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posted by Splashstorm
So I’ve been Lesen a lot of meta lately, and some of the responses I’ve seen have got my hackles up. Read at your peril.

Goddamn but I do hate queer-baiting. I hate the whole concept it represents, I hate that it happens, but most of all, I hate that certain quarters in a fandom will use it as an excuse to discourage/disprove any points a gay ship has towards becoming canon.

"Oh, Regina and Emma touched one another and made literal magic? Queer baiting!"

"Oh, Castiel told Dean that he was his primary motivation in abandoning heaven? Queer baiting!"

"Oh, Merlin took off Arthur’s pants and...
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posted by zanhar1
With Merlin something I personally came to realize is that good and evil in this Zeigen is far from black and white. Many seem to agree that the good guys truly are the good guys and the bad guys are the bad guys. I have a different take; I feel like the villains really aren't that bad, they just want some security...some safety...the ability to be themselves. And some of the good guys (yes my finger is pointed at Du Uther) aren't really all that good.

First and foremost, all the villains seem to just not want to be persecuted. Nimueh being the prim example. This woman just wanted to make sure...
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5. Merlin

Merlin I think has this different sort of handsomeness. He's not your classic blonde haired, tough, physically fit guy. He's kind on the scawny side but I think he's cute enough to make the oben, nach oben 5. He has a really nice face and I Liebe his hair. And his eyes I adore his eyes. They are such a brilliant blue. Merlin is proof that a person doesn't have to meet the typical standards to be good looking.

4. Mordred

Don't get me wrong he was a really cutie pie when he was younger, but all things considered I'm not referring to adorable little Mordred. I'm talking about the teenage Mordred....
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link & link

MediaBlvd> Thank Du for your time, it’s great to talk to Du and we’re really looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to series two airing on SyFy this week.

Colin> Yeah, I’ve got some Friends in Boston and they were saying they were re-running the first series all Tag Sunday, then it’s on this week. It’s a bit crazy!

MediaBlvd> Yeah, it is. Let me start off Von asking you, you’ve got the Titel role in the series. How big of a deal of this is it for your career, and just to be playing Merlin, such an iconic figure in the Arthurian legends.

Colin> Yeah, it’s such a good...
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posted by kseide14
Confirmed Facts

1.It was confirmed at the SDCC Merlin Press with
Bradley James that the tagline for the series -
"The Darkest Stunde is Just Before the Dawn" - is
actually one of his lines. Watch it here at

2. v=Wax0DoWJeRc&feature=related There are also
Links to the SDCC Merlin Press with Colin morgan
and the SDCC Merlin Press with Katie McGrath in
the Suggestions bar on the right hand side of the

3. Merlin is in torment after making a grave error
that causes huge upset for Arthur.[5]

4.Merlin will get the biggest chance he'll ever have to bring magic back to Camelot.

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posted by Casual_Observer
I think we can all agree that if there was a Universal Declaration of Fan Rights, the right to ship whomever and whatever we want, no matter how strange, disturbing and/or ridiculously adorable the pairing, would be at the very oben, nach oben of that list. Shipping, especially when in regards to non-canonical couples, often reflects what we as individuals desire in relationships, and our own subjective Ansichten of what would be cute, sexy oder funny to see in a romantic pairing. However, shipping isn’t something that is simply based on our own individual Ansichten and desires alone. Fandoms are essentially interactive...
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I have already reposted this as an answer to a Frage the the Arthur/Gwen Spot, but here it is again..... it sounds cheesy, but i can't be bothered rewording it.. but here it is.

Because I don’t live in Britain, I can’t really see the episodes on TV and Download them from BBC iPlayer!!! *sob*
So this is what I do – I follow these Links and download them!! These files are all safe, good quality, AVI files which means Du can run them on most computers, and use them to make Fan videos, and, and FREE – I used them all to get my Merlin Episodes!!

One teeny problem – with ‘Hotfile’...
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Du will remember Samhain from Merlin's The Darkest Hour, when the veil to the spirit world was torn. It was my birthday yesterday 31 October (no Kommentare please lol) also known as Halloween, but also known Von the old religions as Samhain.


Samhain pronounced 'sow'inn') is a very important datum in the Pagan calendar for it marks the Feast of the Dead. Many Pagans also celebrate it as the old Celtic New Jahr (although some mark this at Imbolc). It is also celebrated Von non-Pagans who call this festival Halloween.

Samhain has been celebrated in Britain for centuries and has its origin in...
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posted by scarxtardis
“I find that we have a sorcerer in Camelot, Sire. My friend Aredian had been right, that magic is indeed in Camelot.” Bayard sagte his eyes small and depthless. This new Witch finder was better than Aredian, yet just as evil at the same time. “Go on.” Uther said, leaning forward. “I have found the sorcerer! She is indeed in this room among us.” I look at Morgana, her green eyes wide, her face pale, as she fidgets in her chair. Oh no. Bayard points a thin finger at her. “The Lady Morgana, is the Sorceress of Camelot.” Oh god, help her. Uther glares at her. “Is this true?”...
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posted by knight_princess
 22. Follow him around saying, "Bother, bother, bother, bother, bother," until he tells Du to go away.
22. Follow him around saying, "Bother, bother, bother, bother, bother," until he tells you to go away.
1. Before he heads out to the training grounds, tell him his armour looks kind of big.

2. Then mention how it looks quite dull.

3. Ask him if he's made his daily quota for yelling at people yet.

4. After number 3, tell Arthur that he count Du in his daily quota.

5. Ask him to pout for you.

6. Go up to Morgana when Arthur's within earshot and say, "Doesn't Lancelot have nice hair? He's so much cuter than Arthur!"

7. For added effect on number 6, add "Lancelot isn't a prat, either!"

8. And if Du want to be REALLY mean, add "No wonder Merlin likes Lancelot better!"

9. During a conversation with...
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posted by mitcn012
“Everything is fine Gwen. Du won’t need me anymore!
Gwen was happy yet unsure. Everything was different now. This would be the most life changing thing yet.
“Are Du sure Gaius?”
Ever since she was young, Gwen dreamed of this moment. How exiting and exhilarating it might be. But now she was married to Arthur, everything seemed to be different than if he were an ordinary status man. She wanted to tell him the big news but – She was afraid. She was afraid that he would banish her from Camelot and make her swear on her life she’d never return.
“You’re worried about...
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posted by louvreangel
 Tell her that the cloth on her head look really doesn't suit her.
Tell her that the cloth on her head look really doesn't suit her.
50 Ways to Annoy Nimueh

Introduce her to other people as "Bionic woman".

Tell her that her role as a thief was quite two dimensional and the Doctor was only nice to her because she's pretty.

Say to her "Will Merlin and Arthur's secret relationship be discovered? Will Nimueh ever manage to beat Merlin? Dum-dum-du-du-du-dum..." then break into the Eastenders' theme tune.

Tell her that the cloth on her head look really doesn't suit her.

Remind her constantly that Merlin doesn't fancy her, he was just a sucker for a damsel in distress.

Ask her why she goes to complicated lengths of poisoning the water...
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posted by scarxtardis
“Merlin!” Arthur’s strangled cry was unusually scared, painful. “Arthur!” Yelled Merlin, his sapphire eyes hardening from a liquid to a solid icy blue. Merlin runs to the sound of Arthurs cries, through the trees, the thorns tearing at his pale skin, not caring about the cuts that bleed as he runs. He runs to the scene, Mordred at the foot of a high oak tree, the moonlight flaring off his evil blue eyes. Arthur is bleeding, his leg limp and mangled, his face grimacing in pain. Hello, Emerus. His voice in innocent, but yet the most evil sound in history. Arthur lifts his sword up,...
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I was watching ‘The Adventures of Merlin’ for the first time. Arthur and Merlin were walking together down the path, when my eyes went out of focus.
I had never seen ‘The Adventures of Merlin’ before, oder had seen any previews for it, but the two characters seemed, familiar as though I had seen them millions of times across the screen, in grand adventures together. I suddenly realised they were much like two people I knew very well on the screen.
Those two people were Peter and Edmund Pevensie, from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’
They were so similar I thought they were the same actors,...
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 hündin Profil pic
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1. betray old friends.
2. get flirty with morgause.
3. make horribe atempts to kill uther.
4. try to get your best friend murderd.
5. make Friends with enamys of camalot.
6. treten merlin.
7. drive uther mad.
8. kill a gurd.
9. care for mordred.
10. make evil eyes at Zufällig stuff.
11.try to get arthur killed.
12. be bitchy to merlin.
13. get kissed on the cheak Von morgause *love is in the air*
14. become queen.
15. tell uther how much Du hate him.
16. try not to get you're sorry backside kiked but merlin opps too late.
First I have to say that the Merlin fandom is the best fandom I've joined in a while. It's amazing, there's so little wank and it has some of the most creative and best fics I've seen so far!

I know some people on Fanpop don't care for fic, but there's others that do like fic, and so I've compiled a Liste of fic I loved very much.
I have at least 44 fics saved in my memories on LiveJournal, so this is a VERY short part of it.
I'm not quite sure of Fanpop's policy on linking fic, so the highest rating I'm linking to is R, not NC-17. The ratings are always above the fic (except for one, I can't...
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posted by morgan-le-fay
okay this is my Sekunde draft of my story it is my first fanfic and i hope Du enjoy it. it is a letter morgana wrote to arthur hoping he will understand things. it is only short.

    You are so special I wish I could stay but I Uther knew what I am he would have me killed. I left in fear of my life. There are so many things I wish I could tell Du I guess I could say it now. But if someone found this letter both of us would suffer for it. Oh I do not care life is to short for this. I know I am Schreiben to Du in thought as Du soon will know Mehr about me than anyone...
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posted by knight_princess
 4. Hand him a sword and helm and tell him that Arthur requires his services as a practicing dummy.
4. Hand him a sword and helmet and tell him that Arthur requires his services as a practicing dummy.
1. Ask him when neckerchiefs came back into style.

2. Tell him that "hocus-pocus" and "bippiddibobbidiboo" are better spells than the ones he's learned.

3. Ask him who cut his hair- Du want to know because you're hungry for pudding!

4. Hand him a sword and helm and tell him that Arthur requires his services as a practicing dummy.

5. Tell him that Gaius exchanged his spell book for 'Cinderella' and he still hasn't realised.

6. Tell everyone in the schloss about his undying Liebe for Arthur.

7. Tell everyone in the schloss about his frequent compliments to Arthur about him being a genius.

8. Clean...
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Sorry for the long delay but my hard drive crashed twice and I Lost this chapter.
go here for the master post:
enjoy =)

Chapter 3: a sacrifice for future’s sake

Merlin returns from his work for Arthur to his chambers and finds Gaius sitting over some big, old dusty Bücher searching for an answer for the sudden illness of King Uther.
“Have Du found anything yet?” Merlin asks.
“No, not yet” Gaius says and closes the book he was reading.
“I can’t find any physical reason. It must’ve been the shock. But I really don’t know…”
Merlin recognises a change in the tone in his last...
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posted by tarzansis
1.Tell her that gwen has a better chance of being Queen than she does.
2.Ask her if she had an affair with morgause.
3.Tell her that merlin has magic and is better than her.
4.Tell her she is going to end up sad and alone like nimueh.
5.Tell her that her dress makes her look fat.
6.Tell her that her crown doesnt suit her.
7.Tell her that morgause has abetter chance of having a relationship with cenred than she will ever have with anyone.
8.Tell her she has a bad use of magic and she doesnt deserve her powers.
9.Get all her dresses cover them in poop and then replace them with uthers underwear.
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