Liam Neeson Who's Excited for Liam Neeson in "TAKEN" tonight?

Alex582 posted on Jan 30, 2009 at 07:50PM
So, the new Liam Neeson movie comes out tonight, "Taken." The one where his daughter gets abducted by traffickers in Paris, and as an ex-spy (not quite sure about his profession, lol) he tries to find her. I love a lot of his movies. I really think he is very talented. I really liked his performance in Michael Collins. Anyway, I also found an brief interview he had and the link is link

Who thinks the movie tonight is going to be another great Neeson movie ??!?!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr catcatcatdog said…
Yes, I WAS excited. Now I'm just glad I saw it.
I knew I'd love it, to the degree I did. I had been sent a very long trailer to the movie, in my email. It was about a month before it came out. It was such a good trailer, I was excited to tell my 11 yr. old son about it. He watched it and could talk about nothing else. (My husband/his father was killed~so I think my son liked to "romanticize" about HIS dad, in Liam's character.)
I know Mr. Neeson (I mean no dis respect to his wife) got me a little "hot-and-bothered" during the movie.
I'm glad he decided to do a "fun" semi "unrealistic" action, explosive movie.(I just can't make that last sentence sound right. I know he's done many "explosive" movies, etc.)
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