Liam Neeson What is an "OBE".........reference: Liam's Biography, last paragraph

catcatcatdog posted on Feb 14, 2009 at 05:58AM
I just finished reading Liam's biography today. (all 19? pages)
Except for a few statements and or words here and there, that were a bit over my head. (not a lot, just a bit)
It was very interesting and I learned quite a bit. I even shared some of Liam's story, with my son (the deer accident).
But in the very last paragraph, I was totally baffled.
I'm not a fan of acronyms, and really wish it was not an accepted, normal form of communication. (We just can't seem to learn the connection with: War and inaccurate communication/information.)
After mentioning his ambassadorship, it says "He even has an "OBE" to prove it."
I do not know what OBE is?

In the quote below this sentence, I'm not sure if I'm reading it correctly
"What he doesn't have, is a major acting honour under his belt, a quite outrageous situation."
In my opinion:
If many people were in a room talking about Will Smith. Most every one would know who they meant.
If many people were in a room, talking about Liam Neeson. Most might say, "Who?". But once it was established who every one had been talking about. Or for SURE a photo of him. I'd bet most all would say, "OH! I know who you're talking about. Yeah, I love him, he's an outstanding actor.
But since the world seems to be focused on "NAMES AND MONEY AND GOSSIP" I understand what the end of the article meant. And is quite an outrageous situation.
I had seen a clip of Taken, a few weeks before it came out.
From the moment I saw it, I knew exactly who he was.

I knew I'd seen him for many years in different roles. I just couldn't place him with exacts.
When I read about Jodie Foster and "Nell". It was then I remembered. My late friend Betsy took me to that years ago, and thought it was awesome. (Of coarse I probably said to myself..........I've seen that guy sooooo many times. What's his name?(I'd never forget that name, so I probably didn't even ask what it was. "my bad" sorry)
His name might not be at the tip of every one's tongue's.
But I'd bet most ALL know him.
I'm soooo glad he did this role in Taken. It Satisfied soooo many emotional, and stressful feelings inside. It was very relieving. I LOVED IT!
Thanks, Liam.
I think his name is THE COOLEST NAME EVER! mine is just a pain is the.....@#%$.................
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Chandlerfan said…
An OBE stands for an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, which is given by the Queen to people who have been outstanding in their area of work, or a very committed in charitable work, or something along those lines.
It's not quite a knighthood, but it's not far from one.
So I hope that helps =]

Also, in regards to that quote, I think it basically means he is more recognised for his charitable work (therefore being awarded the OBE) rather than for his acting. That's not to say people don't know he's an actor or realise that it is his main job, so to speak, but that what the country esteems as his highest achievement is his charitable work.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr catcatcatdog said…
To Chandlerfan:
Thank you very much!! I understand now.
On another note............My deepest condolences, and loving warm thoughts for Liam, and his children. I am a young widow, and know all too well about the various pain he will endure, in the years to come. But the pain, WILL pass to a comfortable degree, only with time.
If the whole world could know, UNRESOLVED GRIEF ISSUES are the enemy here. Working through grief is a miserable journey up a slick vertical mountain, with snow on it, and no clothes on, if there are too many.(say "I love you" and "this is what's bothering me" more often.) I worked through a plethora of them, and never thought it could be. (of coarse it's been 10 years now, and it was only easy about two years ago.)OOPS, Ive said too much.
I feel selfish saying this, in regards to him taking a brake from his career............I hope Liam will still do the Abraham Lincoln movie in the future.
Take care and thanks for your response.