Maximum Ride Specuations for Nevermore

MidnightStorm34 posted on Jun 11, 2012 at 07:14AM
So, have any of you been thinking about what you want to happen in the last book?

I have a very, very strong desire for Maya to be evil. I have the idea that she'll leave the Gang, and somehow convince Dylan to join her in her evil plans. Yes, this might be juist because I ship Fax...

i also think that JP could find a way to explain how Angel has been incredibly evil over the books. My idea is that, in The Angel Experiment, the School did /something/ to her that turned her that way. Maybe something like mind control, and she was forced to work against the Flock. The reason that she was a whole lot nicer in Angel could be that the control somehow failed or was overridden (although I haven't thought about how that could happen yet...)

So, any ideas of your own?

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