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Sonic,shadow,and Mandy were trick oder treating on the neighborhood and they notice and creepy house on the block."hey...lets check it out" sonic said."i don't know bout this." Mandy replied.As they walked in the house they were frightened Von a moaning sound from upstairs.Sonic decided to go upstairs and check it out and Shadow and Mandy followed and soon as they got to the oben, nach oben then heard foot steps coming up behind them and all three of the hedgehogs hearts started to race."RUN!!!!!!!!!"sonic shouted and they all ran screaming. then they came to a door with red blood oozing out the cracks when they opened the door there was 234 dead people in it.the three hedgehog all passed out from fright and then they woke up in a closet but the door was locked from the outside and sonic panicked and started to bang on the door screaming. "IF Du DON'T SHUT UP"Mandy yelled."i don't blame him we are trapped in a closet."shadow sagte finally." "now what do we do?" Mandy asked. .......TO BE CONTINUED
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