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narniafreak12 posted on Dec 19, 2009 at 08:01PM
I've seen this on a site and thought it would work well here too. It starts off with all the characters' names. They all start with 20 points. You can take away points from one person to give to another. Here's an example.

Arthur 20
Merlin 20

If you like Merlin more than Arthur then you would reply under it

Merlin 21
Arthur 19

It goes on like that only one character is left. This is for the purpose to find out the best character in Merlin, I'll start to get it going.

Merlin 20
Arthur 20
Gwen 20
Morgana 20
Uther 20
Giaus 20

so basically, you take one point from one person and add it to another, you can reply as many times as you want but just not directly below yourself

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