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Hi, everyone.. since the PCA Night is coming and we are all but excited about seeing the goddess Lisa Edelstein on stage and giving her teary-eyed speech, I thought of sharing this SPECIAL Berichten / Artikel Von a nice #Huddy friend Paige Zinaman aka @LOS_ANGELES93 of twitter.. Her Nutzername here on FP is shsclassof2012..This was actually her special Berichten project in school and since she chose Lisa Edelstein as the subject, I requested her to send it to me in my email.. Hope Du all liked it, too.. Here it is then -

Lisa Edelstein

My Role Model

January 3, 2011

Lisa Edelstein

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Lisa Edelstein is known for her role as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on the hit fuchs TV Zeigen House. Du should be watching House because it is undeniably one of the best shows on television, but even if you’ve never seen House, I’d bet you’d recognize Lisa Edelstein. If you’ve watched any hit Zeigen in the last two decades, I can guarantee you’ve seen her acting. Before becoming known as Cuddy, she had mostly taken on small roles and guest spots in many of the most beliebt shows on television. She played the “Rissoto Girl” on Seinfeld (one of the two girlfriends of George Costanza that...
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