnt eat that extre slice of pizza the night before. A blonde woman entered the room and applied makeup . Deep ruby red lipstick and black mascara. she sagte for Jennine to tie her blonde hair in a silk red ribbon so that the singer could take it out during filming. Jennine hoped the singer was good looking she didnt want some creepy looking guy touching her too much. Finally ready Jennine was told to wait in the room at the back. Jennine walked awkwardly on nine inch heels to the Weiter room and sat down. after what seemed like hours a man came in and introduced himself as Frank. he lead Jennine to a side entrance which opened up into a room that resembled a night club. Chairs and tables with a bar and a group of people standing around . Lots of pretty girls in bright dresses and dance shoes. Cameras were at every angle. Jennine felt the heat of a thousand lights on her
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