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Madonna's legendary Sticky & Sweet Tour, the most successful tour Von a solo artist in history, has been chronicled Von her longtime manager Guy Oseary and the resulting book, Madonna: Sticky & Sweet is being published Von powerHouse Bücher (Feb. 2009) The glossy retrospective includes 500 extraordinary photographs taken on and off stage during the course of the 58 Zeigen tour which circled the globe in 2008 and was seen Von over 2 1/2 million fans. Oseary's discerning eye along with his unprecedented access to Madonna before, during and after each Zeigen gives the viewer a unique insight into...
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[Verse 1]

I fucked up,
I made a mistake,
Nobody does it better than myself,
I'm sorry,
I'm not afraid to say I wish that I could take it back but I can't,
I'm so ashamed,
You're in so much pain,
I blamed Du when things didn't go my way,
If I didn't, you'd be here,
If I didn't fight back, I'd have no fear,
If I took another back, things would be so different,
But they're not,
I could have just kept my big-mouth closed,
I could have just done what I was told,
Maybe I should have turned silver into gold,
But in front of Du I was cold.


I fucked up,
I made a mistake,
Nobody does it better than myself,
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Verse 1:

I can write this restraint if that's what Du want,
Let me zip up my boots we can go for a walk,
If I ring Du in Du can follow my lead,
We can ride so fast just remember to breath,
If we start to clear up then I'll tighten my grip,
If Du try to talk back I'll be using my whip,
Might be hard to hear Du with my bib in your mouth,
If it starts to hurt then Du better scream out!

There's no use going back cuz the damage is done!
Throw away all the rules cuz there's got to be none!
Go on and let yourself go cuz there's no time to think!
Now I'm in control of your animal instinct!


If you...
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According to the newly published Zeigen schedule at Madonna will be a guest on the Late Zeigen With David Letterman on Friday July 30th. Along with guest Harry Connick, Jr. and the New York Rangers.
This is the infamous ‘pizzeria’ episode. It was fun the first time it was on. So anyone who missed it can watch it.
oder if you’ve already seen it, a chance to watch it again if Du like!

Never-seen-before shots from Dolce & Gabbana's S/S 10 campaign with added backstage snaps; Madonna keeps surprising us, this time Von inventing a new form of exercise.

Housekeeping is the new yoga.

Yoga and Pilates may have been the darlings of the past two decades but for those always looking for the Weiter thing then here is an avant-gout of things to come.
The creme de la creme of the A-list are cleverly multitasking Von getting on with the daily grind while maintaining their fabulous physiques.Madonna is the poster girl for this new movement as seen in the exclusive new shots from Dolce &...
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[Verse 1]

Like a hündin out of order,
Like a bat out of hell,
Like a fisch out of water,
I'm scared can't Du tell?
Bang bang,
Bang bang,
I thought Du were good,
But you're pain in my bed,
Compared to the others you're the best thing I had,
Bang bang shot Du dead,
Bang bang shot Du dead.

[Verse 2]

I thought it was you,
And I loved Du the most,
But I was just keeping my enemies close,
Made a decision I would never look back,
Thought, "How did Du end up with all of my jak?"
Bang bang shot Du dead,
Bang bang shot Du dead, (In the head)
Bitch out of order,
Bat from hell,
Fish out of water,
I'm scared can't Du tell?...
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[Verse 1]

Wake up ex-wife,
This is your life,
Children on your on,
Turning on the telephone,
Messages, managers,
Not time for a manacure,
Working out, shake my ass,
I know how to multitask,
Connecting to the WI-FI,
Went from nerd to suberb,
Have Du seen the new guy?
I forgot the password,
Gotta call the babysitter,
Tweetin' on the elevator,
I could take a helicopter,
I don't even feel the pressure.


I'm gonna be okay,
I don't care what the people say,
I'm gonna be alright,
Gnnaa live fast and I gonna live right,
I'm moving fast can Du follow my track?
I'm moving fast and I like it like that,
I do ten things...
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Madonna will be reunited with ex-husband Guy Ritchie as the former husband and wife celebrate Weihnachten with their children, according to a new report.
It was previously reported the Snatch director would be looking after sons Rocco and David Banda and daughters Mercy James and Lourdes over the holidays
But now it appears a full family reunion will take place as the Material Girl jets into Britain with the kids so they can spend Weihnachten Tag (25Dec09) with the filmmaker at his country estate in Wiltshire, England.
A Quelle tells Britain's Mail on Sunday, "Madonna is flying in for 24 hours so Guy can spend Weihnachten Tag with the children. Things are amicable between them and the children Liebe Weihnachten at Ashcombe House in Wiltshire, which Guy has turned into a Santa's grotto".
Official US chart magazine Billboard has published its end of the decade lists, based on chart performances of artists, singles and albums. Here are Madonna's rankings in the 2000s:

Music, the albumArtists Of The Decade [The oben, nach oben Artists of the Decade ranking is based on artists chart performance on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart and Billboard 200 albums.]

Hot 100 Artists

Billboard 200 Artists

Die Another Day, the singleBillboard 200 Albums [The top-selling albums of the decade (2000-09) across all genres, ranked Von sales data as compiled Von Nielsen Soundscan.]
#159 (Music)

Digital Songs...
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Vh1 Latin America has named Madonna's Hung Up as the best video of the decade.
oben, nach oben 20, the weekly Zeigen that make lists, has named Hung up as the Best of the 2000s.

Here's the complete list:

1. Hung Up - Madonna
2. Oops, I did it again - Britney Spears
3. Vertigo - U2
4. Hips don't lie - Shakira
5. Can't get Du out of my head - Kylie Minogue
6. Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers
7. Lady orangenmarmelade, marmelade - Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, Pink
8. Without Me - Eminem
9. Clocks - Coldplay
10. Lento - Julieta Venegas
11. A Dios le pido - Juanes
12. Eres - Café Tacuba
13. Frijolero - Molotov
14. American Idiot - Green Day
15. Rock DJ - Robbie Williams
16. 1,2,3, Go - Belanova
17. Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
18. Pokerface - Lady Gaga
19. I'm like a bird - Nelly Furtado
20. Beautiful - James Blunt
Warner Netherlands via announces the tracklist of the Revolver digital single, which is now billed as "Madonna vs David Guetta", indicating that his remix is going to be the main version. Strangely, Akon is also slated to feature in one of the versions, just like he does in the Celebration remix. The single cover is also revealed, which is another variation of the now-famous Mr. Brainwash artwork.

1 track (all digital stores)
1. Revolver [One Liebe Remix]

1 track (iTunes only)
1. Revolver [One Liebe Remix] feat. Lil Wayne

2 track (iTunes only)
1. Revolver [One Liebe Remix]
2. Revolver [Feat. Akon]

Currently there's no physical release scheduled, and if there is, it'll be limited to the UK. The release datum for the digital single is December 14th.
...and everyone has their part. With that Shakespearean line as the centerpiece of the song's bridge, Take A Bow signals a very special period in Madonna's career. The closing track and also the Sekunde single of the Bedtime Stories album, Take A Bow received exceptional video treatment from Madonna, and the final result of that premiered on MTV exactly 15 years ago, on November 30th, 1994. Madonna flew to historic town Ronda in Spain with the direction of Michael Haussman and created a videoclip that would serve as her plea to get her dream role as Eva Peron. Executed in a 40s style, the video...
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[Verse 1]

Some girls can do anything,
Whole world hangin' on a string,
She's flawless as fresh as it seems,
(like a virgin, sweet and pink)
Some girls got an attitude,
Fake tits and a nasty mood,
Hot chick when she's in the mood,
Some girls gotta sexy look,
One drink and it's all a blur,
Cash out if Du wanna flirt,
(cash oder credit? It's gonna hurt)
Some girls go off the deep-end,
Some girls leaving for the weekend,
Some girls like to get their freak on.


Some girls make a scene,
Shoot their mouth and talk obscene,
Crying in a limousin,
Some girls make Du feel,
Like a rocket hard as steel,
Some girls...
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[Verse 1]

You had all of me, Du wanted more,
Would Du have married me if I were poor?
Yes if I was your treasury,
You'd have found the time to treasure me,
How come Du can't see,
All that Du need was right here with me,
Up until the end,
All this pretend was it for free?


Hold me like your money,
Tell me that Du want me,
Spend your Liebe on me,
Spend your Liebe on me,
Love me like your money,
Spend it till there's nothing,
Spend your Liebe on me,
Spend your Liebe on me.

[Verse 2]

If we opened up the check account,
Would it put an end to all your doubt?
Frankly if my name was Benjamin,
We wouldn't be in...
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posted by esraa1998
The Queen of Pop has once again sparked controversy Von exposing her nipple on stage in Turkey. Adam Postans argues that her actions are damaging Mehr than her own reputation.

Madonna caused a stir when she flashed her right breast on stage in Turkey during a performance of her song Human Nature. Adam Postans argues why her actions have caused Mehr harm than good.

There is a time and a place for everything. In Madonna’s world, that time is “always” and the place “everywhere”.

So it will come as a surprise only to those who’ve spent the last quarter of a century in a cave that her latest...
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[Verse 1]

You're like Brando on the silver screen,
You're my hero in a mythical dream,
You are perfect just the way that Du are,
You're my Jordon,
You're my superstar.


You're my superstar,
Love the way that Du are,
You're my superstar,
That's what Du are.

[Verse 2]

I'm your biggest Fan it's true,
I'm hopelessly acctracted to you,
You can have the keys to my car,
I'll play Du a song on my guitar.

[Chorus Repeat]

[Verse 3]

You're my gangster,
You're like Al Capone,
You're like Ceaser steppin' unto the throne,
You're Abe Lincoln: your fight for what's right,
You're my...
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[Verse 1]

When did your name,
Change from a word to a charm?
No other sound makes the hair stand up on the back of my arm,
All of the medows pushed to the front of my mouth,
And saying your name is somewhere between a prayer and a shout,
And I can't get it out,
When did your name,
Change from language to magic?
I wrote it again on the back of my hand,
And I know it sounds tragic.


Your names like a drug and I can't get enough,
And it fits like a glove,
I-I-I-I-I'm addicted,
I-I-I'm addicted,
I-I'm addicted to your,
I-I-I-I-I'm addicted,
I-I-I'm addicted,
I-I'm addicted to your love.

[Verse 2]

Now that your...
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She was the surprise guest of honor Sunday night at the screening of Tom Ford's drama A Single Man at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But Madonna was late. Very late. And so, the film rolled without her in the audience.
"We were called at 7:30. And then we changed it to 7:45 and we let everyone know. We always intended to start at eight. And we actually started without Madonna," Ford told USA TODAY's Donna Freydkin today. "She came in after the movie had started. She's a friend of mine and I wasn't going to hold the film for Madonna. We were not waiting for Madonna."
The superstar walked...
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posted by CHOCOLATTE
* Madonna (1983) - Madonna's first album is state of the art dance-pop loaded with hits from "Holiday" and "Lucky Star" to "Borderline." Irresistible pop hooks glide across shimmering synth beats to make this a landmark album of the early 80's. It broke into the oben, nach oben 10 of the pop albums chart.

* Like a Virgin (1984) - Chic leader and producer Nile Rodgers was brought in for Madonna's Sekunde album and it topped the album chart and produced the Titel song and "Material Girl," 2 of her quintessential hits. The song "Like a Virgin" spent 6 weeks at the oben, nach oben of the pop chart and made Madonna a household...
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Digital Spy interviewed famous French DJ David Guetta coinciding with his new single release, and he got asked about his ideal collaboration. His answer:
"I would Liebe to work with Madonna. It will probably happen very soon actually. It's all in the early stages and I'm not allowed to speak about it yet!"
David Guetta is easily the most successful producer of 2009, not only he helmed the trans-European summer hit "When Liebe Takes Over" but also the Black Eyed Peas megahit "I Gotta Feeling" that pretty much dominated the charts everywhere this Jahr and became the longest running #1 hit on Billboard...
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