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posted by LLheart
2011 Best Performance Von an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series(Gemini Award) Ksenia Solo    
2011 Best Of TV Awards – Best Couple Bo and Dr. Lauren Lewis    
2012 Favorit TV Drama*
2012 Favorit TV Actress Anna Silk    
2012 Hottest Hookup in Film/TV Bo and Lauren    
2012 Favorit Fictional Lesbian Couple Bo and Lauren
2013 oben, nach oben TV Couple Bo and Lauren    
2013 Girl on Top(Favorite TV Leading Ladies) Zoie Palmer    
2013 Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever Zoie...
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S05E01 - Like Hell (Part 1)
Tamsin meets an adversary from her past. Bo rescues a friend.

S05E02 - Like Hell (Part 2)
Bo needs something from her family. Lauren encounters a spirit.

S05E03 - Big in Japan
A Japanese warrior gets protection while Lauren deals with threats of her own.

S05E04 - When God Opens a Window
Bo and Tamsin disagree over a young Fae who asks for help. Trick turns to Dyson with a mysterious case and an unwanted partner.

S05E05 - It's Your Lucky Fae
When an oracle goes missing, Bo poses undercover on a Fae dating website to lure the suspect.

S05E06 - Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts
Bo and Tamsin...
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S03E01 - Caged Fae
Bo risks her freedom to do a favor for Lauren, only to discover she’ll have to do it “au naturel.” The new Ash is revealed and Bo’s new appetites shock…has she not recovered from last season’s battle after all?

S03E02 - SubterrFaenean
When Kenzi’s childhood friend is snatched away before her eyes, Bo follows her underground to help find him. Meanwhile, Dyson’s new partner looks like trouble for Bo.

S03E03 - ConFaegion
Bo’s houseguest Vex unwittingly brings “greetings” from a vengeful Morrigan - sparking a chaotic role-reversal that demands humans as Kenzi...
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Artikel in full:

Sets from the Fernsehen series Lost Girl will soon find their way to the Laurier Brantford campus.

The sets -- which are two rooms from the Zeigen --- were donated to the school Von Toronto-based Quantum Entanglement Entertainment Inc., a newly-formed company creating television, video games and film.

The sets, when fully assembled, take up Mehr than 10,000 square feet of space.

"The Laurier Brantford campus is the ideal location for these set pieces," sagte Paul Rapovski, COO of Quantum. "Not only will they help preserve the key sets of one of the most successful cult TV series,...
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posted by LLheart
(#*CAUTION: Artikel NOT mine!*#)

Ysabeau (Variant of Isabeau, it’s the Hebrew spelling)—[Hebrew] God’s promise

Lauren—[Latin] Victory/Victorious

**Karen—[Danish] Pure/Chaste

Tamsin—[English] Twin

Kenzi (Kenzie)—[Scottish] Fair one

Fitzpatrick (Trick)—[Latin] Son of the nobleman

Dyson—[English] Son of dye

Aife (also spelled as “Aoife,” but Lost Girl spells it without the “o”)—[Celtic] Great warrior woman of myth; when spelled as “Aoife” it is of Gaelic/Irish origin and means “beauty.”

(Source: bitchdoilooklikeawizard)
S04E01 - In Memoriam
A case of stolen memory hits close to Home in the Season 4 opener. At the same time, the new Morrigan intends on putting some past events permanently out of mind.

S04E02 - Sleeping Beauty School
Dyson needs to track down an Elemental Fae in order to rescue a person he loves; at the same time, Kenzi is less than thrilled with her babysitting assignment.That is, until she discovers her unlikely charge might be a big help.

S04E03 - Lovers. Apart.
Dyson rushes to be Von Bo's side when she puts her life on the line to save a haunted family; at the same time, Lauren finds, much to...
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