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Lorax: The Movie Thumbs up if Du consider this a "What an Idiot" moment.(see Kommentare before voting)

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 MisterH posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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MisterH picked Yes:
Trope: link
At the end of the CGI film, the poor condition of the environment outside the town has been exposed thanks to a wall being destroyed.
You'd expect: Mayor O'hare to be serious about turning a new leaf.
Instead: He reveals he was kidding and orders the seed destroyed.
The result: He gets impeached and sent flying away.
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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EgoMouse picked Yes:
Yeah, obviously not a bright dude. Perhaps he was expecting his security guards to be on his side (that would be a no). Would of been smarter to try manipulate instead or run off and come up with a plan. Probably could set up a sequel that way (even though I rather have the sequel develop Once-ler more).
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.